Ezekiel Elliott pulls down woman's shirt at parade - Should he be suspended? | UNDISPUTED

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Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe give their thoughts on the latest controversy surrounding Dallas Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott.
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ted cook
Suspend him for his own good. He needs to grow the fc up. I saw a OLINE that opened holes for a truck to drive thru. He can e replaced y another RB IMHO
ted cook
why are these players always acting stupid
Lee Smith
This is why most girls feel uncomfortable around guys in public. Why would he think that it was okay to do that? because of his status as a football player. which is not a reason to justify his actions. Another disrespectful guy who thinks it's okay to be disgusting perv because he's a rich football player.
Richard Martin
I like Shannon point on what buddies home boys do, that is absolutely true caring & looking out for each other
Tora Mods & More
Ezekiel Elliott highlights on my channel
Philp Yung
What in the world.

Did you watch the video? She shows them right after he slaps her hand away.

So I am supposed to believe what he did was wrong? And people are pushing the idea it was wrong.
Omar Hernandez
She exposed herself
Miles Harmala
Zeke Elliot is should be inducted into the hall of fame for this
Daniel Mort
she needs to feed zeke he was hungry
Benjamin Goodnight
7:20 She motioned him to do it?
Jerome Williams
he wont be in the league long.......there is a pattern developing.......the NFL better send the message to him quick
Nick Coleworld
the first 3:30 GOLD 😂
Anthony Nelson
Morals are created by your Conscience
I bet his Mom is proud.....
emoney emoney
@eurovision just because something is different , that doesn't make it weird. its just Layman's terms or an analogy so more people can follow his point.
Jj Kimbley
Ezekiel seems like he miightt cause harm to himself if he couldn't play football...not to mention allllll that $$...idk, it's
Brandon Wallace
Zekes father said he was sheltered. & they've always treated him like a child because he's easily influenced.
Ghosts Flame
He should be fined not suspended, but if he is suspended it should only be for 1 game.
taz tam
Money can come and go. But the most valuable thing you will ever have in life, is your name.
and boom there go the cowboys.... if there is any team that handles scrutiny, it's the patriots, now completely vice versa that are the bengals and cowboys
This is why Jordan Howard is better than Zeke.
Chris Dropulich
being watched at all times Ezekiel Elliott is acting too much like a little boy you're being watched at all times everything you do is going to be scrutinized
Chris Dropulich
Odell Beckham jr. might whine and complain and throw a fit punch some walls and leave a hole in the wall but he has more respect than to pull down a girl's shirt in front of a bunch of people even he wouldn't do this something that stupid
Joseph Walfish
Tf was that at 6:11 😂😂
Adventures of a Dedman
shannons a smart dude
Nathan T
Lmao zeke u savage!!!!
Jeffery Mizell
James Wright. No I am not trying to defend Zeke. I take situations for what they are worth (this incident is frivolous). Now are you trying to condemn Zeke? This question may be rhetorical based on your comments.
Jeffery Mizell
To say something as harsh as killing a female or raping a female is incriminating. If either of them situations (god forbide) occur, you would be a prime suspect. Sometimes you can be to cute.
Luis Rodrigues
We All So Bad
Just another stellar example of BLACK PRIVILEGE!
Jeffery Mizell
Shrone dobson. Who cares if you are black. I am pro-black mainly because I know there is a serious disparity between blacks and whites. Doesn't mean there are some beautiful white people and some ugly black people (like you). I try to judge all I come in contact with individually. I reciprocate the way you treat me no matter what your ethnic background is. As for me telling a person what they can say or do, I wouldn't. You must have dyslexia, you read things backwards and take verbatim comment out of context. Why?
Philip Champion
How many golf balls do you think can fit into shannon's huge mouth? My guess is 200
James Felton
Skiep skiep skiep
ÃBøÜT Games
did anyone else see it kinda like she was asking him to? she like looked over at him and then motioned her hand over her chest and then he did that. so I mean maybe they have the tape wrong order or something but like idk that's just how it looks
Prince Tae
What if Odell did this to a dude's zipper
Should he be suspended? Of course he should, and the Cowboys organization should fire him!
Alejandro Garcia
I can't understand a damn thing Shannon Sharpe says
Kira Smith
Shannon really is preaching rn! I love his outlooks on situations. Educated black man 👏🏾
Kiing 805
Stay away from white women!!!
Dustin P.
Don't matter. Everyone is Irish on St. Pattys Day.
grace w
he is an idiot... imagine if odell did any of the things he has done...
Ishmael Darjean
Zeke is an idiot. Plane and simple. Not thinking and still has that frat boy, college jock mentality. Time to grow up Brah!!! Knowbody is covering your tracks. Before he knows it he'll end up like Ryan Lief or LT.
Derek Bishop
how y'all mad at his for pull in her shirt dwn
Trump just tweeted "I approve".
Micheal Webb
He preaching something 😫👌
zeke already look like he crazy anyway, this doesnt even surprise me
Scott A
should be in jail
Tony Brown
Miguel brought me here
Jeffery Mizell
shrone dobson. Huh? I am trying to understand what you are insinuating. Be apart of something? Yes I am a part of something, advertently and inadvertently. You were definitely (as you claim) apart of something. If there is any truth to your claims, I can see you being dishonorably discharged for direlection of duty. You definitely have an identity crisis. Half breed bigot, how ironic.
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