What happens if you push the button WHILE driving ? ( Don't try this in your own car )

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Have you ever wondered what happens if you press the push button start button.. WHILE you are driving? Find out in this video and DON'T try it yourself ;) Subscribe here: http://bit.ly/autovlog

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The T girls Tahvildarian
I don’t even have a Ford I have a Nissan rouge 2016 and I selled it and I got a Nissan mourano 2017 lol
Why not just ask your vehicle's manufacturer?
Yusuf Blads
2:30 did he say 50 was the highway speeds
Cleve Wallace
Robert Muresan
Dick. Head
Michael Y
my car wont shut down unless the vehicle is in park. all modern cars should have a similar feature.
Beeta yets
How i can try this in my home..??
Jack Sparrow
i tried it in my jeep ...what i see is it became a bugati .....
why you got an iron cross tatted on your finger...
Hey man, big fan of your videos!! I have a 2013 Ford fusion titanium. I love this car. The only problem I have is, I can’t get Spotify to autopay. It’ll always start iMusic instead 🙄 that’s f*** annoying. Couldn’t find any help online. Maybe you know how to fix it
Dustin Torri
Oh and if your ever in a situation where you need to turn your car off while in motion..put it in neutral.....it's a hell of a lot better for your transmission than to leave it in drive....neutral, hazard lights, and pull of to a shoulder area where you won't block traffic and you are safe....and if you get in a car accident....MOVE OUT OF THE ROAD IF YOU CAN STILL DRIVE YOUR CAR!!!!!......either way hope it never happens but it does for some.....drive safe people....better for everyone
11M idiots wow, I'm just staggered
Bradley Holland Vlogs
People are lazy.... I can’t believe that a normal person can’t touch a key and turn it. It just makes it that much easier for somebody to steal a car
CR7 Sharky
B. Ansari
خوبتبان دبتبا
Matty Dawson
when you were going 50 mph were you on the brake because doesn’t the button only work when you’re pressing the brake?
Shqiponja Mehmeti
Don´t answer the phone while you´re driving! Not before you stop the car. If you want to answer, see first where you can stop.
Doing two things at once , is not a good idea
Chris Brown
I tried now my car needs new switch
caveman Versace
That scares me. The time it took for the car to actually stop and the distance covered before becoming safe is unnerving. The brakes are likely electronic and so are shut off with the ignition.
You say stay safe so I have to ask why were you trying to remove your phone from the holder while driving? Hands for driving not phones.
Omega Drift
Fords suck they have no power.
Mini Mixers
It is illegal to touch your phone while the vehicle engine is on. Move into 2017 America 😭😭
with a traditional key you can turn off the ignition but keep the electronics on, which includes power steering and brakes so what happens in a push button ignition?? also what happens if you start the engine at speed? all these unknowns apply to push button automatic cars, thus why i prefer traditional key and manual
Logan Melchior
Why so many dislikes? Very informative video
John Guenther
David Carlson
Dan you still turn the car after the car shut off?
aristodimos skounakis
Faris Da savage
Suck ur dirty mum
Ed Hashem Hayes
Thanks dude😁. It helps a lot
I have wondered about that. Thanks for posting.
Kenyadik Juak
Why always say Please Don't Try This At Home.....why not you say Don't Try This At The Road...At Home Is safe man..
Thanks for the info.
brad dovel
got the only Fiat 500 x within 500 miles, got to learn it all from myself , or youtube. That one wont cut off pushing the button , (while driving), but never tried it holding the button
fiz fizmal
Great information and clear to understand. Thank you.
Adam Jezek
Very helpful, we just purchased the very same car and we were wondering the same thing.
I just tried that and totaled my car
brenda franklin
I accidentally did touch it going down the road in my altima. Nothing happened but it scared me. My ignition button and radio button are the same sixe and near enough to each other I have to be real careful.
Lander Coulter
Okay but what would happen if I was driving my car and I accidentally grabbed my key and turned it in my ignition and pulled it out by mistake?
Hamza Farzand
Joking hahaha no bald boy😁😁😂😂
Don't need to watch video nothing will happen,
PAPA Texas
Good video! Good to know!
mr mr
If you like this stuff you should go over to Isaac RSX
Hilda Eunice Makumi
turns into a transformer
Bryan Mills
I tried this and the roof flew off and ejected my passenger.
Abid Hussain Leghari
Daily Update Video'
DO IT!!!!!!
Gerald Wallace
Why are you thinking about fiddling with the phone whilst you drive? Leave it in your pocket or glovebox until you stop and park up.
according to the manual, pushing the button 3 times, or holding it in will shut off the engine
Jacqui Schmitt
My mom did this by accident the other day.
I never thought about this. I don't have pushbutton start in any of my vehicle's but my fiancé does.
Thanks for the video.
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