The Try Guys Test Their Sperm Count

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We saw, we conquered, we came.

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Warm Up / William Tell Overture / Monkey Business / Snake Hips / Jr High Angstathon
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.

Special thanks to UCLA Health: The Men’s Clinic and Dr. Jesse Mills, M.D. 

Made by BFMP
The Try Guys



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Kiryu Heaux
Eugene's hair makes my nipples hard.
xoey armijo
anyone else think Eugene is hot
ok im here for science
Sparkle YT
Whats sperm
My record is 53 seconds
That's me at 1:40😭😂
Lauren Sharpe
3:15 is that Jinkx Monsoon
Marco Madrid
2:10 when u realize what is in the tube
rainbow blob
I'm slightly uncomfortable
Richard Sec
Well im inspired, off to the bathroom
jojo weeb
Mia Thompson
My teachers old job was the sperm dectector
clorox lemon scent
fully loaded puns
Robin Assels
Eugene can test his sperm count in my mouth
Lexi Salice
The Try Guys- Go for 30 days of sex guys!!! It IS a life changer!!
DotDash Gaming
At the start "when do we get to touch ower
Havoc 2002
Zach is gay that's why he can wank to girls
UT FNaF RS changes
jack off... well.
thebeast 55'r
I have the same knife as the doctor
Emaan Hashi
"whoa, you're a freak"
Wafa Dhaouadi
masturbatorium xD
That Guy
I normally take an 45min to an hour. How do they do it so fast dam

this is age restricted
Catherine Baars
This is the weirdest video I have watched
Amazing Me
I've never been so interested in sperm before
MasterOwl Gamer
when are they gonna post more try guys!!!!
Demille Taylor
being quick isn't always a great thing. 😂
Scott Morales
I volunteer to bear Eugene's children.
Damn out of millions of others, YOU made it to the'll always be a winner👍🏽
Holy crap seeing all those little sperms actually swimming around like that… How haven't I gotten pregnant yet 😂
every time i get broody for a baby my bf buys me a pet lol
Mike Bergin
Hahaha fuckin Keith, look at them go! Look at those little idiots (in a baby talk voice)
So we're just gonna ignore how Zach was just sitting on Keith in the beginning? Okay.
Darky joke
Redd Spider Lilly
"Now time to think about my wife"
Ayah Bakr
Why am I attracted to Zach
Lia Shi
It takes me around 7 mins to finish if I do it the fast way
Phantom Foxy
What is sperm???

P.S i am only 10
Foxy The dragon slayer !
Eugene sounded Way to happy in the beginning
Ethan Nugent
boi my record is 46 seconds straight
Sinful Slug
4:45 that's really friendship


"Look at those little idiots" That one got me so hard xD
Heaven Singleton
I want to be Eugenes best friend but i know i will never meet him and i know that he wouldnt be friends with me bc im 15 and hes 30 lmao but like its okay lmao
adam wiacek
Kiara Hunte
keith said look at those idiots
Cute Clara
Welp good bye my innocents
Bye guys I'm off to the yank chamber ^_^
Gillian Fraley
Please Google Search “wucu shocking plan” to get more regarding it, an incredible pregnant method. At the age of forty-four, I was able to resolve my huge fertility problem making use of it. I was very happy during my period was late. I am making necessary preparations since I`m glad about the delay of my monthly period. I am now preparing myself to become a mother.
Twenty One Phanics! At The Disco
Eugene: " Where'd the rest of it go ? "
Zack: " Umm.... I'd rather not say "
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