X-MEN: GIFTED Trailer (2017)

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First Trailer for the X-Men Series "Gifted" directed by Bryan Singer

Aparajita Agnihotri
This show is actually SO good
Ahmad Fito
What name the film
I predicted that the comments would be 99% talking crap about it, and obviously I was right!... People are so predictable when it comes to that.

Most people who comments these days are to be negative, while all the people who like something don't say anything.

One thing I really hate though, is when a person who doesn't even want to watch the show says things like "Cancel it" Like who do people think they are that THEY decide whether a show should run or not, when they aren't even gonna watch it, meanwhile there are people who really enjoys it, maybe they should be the ones to decide. It doesn't harm you that other people gets to enjoy something you aren't interested in.

I'm watching this show and I personally really like it.
Gustavas Krašauskas
what is name of song in the end ?
Vishak Arudhra
can these guys not come up with anything other than controlling things remotely? fucking everybody has the same power.
Data Grab
Change the title. It's just "The Gifted". No X-men. Fucking clickbait
qnko stabilniq
this is serial not film fucktards stop make fake shits please :)
Meeo Kosett
X men : shit
This show is actually really good I've been watching the first few episodes and I'm totally hooked this show is awesome
Daya Sankar
sir where is the logan in this movie
Frank J.
Hmm.. Heroes Reloaded? ;)
Lester Yap
Watch hd movie for free - http://bit.ly/2zyrOm7
Ayat KhAn
Looks like a big shit to me .😧missing old x men
dn wimukthi
nice video....and
watch this....
KINGSMAN: The Golden Circle | Official Trailer (HD) | 20th Century FOX
Zayden Asif
This is nt official trailer fuck.. 😂😂😂
antonio 12
was passiert mit den x men filmen alter zuerst das und dann new mutantsso ne sch3iss3
Eagle Eye Trailers
nice... I learnt lot of from your trailers as a beginner. Thank you
How is this X-men?
Guilherme Branco
Im deciding between this show or "Inhumans"...
mesake saqa
worst x man ever...
Alex Aguas
what is the title of the song at the end of this video...thx
Dev Happy
So Heroes
Pat Rude
the kid in the shower looks tp be an immensely powerful teen mutant
Rudy Saputra
Why are some people willing to waste money to make this kind of shit?
Alipt Shrivastava
X men series died after days of future past . Apocalypse was an awful movie with ridiculous story .
cabeza gigante
what is his super powers?
The xmen better be alive at least some of them to make xmen gifted at least ok
mauricio canalmusical
Rip off from Heroes
tammy junior
Thank god its just a series.....
Hadi Ramli
This trailer, it's a school project or what?
linhxuan2711 Xmen
Wow, can't think it exist :D
andy droid
That music at the end was entirely appropriate sounding.
Nice way to ruin X-men...
Kevin Parker
Hardly xmen
CutiePatooTie Wew
Looks shit. Trash
ezio the best
X-men dead......
Adoni Mjedovi
I want he original xmen not some gifted ones
Frybo RBLX
The editing is so sucky and the kid screams like a girl
Lukas Strautins
looks like a shitty fan film
Chris Sun
What da f*ck is this shit?
Xavier Jones
This looks dad ass
boss mike
Looks more like a tv show then a movie
scouse nofeyzulla
That doesnt look that good
ImjustAfangirll 67
Bitch where is Evan :/
Raving Libertopian
This didn't feel like an X-men trailer at all. Whatever this is ; I hope it's not a turn for the worst.
This is literally Heroes. They even got a girl who looks a bit like Hayden Panettiere.
Shahbaz ahmad
what is the name of the ending song
i wrote sway like you do scooby dooby doo but the song did not show up
plz someone tell me the name of song
on the one hand it's the exact plot to Heroes. on the other hand....heroes bit x-men so...???
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