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Companies that purchase debt cheaply then collect it aggressively are shockingly easy to start. We can prove it! 

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Captain Doomsday
So just make it extremely expensive for debt buyers to initate a lawsuit? Get some money back in federal use, discourage scumbags from arresting and eating people's dogs.
ZenoTech Tutorials
John: hey Can I buy.......

HBO: sure. Don’t care. Here’s a blank check
Ron McKay
I'd just LOVE to know how much you purchased the debt for?
Ale Garay
1:30 A conservative would argue that it's his fault for getting sick in the first place. That's why I believe conservatives are evil.
I Lost the cat
This episode was porn for Jesus
Kyle Millar
BB,,bb,,bomb,bb,bb,nb nam.,l l "'!.m,"!?,,????,,,,,?,,,?,,?,,@?,,??,,?,,,??,?,,,,!,,,!,???,?,?,!,!!?,???,,?,,,??
José Cristóvão
Joe Steele = Joseph Stalin... :)
Steven Horvat
That was fucking amazing!!!! we need more debt forgiveness and more education to the Americans about debt and money management
So that's what Oprah was giving away on that show! I thought it was killer bees, that's what all the video clips I'd seen were about!
Youssuf Elhadidy
Wow. John. I respect you as I always learn something new from you with every episode I watch. Ii laugh and learn. You widen the gazes. Yet after I saw this segment. I respect you and your show even more. You deserve it.
Nakoruru The Extra Terrestrial
I don't understand why people aren't taking advantage of this.

I had £20,000 of debt that all got written off because I paid them £1 a month until they'd been sold a couple of times and then stopped paying.

If anybody tries to take you to court, you just ask for proof ... Which they don't have ... Case closed.
ZenoTech Tutorials
Things like this remind me how loaded HBO is
"Whiskers on kitten...this are a few of my favourite things"
That reference is lit.
Inigo Moore
So... Does this mean people can pay $50 to setup a company like this, buy their own debt for cents on the dollar and forget about their own debt???
James Abreu Mieses
It is amazing how far and beyond the people of this show go to deliver their message. More people should do this.
i i
I don't care what he says, Excel is frikin awesome.
Debbie Gross
They prey on so many people from beginning to end. My father had Alzheimer’s and we had to take his phone away because he kept applying for loans and cards and many times HE GOT THEM! Then we had to filter his mail because of so many “pre-approved” letters! He died with a credit rating of not much over 300. Yet he kept getting those loans and credit cards.
Bob Joe
Wait a minute at 1:10. Is that guys name Wankoff? 😂😂😂
mercedes gomez
Thank you for buying my debt, I'm sure I was on the list.
debt collection companies seam very similar to the way scammers and spammers operate.
after having watched all of this i have to conclude they are scammers..

down there slightly above ransomeware people... (who i think deserve to die slowly and in agony either through hanging drawing and quartering or the blood eagle or impairment)
Harold Bradford
So awesome!
LWT, one of the only shows i know of that does good deeds like spreading awareness of massive problems involving corporations screwing people over, or the government screwing people over, or just buying off debt and paying said debt through a nonprofit organization that specialises in paying off peoples medical debt.
Dennis Neijmeijer
SOOOOO happy im not a American Citizen!!!! Every country has its bad stuff but damn third world shit over there
I love how he just does shit for the theme that week, like starting a church or becoming a debt buying company, just to get a better perspective of what's going on. The man is fucking amazing.
Tim Campbell
Wow, can someone actually say the words......"Fuck you, Oprah!" Aren't there laws preventing that???
Edward Shields
We should all register in Mississippi as debt collectors, after all it only cost 50 bucks. Buy back our own debts at 1/2 penny on the dollar, and then forgive them! A beautiful idea!!! And I do love the name CARP That John used for his agency!
Marc Harris
jeez. i wish he'd have done this with my student loans...they've nearly ruined me
2000 people really like troy mclorhorn.
My college loans were a nightmare. I went from paying on time, then I lost my job and had to defer my debt temporarily. After that, my loans kept changing companies and I could not track down who owned my loans. I would send a check to the company that "owned: it but it would come back because it was already sold in less than 30 days. I paid late fees when I tried but it sold to another company I did even know who it was. My credit report shows that I I went from 1 company to 15 different companies in 1 year before I could ask for a loan from my adopted family to pay all these different companies. This loan came from my dad. Not everyone has this opportunity to ask a family member pay all the different companies. I feel sorry for all current students who don't have someone to help them.
i dont but lets say i owed a crazy amount in dept could i open a collection company and buy my dept from a collector for pennys on the dollar then be debt free. just a thought
Debt Buyers/Collectors = Loan Sharks + Credit Fraudsters :)
bamby preljepa
This man is a living legend!
Would this work for the debt of a country too?
For example, could you buy Puerto Rico's debt for a fraction of the price and then write it off?
Sean Martin
If this is typical of this guy's schtick, Jeezuz.... this is pathetic. The info is good, but the really, really reaching humour? Give it a fucking rest, John.
well, squeeze my blood and call me turnip
Vip_ ss
What's wrong with Excel?
Timeree Aden
I have not been hospitalized since I was a baby. As far as I know, I have no debt. So from someone this does not yet affect, I just want to say thank you John Oliver for being a very decent person.
Christian Lanctot
Oliver forgives $15M of old debt. Technically, he really only gave away $60K since that's what the debt was worth on the market. However, on principle I prefer this to Oprah giving $8M worth of cars and making their new owners spend more money than they need to (fuel, insurance, maintenance etc). Unless you happened to be shopping for a new car when Oprah gave one to you, you're now stuck with a new expense.
I just love this guy. So noble
Nafi AL
he dont know what he's talking about, i worked at a grocery store n use to get chips for free n let me just say Lays biscuits and gravy is one a the best fucking chips i've ever ate!!!!!
Rory Wilson
Sum criminal copy he throughout institutional rise wrist category flow.
lorna nunez
And he is maybe getting 12 an hour. To be the devil.
If regular news could just copy this without the bad jokes.
That might have been the classiest unclassy thing I've ever seen someone do... Good man, John Oliver!
Zachary Matthew James
I rewound it back to the cheering John was doing immediately after the Oprah clip far too many times. XD
Fernando Barajas
your debt of $9.5 m condo turned into a $27,000 tax bill.. your a hypocrite...
Fernando Barajas
how come you never ever call to the "people accepting responsiblity" people are responsible for there own actions . bad credit not paying for your shit.
Chuck Beickel
Charlie G
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