Ezekiel Elliott pulls down woman's shirt at parade - Should he be suspended? | UNDISPUTED

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Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe give their thoughts on the latest controversy surrounding Dallas Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott.    
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Ezekiel Elliott pulls down woman's shirt at parade - Should he be suspended? | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Big Daddypat
Whether or not they hooked up later or not whether she dressed like a HOE Ezekiel Elliott is a fu--ing idiot to act that way. prove yourself on the field your a man not out drinking proving your a PUNK.
Jizzy Jae
Oh my...Would all of this change if she knew he was a football player at the time?
Carlos Vazquez
shouldn't she had left that space?
6:09 Skip spit all over Joys hand.
Edward Dube
Fruitbasket Chain
That's down right wrong
Sentry service Service
Dudes dumb as rocks
Deborah Nadolski
Elliot is an idiot.
Derrick Gervin
In your 20's is A KID, stop it with that B.S. A 20 something year old is a long way from a kid. the only kid thing is the repeated behavior. ENABLERS ARE REDICULOUSLY SLOW BRAINED!!!!
zorin leroy
Damn. Shannon spitting some wise words.
Gallardo 5Million
Black men need to stay away from Non-black women
Dan Willis
This is what he should have been suspended for. The domestic abuse thing was investigated by the police, and the state attorneys office, and they came up with nothing. No arrest, and no charge, so how is the NFL better than law professionals.
Smh, just got suspended http://viahold.com/1cM0
Topflight Style
He is setting himself up to get sued and lose money because if he don't freeze like the cops say but freeze mentally before he follow his thoughts he gonna put himself in trouble ! He's only 21 and we have all been 21 and its temptation no matter what age you are ! Tell me about a sinless man !
Curtiss Gomez
I don't like how Elliot is barely in year 2 and already a huge distraction. I like football players who just play the game and help their teams. Not people who don't know how to act and distract and hurt their teams by acting a fool and getting into trouble. This was foolish and I'm glad someone brought this into the light. He needs to figure it out and quick otherwise his career will go no where.
Stop it Shannon , he's a kid, come on man. You live and you learn , he will mature and learn to act differently later on in the future ,relax
Ok, Someone from the bottom told the girl to show her you know what. she is saying that they are zek's, he says look. look people, IT'S A PARTY. What he needs to do is not go to partys anymore.
Ezekiel Elliott disgusts me!
Typical buckeye trash.
Isaac Hunt
3:54 to 4:24 👌 great quotes
Chris The Barber
the guy is an idiot who is going to ruin his life.....Money and fame with an idiot....hed be better off with a 9-5
Zachary NC
Feminists coming out of there holes saying that all men are pigs.
ted cook
Suspend him for his own good. He needs to grow the fc up. I saw a OLINE that opened holes for a truck to drive thru. He can e replaced y another RB IMHO
ted cook
why are these players always acting stupid
Lee Smith
This is why most girls feel uncomfortable around guys in public. Why would he think that it was okay to do that? because of his status as a football player. which is not a reason to justify his actions. Another disrespectful guy who thinks it's okay to be disgusting perv because he's a rich football player.
Richard Martin
I like Shannon point on what buddies home boys do, that is absolutely true caring & looking out for each other
Ezekiel Elliott highlights on my channel
Philp Yung
What in the world.

Did you watch the video? She shows them right after he slaps her hand away.

So I am supposed to believe what he did was wrong? And people are pushing the idea it was wrong.
Omar Hernandez
She exposed herself
HD 17 Hater
Zeke Elliot is should be inducted into the hall of fame for this
Daniel Mort
she needs to feed zeke he was hungry
Benjamin Goodnight
7:20 She motioned him to do it?
Jerome Williams
he wont be in the league long.......there is a pattern developing.......the NFL better send the message to him quick
Nick Coleworld
the first 3:30 GOLD 😂
Anthony Nelson
Morals are created by your Conscience
I bet his Mom is proud.....
emoney emoney
@eurovision just because something is different , that doesn't make it weird. its just Layman's terms or an analogy so more people can follow his point.
Astin Martin
Ezekiel seems like he miightt cause harm to himself if he couldn't play football...not to mention allllll that $$...idk, it's
Brandon Wallace
Zekes father said he was sheltered. & they've always treated him like a child because he's easily influenced.
Ghosts Flame
He should be fined not suspended, but if he is suspended it should only be for 1 game.
taz tam
Money can come and go. But the most valuable thing you will ever have in life, is your name.
and boom there go the cowboys.... if there is any team that handles scrutiny, it's the patriots, now completely vice versa that are the bengals and cowboys
This is why Jordan Howard is better than Zeke.
Chris Dropulich
being watched at all times Ezekiel Elliott is acting too much like a little boy you're being watched at all times everything you do is going to be scrutinized
Chris Dropulich
Odell Beckham jr. might whine and complain and throw a fit punch some walls and leave a hole in the wall but he has more respect than to pull down a girl's shirt in front of a bunch of people even he wouldn't do this something that stupid
Joseph Walfish
Tf was that at 6:11 😂😂
Adventures of a Dedman
shannons a smart dude
Nathan T
Lmao zeke u savage!!!!
Jeffery Mizell
James Wright. No I am not trying to defend Zeke. I take situations for what they are worth (this incident is frivolous). Now are you trying to condemn Zeke? This question may be rhetorical based on your comments.
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