Star Wars 8 THE LAST JEDI Official TRAILER (2017) Daisy Ridley, Disney Movie HD

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Star Wars 8 THE LAST JEDI Official TRAILER (2017) Daisy Ridley, Disney Movie HD
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0:47 Am i the only one who can hear: Help me Obi-Wan? :P
Jack Miller
Looks unbelievably soulless and dumb. #$%& Disney for squatting over this franchise's corpse and farting right in its face like this. There will only ever be 3 real Star Wars movies.
Terrence Bowser
Donald Trump is the new leader of the Jedi you dumb asses!!! He is going to cut taxes and then shove a light saber up your ass...
Fruits Gaming!
Does anyone notice that 1:29 is the same attack move as the ghost pirate dude in Pirates of the Caribbean dead men tell no tales.
Jj Chen
Empire hasnt had a major victory in forever. They are loony tunes villains at this point
Tyler Kiger
the balance meaning the grey jedi ? ive heard of the grey but never really looked into who or what they stood for i just hope that snook isn't a vader clone or something so predictable
Tactical Derpy
Its time for the Jedi to end

also The Simpsons and The Walking Dead show rap it up too
I reckon this movie will have luke and snoke killing each other having rey battle it out with kylo in the 9th movie
Zarina A113
If you listen closely, at 0:47 you can hear Leia's hologram from A New Hope saying: "Help me Obi-Wan". Its very faint.
Naruto Legacy
in my predict there will be some Naruto-like stuff, in which Luke realizes the Sith are something like the Uchiha and the Akatsuki, which need indeed a "balanced" peace and not just a counter
Mc Wheelz
fagged cot'
santino macrillo
Man fuck this bullshit everything Disney doing is a load of barnacles
Avelan Angels
This trailer began exactly like the last one did.
braden mckay
guys there gunna make more star wars till 2020
Pratham Uppal
omg!! i can't believe it!!
lmao you
Am I the only one to hear "Help me Obi-Wan" at 0:47 ?!
Mr. Superwolfman pro
Wot ???? Don't get it the only thing i know for sure it's that there's more kolorens
Rey's father is Luke. The real shocker is when they reveal Leia is her mother. 😱 would explain why she is so powerful.
Jurassiczilla 1207
i hope this movie is darker and more grittier than the force awakens, it will be like the empire strikes back all over again so maybe rey will get her hand cut off?
Phillip Seo
I thought it said "so much n#gger" at 1:08- 1:10
Live up to expectation will it not, watch it you shall.
Fratele lo Haladin
its pity how star wars makes great movies but yet the trailers are shit
Steve Fontaine
the red logo sucks
Supercell Letsplayz [SLP]
1:08 is somebody nigger....
Azir Irfan
What happened to our princess Leia
I've watched this more than a normal person would
Otto Prüssing Kristensen
this gave me more tingels then any ASMR video
kian Hylian
they will probably just blow up another death star in this movie
Alucard Hellsing
"its time for the jedi....." yep it is " end" TRIGGERED
Melle Suiker
If you look closely at 1:07 you can see a small figure on the rock where rey is training. YODA CONFIRMED?!
edwin Davis
I hope they all die it's about time
Lode Guillen
This film is not yet rated, I give it a ten
Parker Pshebnisky
This is the movie needs right now!!!
Goosebumps each time I watch it....
Historia Minamy
kaine fragua
Now this got interesting
George Playz
luk dies and ray is the lazt jedi!!! !!?????!!!! !!!
leandro del mistro
i hope this is better than the 7th movie and i hope Rey dies
Augustine Troy
Battlefront II and then this!😍😍😍
Hoyschel Silversteinberg
Extremely lazy... another carbon copy of Empires Strikes Back.

Hollywood is so devoid of originality it really gives me diarrhoea.
Ivaylo Nachev
tfa she e basi tapiq film zakleam sa
gay gay gay gay fag director can go fucking die
Llew KaMiamos
"It's time for the Jedi..." "To End." ... Ahhh Hell nah!
Egg Head
I swear this is called rogue one not the last Jedi
i like trains
0:47 - rey saying "help me obi you're my only hope"
0:59 - yoda saying "Train, you will"
Why star wars movie always coming in th month of christhmas
it becomes a ritual to watch this everymorning and start the day
Fratele lo Haladin
I love star wars but honestly this trailer sucks hype really :( but i'm still gonna see it anyway
time to watch naruto now
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