If Pink Sheep Got a Job - Minecraft

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If Pink Sheep Got a Job - Minecraft
Everyone eventually needs to get some sort of job to help support themselves. This also includes sheep. Pink Sheep to be exact. What would happen if Pink Sheep decided he wanted to prove everyone wrong by showing them he can successfully get a job and act like a normal person? How long till he gets fired...?

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Actors: Traitors, YelloSV, creeper321448, luigieight, DylanTheGreat225, Imprecision, Pbj4LifeBro, linc9, xXDIAMONDSHOTXx, CookieMonster542, Laptoptech, Frisk22, FinnickFox

I would rather not have Pink Sheep making my cheeseburgers... nobody would.

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Doge Doge
why is it WcDonalds?
Damian Martir
if herobrine was the creater of minecraft
TNT make a video on if John Cena met Notch in minecraft
Thegaming pilachu48
If Jeb Took Over Minecraft
Angie Starnes
if punching trees was illegal in mine craft
Hadden Goodwin
TNT is a animal
Hadden Goodwin
I like it
Jenny_ RBLX
If Exploting TNT had a job
OnlyOneXdarking Alrobe
Pinksheep is BEST!!!!! IN THE WORLD
Zohra Anders
wcdonalds haha
Xavier Dunn
did anyone see DanTDM at 4:02
jacqueline garcia
if exploding TNT quit making vids
Aayush Dang
If real life and minecraft changed places
Chubby Chippy Pikachu
If A Chicken had a job at McDonalds and it would eat itself HaHa
Shaun Bosman
the music pgn prankster gangster nation
Eighthan Osia
if exploding
tnt had a job
Mohamed Adan
What if Exploding TNT had a child
JoshyWrecks - minecraft
do the sheep olimpics
Jeson Tobe
if exploding tnt was a tnt block pls =)
Noobguy the gamer NGTG
all TNT life is smell a chickens face :3
Gabriela Polo
Can u do if purple got addicted to gasoline
Red Gamer123
Julius Kairiūkštis
pink sheep is the most powerful sheep in minecraft
savagesung SG
Please do if explodingTNT had a job.
Ray Rogers
if pink sheep's dad was alive...
Mason C
wat a deadbush what?
Command Creeper
pink sheep is a prankster gangster obviously
Max Gaming
Andrew Cogdill
Like for agree
Andrew Cogdill
If purple sheep could fly
Marvin Schnabel
when purple shep are the greatest prankster gangster
Ana Petcu
if minecracft had ps4
ExplodingTNT got a job!!
Wizdom Siachongco
oh i agree with the 10000 tnt vs 1 dragon egg of the coments that he's not smart
Wizdom Siachongco
you know what Exploding TNT Pink sheep is the worse guy ever
Aldrich Caleb Pantoja
Aldrich Caleb Pantoja
Chrisgamer Atkins
He's too prankster Gangster for job anyways
Ninjaz Nation
if exploding tnt has an job
Ninjaz Nation
if purple shep get smart
If If Minecraft and Roblox switched places
Chino Reyes
how did the girl get employee of the month if the boss is dead
0:34 TNT playing with his c***
0:34 TNT playing with his c***
Alison Eberhardt
Hey. Can you make a MCPE server plz. I used to play on your server all the time until our computer broke
lucariokid gaming
if illuminati took over minecraft
Homeboat 285125
Omg homie
horses horses are cool
if horses took over Minecraft like if you want this to happen
james james
the mouse is making pink sheep look bad
Dylan Haynes
Pink sheep = SAVAGE
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