Star Wars 8 THE LAST JEDI Official TRAILER (2017) Daisy Ridley, Disney Movie HD

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Star Wars 8 THE LAST JEDI Official TRAILER (2017) Daisy Ridley, Disney Movie HD
© 2017 - Disney

I heard this movie retcons the whole Force lore with Rey and Snoke getting the Force from a Tree.
GD SaurmaneX
When I got to 0:09 and heard that sound effect, I checked the date this was made. Turns out they're serious.
Grizzles Master1
So is like the very last movie no it the movies should never end I say. Luke is being a dud of saying that the Jedi must end and the evil/awsome Kylo Ren well with his cool lightsaber will rule the galaxy
Sean Garcia
Anyone concerned with why her hand is like an alien hand when she slams it down on the rock?
in this teaser you can see Darth Vader burnt helmet in pieces on a floor

I was brought here because of hishe XD
The Joker
"So much bigger"-THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!! :)))))))))))))))
Anđica Ćavar
This is not the last star wars episode...right
(Please say no)
Anđica Ćavar
Anđica Ćavar
This is not the last star wars episode....right.(please say no)
lucie louise
Wow , i can't wait !!!!
Pieter Kalkman
Thanos Voudrislis
when star wars arrive at cinemas?
Jack London
I hope darth jarjar alpears in this episode
Elke Dekker
Now this is podracing
Peaceful Dawn
FINALLY. a trailer that builds up hype for the upcoming film without actually giving anything away
Bulous me Fab
she is the LAST JEDI.. I have a true feeling
But the question is did kylo really kill Finn??????
Христо Филипов
bubu mic
This trailer begins like the last one :))
Death Watch Trooper
I swear if they end the star wars sires on the planet Earth cop out, I will crucify them one by one.
AJA - Productions
0:54 palpatine saying seduced by the dARK SIDE
I was half hoping Luke would talk in the Joker's voice.
Marklion Janecek
no docela dobrý ale mohlo být lapší : ).
Angel Garcia
Luke dies on this movie
Adrián González Hinojosa
oh no, im afraid it will suck, just as the other one... why!?
Domenik Ranacoski
por que soh en dezembro?eu to super ansiosa queria ver agra!
Lachie Byrne
i think they are giving us a false trail, he might say 'its time for the Jedi to end kylo' or something but they cut it of, thoughts???
WTF every time I turn on the TV another Disney film with a lead role as female WTF is this a sjw meeting at Disney now LMFAO damn Disney still salty over Hillary losing the election . I'm sorry but this Disney malewars is over the top fuck Disney and that feminist sjw bullshit ...owell it's not like these new starwars films are cannon anyway
Empire strikes back v2.
Ryan LaPorte
Maybe what Luke meant when he said the Jedi must end he meant in the yin yang sense: Jedi is yin and the sith is yang one cannot survive without the other so balance can only be achieved if the Jedi are gone
Blue Shuriken
Calling it. Star Wars Episode IX A New Order...
Abbey Gallagher
i think star wars is over if there is no jedi what is the point of carrying on star wars movies... just remember one thing.. star wars is dead... BUT THE MEMES WILL LIVE ON XDD
Spooky Gordada
1:23 anybody else pop off at this chord pogression
the jedi will end yes let the sith rise
this movie is gonna suck ass
Leon Trin
It would really suck if all of Rey and Luke's scenes happened in the last five minutes to hype up episode 9
jabba the hutt will return as the last jedi.
The Jedi has to end, enter the Je'daii, this order predates the Sith and the Jedi order, for them the force if the matter of percption, they harness both dark and light
is that Yoda on the pillar at 1:10 in front of Rey??
james buckland
total rubbish just like the other one
the interstellar fox117
i pee myself
Variety T
Ghost anikin is in it
Andrew Griesemer
Looking for an unmarried Access Port V3. YOHB?
derpy charmander
Luke will die
1:08 so much... nigger?
EDIT: like... what do they actually say?
rahil hasan
all star wars movies shud be longer then 2hours who agrees that way we can see more f diffrent storylines frm diffrenet prespectives
About time someone stepped up and left that ancient Jedi religion in the dust
Shadowpelt The Boss
I'm. So. Excited.😃
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