The Try Guys Test Their Sperm Count

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We saw, we conquered, we came.

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Warm Up / William Tell Overture / Monkey Business / Snake Hips / Jr High Angstathon
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.

Special thanks to UCLA Health: The Men’s Clinic and Dr. Jesse Mills, M.D. 

Made by BFMP
The Try Guys



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X savage 23
Lol he took 37 mins to ejaculate
-AceAndy- Minecraft
WAIT THE DESCRIPTION ON THE VID SAYS "We saw, We conquered, We came" in Italian u say it "Veni Vidi Vici"
BP 21
i wanna if my sperm are ok but how
Kristiāns Viniarskis
'Don't worry it's gonna be fine, you've done this a thousand times at home' Zack: well, more than that. Hahaha died😂😂😂😂
Aria Glass
does eugene and ned's bullheaded sperm have anything to do with their genetic alpha male-ness
Mr bronze playbutton 56
so they got cum out?
the noob blox
So your just masdebaiting until sperm come out ok m8
Joshua Minke
zack would be the best in bed, due to lasting longer lol
SVGEDerp _
Just did it while watching!?!
Unocorny Lives
I liked how Eugene said that his only hope was for Ned to have the strongest 😢
Michelle Johnson
Am I the only one that thought it was kinda nice of Eugene to say his only hope was that Ned had the best sperm? 4:47
This was hilarious!
Natalie Farnsworth
Can you imagine if you of them found out that they were sterile that day?
Katherine Reardon
Guys have 3983927592 times more fun than girls 😂
Rikka IsHere
Now I know what I touch...
why is everyone so obsessed with cumming so fast? sex and even masturbation is about the pleasure itself. why would you just end this enjoyable right within some very few minutes? that doesn't make sense to me.
i thought they were going to actually count how much sperm they have...
Redeye Gaming
They killed all those sperm.....
Nina Cabrera
Quote of the day: when do we touch ourselves? -Eugene
Rei Ayame
"Oh, llok at them go, look at those little idiots." 😂
128.000.000 and it takes 1. Talk about overkill
Taran Carter
I'm 12 and it only takes me 2 minutes
Tate langdon
(jerks off) (high fives friend )
J brownie
female. can't stop laughing. no regrets.
Ava fun love girl MSP
Zaylan Seals
He really does have five the doctor after they just got done jacking off
Orion Solstice
Does anyone know where Zach got his sweater??
Positive Vibes
How everybody looked at eugene when they talked about alcohol
Zaira Sayed
the doctor is hot
Steven kong
Tank you for this Iam going to see that doctor
eshwaree prakash
Aisha Delva
Eugene at 3:00 ; still hot
Aisha Delva
Eugene in the intro lol
Aisha Delva
How did he miss the cup lmaoooo
Vienna Wilson
Eugene is fit...
"where did it go?" LOL
Anime 4 ever
When the name of the doc was shown I accidentaly read Dr. Jesus Miles.... XDD
Dude this is the Most manly place in the world offices in which you jerk off with knifes in the background of where they were shootit
Tsuki Kitsune-chan
love the bowie knife in the doc's office 😂
Austin Murphy
Lab Technician: Look that one has two tails.
Try Guy: Whoooa, you're a freak!
Eliza Varga
When he was talking about how computers could cook them, I said to myself to go on my computer less, then realised I'm a girl.
wtf is this like u know kids are on youtube
Draconic Craft
Well Ned and Eugene are some hardcore wankers
I am really watching this
It takes me 30 minutes minimum. What's the fun in going fast? lol
Razor Inkling
Wendall Gull
Masturbatorium LOL is that an actual word?
Ottergirl67898 AJ
this is why i love being a female
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