What happens if you push the button WHILE driving ? ( Don't try this in your own car )

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Have you ever wondered what happens if you press the push button start button.. WHILE you are driving? Find out in this video and DON'T try it yourself ;) Subscribe here: http://bit.ly/autovlog

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I think that's a stupid place to put the button anyways. It should be further in near where a mechanical key would be to better prevent an accidental press.
Sidecar Bob
Am I the only one that noticed that he became concerned because he might accidentally touch the button while REACHING FOR HIS PHONE WHILE DRIVING ON THE HIGHWAY?
It is interesting to know what will happen but you shouldn't be touching your phone when you are on the highway. Ithould be somewhere out of reach like the back seat or trunk where it won't tempt you to think about it instead of about what is going on on the road around you.
This design is fucking stupid. lets say your floormat or whatever jams the gas pedal and you cant stop the vehicle. in the keyed ignition you just turned the motor off. in this version you just kiss your ass goodbye
The Gaming Hobo | zphil123
My dad touched it, and it did nothing. I have seen before where the engine turns off, and even if you press it again, it wont turn back on until you stop and press it again.
Robert Bennett
i have a push start car i hold the button while i was driving 70MPH and the car shut off and i immediately turn my car back on
Aidan Flagg
Ahh... Ford. So innovative
Larry Wimbley
shift the car in neutral and start it back up
superman awesome ness
video starts at 1:52
Pure metalReview
try this when you have a old car with a key
Thanks for that very clear video. These things are always good to know.
brian takumi
good to know it (Y)
what if you already tested this...
my mom did it once she just stopped and turned it back on simple
Mikey KingJarl
Most likely for legal purposes
3:03 Actual fucking test starts here. You're welcome.
Taha Abuadas
feder montoya
what if you going 60mph. you start to break to slow down it and push the button. just think here.
British cosmic gaming
wait why was he reaching for his phone isn't that illegal???
Plaza Pomade
the car will be broken if you try this
it restars
i have a mondeo 2.0tdci 2008. my late wife was always on at me, to stop playing with the buttons while driving. i:e cruise control, radio, heater etc. while coming back from ireland, doing 70 odd mph. the car suddenly lost power in the fast lane, checking my mirror, i decided to move towards the hard shoulder. when i thought i'd give the start button a push. lo and behold the engine started again back to normal. i said to my wife i don;t know what happened. to which she replied. she had previously pushed that button, i had just pressed to turn the radio off, as it was to loud. maybe start button should be on the drivers side, so passengers have no access to it.
Trishanth Ghattamaneni
The best video ever on earth sorry I could not subscribe
Drunken Skulls
I'm sick of these idiots who keep making jokes of that "Don't try this at home, or in your car" line...
I mean just watch the video and learn something
Abdullah Imran
this guy always creates hypes then " nothing happens "
The Android Fighter
titanium i know thats 4x4
Justin Schroeder
Let me save people 5 minutes...
< 5 mph engine shuts off
55 mph engine doesn't shut off
55 mph hold start/stop button for 3 seconds and engine shuts off
"at least on these Fords here"

Good information to know, though. Now I know!
good to know that, but my question is do you ever get sunburn on top of your head while driving with the sunroof open?
Flexible Madness
well don't put your clip right there you dumb ass
Kap pa
I prefer a key because you can instantly turn off the car.
Rafael Banuelos
Nigga what do you think what was going to happen
are you from finland because Auto is Car in finland? i am from finland
gary s
Ford rules
veronica giron
i have a 2015 dodge journey. even while stopped if my car is not in park it doesnt turn off. habit of parking getting distracted and trying to turn car off
zayn robert
clickbaits and shit everywhere!
LeFavour tube
I'm 10
Walkers Vlogs and more
Sub to me if possible if anyone sees this
Pajama Boy
its not just Ford the computer will turn the ignition off on most newer cars
Elitist Hamster
What will happen if you switch gears from Drive to Reverse while going 20-50 mph? Just wondering.
Josue Serrano
border This vidreally looks likedeeply phenooenalgreatly :-))
My maxima also does this
Kordian Polczynski
quiet road no cars and no traffic
looks out of his window car drives past
Niko K
Thanks, thats interesting
Katie Mae Grace
I've wondered this for years... now i know!
Mihir Nallagonda
the same happens to our renault scala 2015
Dust 1711
At least the title did not say 'Dont try this at home' XD
Makes sense, if not, allot of engineers would get fired, or even worse, car companies get sued, just like the electronic handbrake button, which is even more exposed to accidental touch :)
steve johnston
Probably not a good idea to play with your mobile phone wilst driving, thats illegal here in the UK, although lost of people still do it.
i think its a click b8
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