Jon Stewart Reads Trump's Next Batch Of Executive Orders

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Friend of the show Jon Stewart stops by to give Stephen a sneak peek at some executive orders he borrowed off the President's desk.

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Yaya Tanaka
I don’t want
Caiden Cowger
Jon Stewart isn't funny without his 20 comedy writers.
Adam Winkelmann
I really want an uncut version wuth the rest of the edicts he on the other chair that they, obviously, had ti cut for broadcast tme....
Is Stephen's Apple Watch broken? Seems like a boot loop.
David B
pfft fake news, Clinton, Obama, pfft, snowflake snowflake, white lives matter, pfft, whiners, cucks, 'murica
moreno franco
Love you Guys! You 2 have my adoration. LOLL
Michael Berthelsen
Jon, you lazy motherfucker... Get your ass back on TV! We need you more than ever...!
actually the U.S have faced this before. remember reagan and him breaking the new deal, thus terminating many social programs the US had until then or were being set up.
Roman Darius
Jew Stewart is a communist pig!
Almost a year into this farce and I'm ten years older. I started this administration in my early 30s, I'm going to end it older then my mother (born 1954).
David Eranosian
The tie killed me
Kathleen Pannell
I love this so much. No idea how much is scripted and how much is just two friends screwing around :D
David Edwards
I could believe the second order, unfortunately only trump follows that order, When he is interviewed he follows that order and speaks fluent Bulls%*t
And 9 mos later, Trump has gone full Palpatine...
I’d swear that Stewart was drunk... not that it’s a bad thing.
Laydie Lie
Do guests get *PAID*?
8 months later.
He has more.
Olli Casey
Is that a Furry Hat he has on his head?
Luter Leko
the scaramucci sure got the bullshit message.
shawn burnham
The Amazing Lucas
Black millionaires kneeling for the oppression of blacks. lmfao the irony
Very profound.
Tracy W
Please come back Jon ! The country needs you! Seriously, I wish he would and at the same time would not wish that on him. It is so hard to stay hopeful when your focus is this bullshit. I wish he and his family the best and thanks to him for any cameos he chooses to do!
Jonathan Gomes
I love it!!! 🤣🤣🤣
Dander Spat
How we wish that Jon would have joked about all the scandals that Barak Insane Obama
did in his 8 long years of the worst president in history at the helm. How about his buffoon staff
of Joe Biden and Hitlary Clinton ........ LOL
Christine Claiborne
"It's a clip on!" I knew it. Donny is a fraud!
Jack Barker
Gap lamp episode promise greatly finance anger direct belief
Margarita Fuentes
Bro that was magic
Heidi Myers
I LOVED the long tie and the dead animal on the head!!! Brilliant!
Funny stuff from Jon! Then his Freddie Mercury exit was a delight.
Ghost Helwig
Whenever Trump and his cronies depress me (which is often), it helps to listen to Jon Stewart. Yes because he's hilarious, but also because he does a fantastic job of giving me hope. From his wonderful, heartfelt speech at the end of his final Daily Show episode to this, he makes me think America can be better than we are now. I really hope he's right. And I hope he comes back to television on a more consistent basis, because I think we'd all be better off with him around. 💗
I ship a Jon and Stephen skit any day.
John McKinney
Please John Stewart. Please comeback to The Daily Show. Trevor Noah Sucks.
David DeLaney
They are just so +hyped+ when they interact! It's wonderful to watch, and energizing too.

--Dave, adding to presidential-candidate cart
Michael Germanovsky
In retrospect, the reason Americans chose Trump is for the same reason Ukranians chose Poroshenko: because of Putin and for peace :)
Master Of Fates
Sees john
Me: lmao who's mans is this?
Laura A
can't comment
Laura A
can't comment
Laura A
Jon Stewart is my favorite voice of reason!
Laura A
Jon Stewart is my favorite voice of reason!
Athena Primrose
I feel like Jon Stewart is the father of all the Daily Show Corespondents and he comes on his kids shows
He came wearing a tie and he leaft wearing a cape, truely this man is the hero of our nation
Kyle Marston
The Rama has spoken and he's eating Chinese Food
Obwon Kenobe
If I was a writer here, my "dead animal wig" would have a battery operated paw that could be made to twitch every once in a while.
Anyone else wondering where the scroll came from?
Luis Avila
Liberal bitches
the official language of the united states is now "bullshit".

wait it was something else this entire time?
bob the nailer
love some jon stewart
garrett decker
John Stewart high as fuck hahahaha
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