Xavier Jones
This looks dad ass
boss mike
Looks more like a tv show then a movie
scouse nofeyzulla
That doesnt look that good
ImjustAfangirll 67
Bitch where is Evan :/
Raving Libertopian
This didn't feel like an X-men trailer at all. Whatever this is ; I hope it's not a turn for the worst.
This is literally Heroes. They even got a girl who looks a bit like Hayden Panettiere.
Shahbaz ahmad
what is the name of the ending song
i wrote sway like you do scooby dooby doo but the song did not show up
plz someone tell me the name of song
on the one hand it's the exact plot to Heroes. on the other hand....heroes bit x-men so...???
Mr.YetToBeThrownOut Lemon
I've only seen like 2 of the X men so I'm not actually hating it I'd watch it so...
Michael Goode
Why is everyone so critical of it. I think it looks like a pretty cool show.
Kiran Rai
fuck the bull shit, it just like the X-man, child animated movies. this movies is only authorized to watch below 14.
Vineeth Placid
not good
Mia Dixon
all of you saying it looks terrible don't understand the TV show follows the story of regular mutants the one not lucky enough to go to the School so no the X-men are not in it and fr the trailer wasn't that bad trust me go watch the Inhumans trailer and this will be a breath of fresh air.
Diego Cobos
x-men: trying to stay relevant after killing off the main cast.
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Ahhh back to my comics, THIS SUCKSSS!!!
Anurag Bhardwaj
That's so bad ... Ohh downfall of x- men series
John Blaze
Father hunting mutants, protecting the family. Sounds like Heroes.
Carlos Carvalho
Bryan Singer ! wy you have to shit with this franchise
Rock Avenger
Aaaaand its cancelled.
Aiden Ayers
This looks like a movie on lifetime
Compared to Inhumans this looks like a 400m dollar blockbuster
Roger Russell
Damn Bill Compton still has it. Funny how Anna Paquin went from Xmen to True Blood and Stephen Moyer went from True Blood to Xmen.
Wow, a lotta haters on here. I think it's funny that Vampire Bill is the dad in this since he's married to Rogue in real-life. Clearly Marvel has to get some network TV shows to run against DC's nearly every-day-of-the-week superhero shows (Supergirl, Flash, Arrow, Legends, Gotham).
Dilir Hasan
I know x-men rights are no longer with marvel but can't you handle at least one movie under marvels control!?For the sake of fans!? You can business in that way too
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Emelyn Colon
The next Avengers
Saya Kisuragi
Where is James mcavoy ???
hey it is bill compton
quaid oralious
save the cheerleader save the world
We wuz kangz n' shieet n' We built pyramedz
This has to be fan-made, It can't be real :(
So what X-Men continuity will it be in?

The "original" or the "First Class" continuity?
Kryo Stazis
totally confused
Demon Dbc
Tgis trailer should be named X-Men:Ass Trailer
Kinder x-man !!!
Ankit Nagpal
Excellent plot... 5 strong guys bully an innocent high school teenager... his powers show up in defense... Now the whole world wants to kill him because he did not want to get bullied. Very realistic world. And those 5 guys just disappear from the plot as if they were there just to make sure the teenager panics during the torture and cause some damage to school property trying to defend...
CrossChopper Lizard
This looks really bad, but to me I don't think it's gonna effect the x-men as much if they don't go to Xavier's old school. But I just cannot watch this
Fernando Gabriel
i hope this shit is fanmade
d Isra
Should have just used the Runaways or New Mutants with Cannonball. Cannonball would be visually amazing
Naman Rana
This is like that other version of the walking dead😂
No Wolverine = No Fun
Anoop Ali
Which movie this trailer
Anoop Ali
Plzz reply me
Anoop Ali
This movie is real
Fake X Men.
Mega Man X
Is these even a real thing
America Suits
Eduardo Miranda
This reminds me of Heroes
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