X-MEN: GIFTED Trailer (2017)

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First Trailer for the X-Men Series "Gifted" directed by Bryan Singer

Θοδωρής Κακιούζης
This looks more like a TV series than a Movie(or is it a TV series?)
Brian Newman
Seems to almost be a "Carrie part 2: Now its family"
thomas young
james hudson wolverine would fit well into this i think !
The expression on the thumbnail sums up my reaction to this trailer.
adhyayan kaushik
that was just whooooaaaahhhh....
samuel hayden
this just looks terrible
Gillian Hancock
Anyone else like this because of root? 😆😆😆
Sam Tyson
So this is just Heroes...
Apaitia Malupo
x men died for me when Professor Xavier died... nothing compares to the real x men... just saying!
How impressively bad.
Jude Jalandoni
The same plot as heroes???????
Midori Yamashiro
When I see the children's father, the first thing that popped up was Bill Compton just because they have the same actor.
brittany hamilton
it fuck up cause dem should make him dead
brittany hamilton
it fuck up cause dem should make him dead
Ιερώνυμος Κόραξ
The acting looks horrible. ....therefore, not watching. Looks worse than Agents of Shield.
man this new Marvel's cloak and dagger looks really cool
Dave Pilkey
Am I the only one that feels every mutant's power in this trailer is synonymous to some form of telekinesis? :I
is this fan made or real cant tell ?
Omkar Patil
dude dc is in deep trouble 😂😂😂
Suzy S
I wish they had better actors and a better FX team, not trying to offend anyone but compared to all the X-Men movies I've watched this looks not well made.... IMO
Evan Desmarais
"Save the cheerleader save the world"
The thumbnail was better than this.
X-Men TV show featuring.....none of the x-men....
amit kumar
no one can ever be like Logan #hugejackman plz in this movie atleast for 5sec.
Thomas Harvey
Remake of heros ?
Austin Eubank
So basically it's the plot of the 'Heroes' series with 'X-men' in the name.
The CGI used in this trailer was cool in 1861.
Alex Loughlin
Do you think fox where part of this by ANY chance? I dont think they've rubbed it in enough
james long
This is so stupid. Xmen finished with Logan
this was shit asf
Cerlenox Nembhard
I'm not sure i understand what this is
so familiar... reminds me of heroes
Would've been nice if they didn't just spoil the entire thing in the trailer
Jenson Kennedy
hi omfg precious this is truly! nlce involvement :[
Scott M
my peepee got wet over this trailer....
is that steffan fucking argus i see? omg my baby
Toshihisa Abe
They're finally making a new season for Heroes!... oh wait..
Looks like a reboot of carrie..👎
Laliana Rose Deñiga
Waiting for this to get a tons of dislikes than likes.
Trevaughn Baugh
Craig Hilton
oh no....not another brat film.
Sooo, the kid can like, bend shit and make lights burn out... Wow. And that girl can like, steal popcorn and make a little force bubble? Dam dude, these kids are badass..
dmofighter2016_Idris Hoppie
You know the movie's lame when the trailer is 3 minutes long.
Aqua Roblox
My opinion is this is awsome
Texas Arcane
X-Men gets gayer by the day. It's really gay cinema and there's nothing wrong with it in my opinion, they should just stop marketing this gay drama to mainstream. Good luck to them and all their gay superheroes but it just doesn't have much appeal to people who aren't gay. This looks like a fanmade gay short. Notice how in Brian Singer's movies, the "superheroes" are not so much the good guys as people who violate social mores, break the law and generally use their abilities as an exercise in vanity and as a result of problems with impulse control. These ain't no superheroes. You know people by their fruits. Their number one enemy is mainstream society and it is portrayed as the real evil in the world. Brian clearly like all sociopaths figures it is everybody else who has the problem.
Dehenas Consular
look like really worst...
There is so much to work with in the X Men content and every time they fuck it up. What is this awful teen drama bullshit. Hugh Jackman was the only good thing about the whole X Men franchise.
Makers Food
Wow hands up , everybody ... now Xman is also Fucked ... mate please show us that story which is taken placa before 'Logan'
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