Lucky you
"Zack is going to have hairiest sperm"😂
William L
TIL 96% of my sperm are knuckleheads lmao
Dane Hart
19minutes . Without washing my hand .. 😂😂..
"now to think about my wife" bruh that killed meh xD
Karl Susi
I like how the guy said you guys are armed and dangerous
Amarni Mark
Now I'm scared of my spurm😰
Angie Millares
"Look at them go, look at those little idiots" Oh keith, I died on that one XD
Clorox Bleach
These people look like jerks
atty b raps
"how do we-"
Kari Collins
I just want to know why there's a knife in the wall of the office in the beginning
Eat Sleep Gamerdude
0:18 and why exactly is there a knife in a doctors office
Natalie Bracht
oh buzzfeed
_Lyla_ G
Id rather not say Eugene.
Emily Rose Dawson
"Time to think about my wife." He's so cute
Victoria Gray
Is testing sperm gay?
Lia Sarong
"I think I'm going to use my imagin-(sees magazines) oh, ooh" lol Zach
Ferdhaus Ismael
I would have cried seeing my babies under that whatever machine is :')
Ellie Arnold
Why. Whyyyyy.
Joshua Karkhoff
anyone see the knife in the beggining
Apparently at my school we had to look at swatches from the inside of her mouth under a microscope and the teacher found a sperm and hers.
Im a gay gal, mostly because I don't want children :P
Catie Engel
Eugene sighs
"Anything in moderation is probably fine"
Eugene sighs
VallieMC C
When I heard what was bad for your sperm (heat from laptops for example), I already started to get nervous
E v e n t h o u g h I g o t n o d i c k
Kevin Aksum
96% are knuckleheads hahah
LilHuman FoodAddict
Eugene is an amazing guy and i am jealous of his future wife
Paul H. Kircher III
You're cut off from public assistance.
Music Alpha
So what you're telling me is that men have babies inside them, bleh
I do it in 38 seconds
javelinclips- 1234
No wonder zach didint cum fast becouse he is circumised
Briefs don't effect sperm count :P
Josiah Plays Roblox
its kinda crazy knowing those things are inside of men im freaked out by it
jenni christian
well guess now we know who can bust a nut in 5 minutes
Greedy subliminals
Why is this a thing oml
1 min
JESUS Pumagualli
How did I get from Latino try to this part. man I need a life 🙂
Mark Van Gorkum
Why am I watching this?
The should be a Chanel called the try guys
Nella Bella
Being a woman watching this after sex🛀🏾😷
1:12 -_-
Jkangie Amjk
Wai did I watch this
Queen Nya J
Lol 0:34 was zack sitting on Keith's lap 😂😂😂😂😂
Yell Ple
What guy doesn't know what their cum tastes like? Lmao
portalsniper 420
Am I the only one who felt weird watching this video
Queen Is The Name
When do we touch ourselves 😂
IZZclyde 1
Yo I did it faster mine is less than a min
Avery Stephens
I love how much Eugene ships Ned and Ariel. It is so cute. 😍
Did the Try Gays have to extract the sperm from their butts?
Enrique vega
4:58 #jizz party!!!
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