What happens if you push the button WHILE driving ? ( Don't try this in your own car )

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Have you ever wondered what happens if you press the push button start button.. WHILE you are driving? Find out in this video and DON'T try it yourself ;) Subscribe here: http://bit.ly/autovlog

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OK, why were you fiddling with your phone while driving?
Fucking Get to it Already...!!! Should have just started the video at 4:18.
Ivan Padilla
I want to know what happens when you take your phone and do something while driving on the highway.
Only downside to not being able to shut the car down especially is if for any reason the car can't stop accelerating and you have an auto, you can't disengage the gearbox and bring the car safely to a stop not can u turn it off so you either gonna heat up the brakes and make them ineffective or forced to crash it early or panic and die.
Guy Parsons
You shouldn't use a phone 📱 wen your driving 👎🚗💨
Elise Jacobs
Omg okay I guess % hot $ place
Needless to say, did you move that phone holder? I sure hope so!
can you send me phone your phone number
Phong Vo
3:00 your welcome
almost 10mil views 😵 Nice video bro
Allison Scott Muzik
Dang it took you that long to get up to 55 mph.... slow ass fords. LOL !!!! But thanks for the video, I have 2016 Camaro that's push button start....
William G. Frankenberg
That is one of the best, clearest instructional videos that I have seen - great!
Stupidiest video ever. Who does that. Who pushes ignition button while driving. Clickbait IDIOT
Wonder Neo
In my father's lexus you need to hold the break to use the engine start and stop
Riding with Kyle 2016
What if you turn an older vehicle that has a key what would happen
- -
What a pitty of Toyota in 2009...... Pedal stuck scam!!
I have a '15 Jeep Grand Cherokee and it says you have to hold it for 5 seconds at over 5 km/h
What Happens Ef You Open A Door While Driving!
Sabrina Smith
What happens if you push the panic button while driving
wtf a bald mat damon and a lame as shit video
if you turn off the engine while driving, can you still use the brakes and the steering. all cars has a hydraulic pumps for brakes and some cars has electric power steering.
Mj jack
Hi there are you white supremacist ?
Brent Zittel
so it will coast in drive still?
Why do you say Don't try this in your own car? This is the EXACT result that I expected.
Oup Kip
Are the Steering wheel system and break system still working "100%"?
The master Gaming
what kind of car
Urban Car LifeStyle
I did this is my X5M too, Have it on my channel.
Leonard MacAulay
Now that you've figured that out have you ever considered not using your phone while driving or using the cars bluetooth?
I rather to stay the old fashion,, "key"
Developing Assets Protection Strategies
very informative as I also had the same thoughts. Thanks a million
The owner's manual usually covers this information.
Rapidshot Games
careful what you wish for most modern on start cars will shut off
Viljami Kekkonen
1:50 , 3:02 , 3:45 . Saved you some time
Terence Fong
Maybe you can try an idea like driving without all four tyres but with the alloy :D
john doe
thank you so much for doing this video!!!
David Brocklesby
5 and a half minutes to say something that can be said in 30 seconds 👍🏻
Gwen Anderson
this is a GREAT video for the exact reason he mentioned
Pressing that button like a boss
tiago takumi
start in 3:00
Joanna Dyndor
I accidentally pressed the ignition button on my new 2017 Honda Ridgeline, and I was only driving slowly in my neighborhood. It just beeped at me. I meant to adjust a different control. LOL
Mohammad Araji
How am I supposed to try this at home can't drive in my room☻
Adolf Zobel
my and my friend did that on lambo huracan while driving around 120 (corsa mode), press and unfortunately my friend got ejected.
should go do this during a test drive.
Michael Scott
"Normal speed"?
"On (sic) highway speeds"?

This could have been a worthy subject, buddy, but your facts/data were VERY wishy-washy.

For example, you "tested" YOUR car. A Ford Fusion Titanium. (you forgot to mention what year it is.)
You then proceeded to "test" what happens if you press the start button. At 5 MPH, the engine dies. At 55 MPH, it doesn't. (no mention of any of the speeds in between?!?!)

A determination of how you CAN shut 'er down by HOLDING the button in, while at highway speed.....and the obligatory (read: ass-covering)..."don't try this at home".

Did you ever think that maybe a suggestion to READ THE F'ING MANUAL (RTFM) to find out EXACTLY how it works.....what it does.....and at what speeds......for each reader's SPECIFIC car, just MIGHT be the way to go on this?

RTFM is a long-standing method of learning that FAR outweighs lame videos like this one.
Sorry. Fail.
Sagar Dangur
I tried this at a traffic signal; I thought why to waste gas on the signal so I pressed STOP and my car was in gear; all of sudden all lights turned ON. I couldnot able to start my car again. And Police car came behind to me started light and I was in fear.
Thanks to God and my Car started again I did something for this...I tried a couple of times in parking.
"Do not try this at home!"
ddf gfgf
"I recently got to thinking..." - no you didn't!
Robert Grenier
If you have any doubt don't even think about it!
Rohan Morgan
If you're in an emergency at highway speed and your gas pedal is stuck don't turn the vehicle off, what will happen if you do, your brake system works efficiently when the engine is running also your power steering. Simply put the vehicle in neutral , this will disengage the engine allowing you to slow the vehicle down to a stop, without your steering getting tuff and hard to maneuver if you're in a corner. And your brakes peddle will still be soft at the touch. Only you engine will remain at a high rev. Once the vehicle becomes stationary turn the ignition off our disconnect the battery if possible.
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