Star Wars 8 THE LAST JEDI Official TRAILER (2017) Daisy Ridley, Disney Movie HD

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Star Wars 8 THE LAST JEDI Official TRAILER (2017) Daisy Ridley, Disney Movie HD
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Seve Diago
At 1:40 Luke looked like a shark
Šárka Lakomá
So I have news ray is rey solo is daughter han and leia solo and younger sister Ben Solo.Kylo going to be good and he call him self Ben solo againe. This is good verry good for me. ray is not daughter luk how we though but han solo and leia. and she´s good reincarnation dark vaider too.
The Sniper0807
The end of the jedi???
breden ritter
I'm staggered by how bad Star Wars movies have gotten. Will someone please stop Abrams from making movies.
Joseph Weydemann
Hopefully this means that the Gray area of the force will be in charge. Anger gets a bad rap.
Nameless 17
Who's ready for starwars episode 8
In the future could an AI robot that gets super smart to a "god like state", be the future antichrist or beast of the book of revelaton???
•Guil Arts•
*gli ultimi jedi
melnibone oeo
fuck.............. just fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk.....................
now.... fuck of
ends the training and leaves
Ready for another feminist movement movie :)? Seriously, just give me a link to CNN so I can drink my poison quicker.
paddy b
i will cry if the jedi end
Jolz Films
All I saw when watching this video was: BLA BLA BLA explosions, music, more explosions, ships, more explosions. Yep this movie has a great storyline guys
Scott Cohen
This looks horrible. Turning Luke into some Christian God is ridiculous. They should just call this the Apocalypse. .
Logang 4life
I somewhere heard that Kylo ren will die . This cannot happen . .... Just please no ...
Random Guy
Benny Moonwalker
Midnight Violex
Don't Tell Me Luke Is Just Going To Give Up!?!?!?!?!?! after everything!!!!
It is “Time” for ... “The (Last) Jedi” to End ... the Kingdom of Darkness ... that keeps spreading through Galaxies! That’s my approach ...
I really hope Luke doesn't die in this movie or in the ninth movie too.
Bartek Krzem
bewnie grafica będzie slaba tak jak s jakies gry z lat 90'
Emporer Blobby
TFW Kreia finally gets her wish
Yellowknight 2002
Is this the last movie
0:47 Am i the only one who can hear: Help me Obi-Wan? :P
Jack Miller
Looks unbelievably soulless and dumb. #$%& Disney for squatting over this franchise's corpse and farting right in its face like this. There will only ever be 3 real Star Wars movies.
Terrence Bowser
Donald Trump is the new leader of the Jedi you dumb asses!!! He is going to cut taxes and then shove a light saber up your ass...
Fruits Gaming!
Does anyone notice that 1:29 is the same attack move as the ghost pirate dude in Pirates of the Caribbean dead men tell no tales.
Jj Chen
Empire hasnt had a major victory in forever. They are loony tunes villains at this point
Tyler Kiger
the balance meaning the grey jedi ? ive heard of the grey but never really looked into who or what they stood for i just hope that snook isn't a vader clone or something so predictable
Tactical Derpy
Its time for the Jedi to end

also The Simpsons and The Walking Dead show rap it up too
This One Guy Who Is On Youtube
I reckon this movie will have luke and snoke killing each other having rey battle it out with kylo in the 9th movie
Zarina A113
If you listen closely, at 0:47 you can hear Leia's hologram from A New Hope saying: "Help me Obi-Wan". Its very faint.
Naruto Legacy
in my predict there will be some Naruto-like stuff, in which Luke realizes the Sith are something like the Uchiha and the Akatsuki, which need indeed a "balanced" peace and not just a counter
Mc Wheelz
fagged cot'
santino macrillo
Man fuck this bullshit everything Disney doing is a load of barnacles
Avelan Angels
This trailer began exactly like the last one did.
RobloxGame Gamer
guys there gunna make more star wars till 2020
Pratham Uppal
omg!! i can't believe it!!
lmao you
Am I the only one to hear "Help me Obi-Wan" at 0:47 ?!
Superwolfma n
Wot ???? Don't get it the only thing i know for sure it's that there's more kolorens
Rey's father is Luke. The real shocker is when they reveal Leia is her mother. 😱 would explain why she is so powerful.
JurassicGoji 2018
i hope this movie is darker and more grittier than the force awakens, it will be like the empire strikes back all over again so maybe rey will get her hand cut off?
I thought it said "so much n#gger" at 1:08- 1:10
Live up to expectation will it not, watch it you shall.
Fratele lo Haladin
its pity how star wars makes great movies but yet the trailers are shit
Steve Fontaine
the red logo sucks
Supercell Letsplayz [SLP]
1:08 is somebody nigger....
Azir Irfan
What happened to our princess Leia
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