What happens if you push the button WHILE driving ? ( Don't try this in your own car )

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Have you ever wondered what happens if you press the push button start button.. WHILE you are driving? Find out in this video and DON'T try it yourself ;) Subscribe here: http://bit.ly/autovlog

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Dragos Lublinschi
I was reaching for my cell on HWY ....hmm , i'll not mention that :)
thx ur video! Recently I also have same idea, and I try it below 5, and it's turn off, that make me scary. But I'm not brave like u to try 50 cause if it off, the wheeling almost cannot move. Anyway, thx bro!
Angel Angelov
Nothing comes out without being tested at the factory. This feature is a common sense.
keith derham
Just a fucking prick!
Holly Halliday
OMG I thought the car wold blow up!
8 million views for this bullshit? must be nice
Robert Fraley
Im sure that the manual covers the response of the pushbutton start switch. I dont own that car and will read the manual on my cars, thanks.
tsunamippe RBLX
"Hello Youtube! today im going to show you what will happen if you press your start/stop button while driving! lets start! turns car onclicks on start/stop button BOOM EXPLODES*
nick shannon
Norma Olguin
this video is really boring!!!! I AM JUST MESSING WITH YALL LITTLES
10 something years ago there was an accident with a loaner Lexus where the accelerator pedal got stuck and they could not stop the car. They were not able to turn the engine off and ended up flying off a freeway with all passengers killed. The passengers and apparently the police switchboard they were on the phone did not know that you could turn off the engine by pressing the button like this gentleman has shown it on the video. There is an actual recording of the accident. Do yourself and love ones a favor and spread the word on how the button works in an emergency situation.
What happens if you don't stop at the stop sign and perform an illegal U-turn? (3:19)
Samir Batista Herrera
Where are you from? I understand your english perfectly :D (i'm spanish)
Brett Duncan
Obviously it's not going to turn off lol. Plus with a key you turn you can't turn it off while you're driving.
i used to turn my car off while i was driving but i also had a standard, so i was holding in the clutch, never had any issuies
Vernon Bosshard
I have a 2014 Chevy Spark, when the engine is running and the key is turned to start nothing happens. This is how it is on most newer cars I would believe.
Paul Bazzetta
8m views for "nothing happen :)
burglar can ignite your car too???
Mian Hamza
thanks for sharing such useful information.
Of course it wont do anything, what kind of engineer would not think of that while designing a car like this? Sincerely another engineer..
ali yilmaz
Awesome dude thanks
Thanks, nice video, much appreciated.
John Smith
mmmm....you were driving in the highway and you took the cell phone?????????????? Why ? you mustn't use the phone while driving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know that!
Soapbullet s
Same as my wife
Luckier Rhino
59,300 liker!
"Most cars have bush button..." Really? What planet are you from? :)
Sphamandla Nkambule
try it home with your car
And if the battery is very low that I can not turn the engine ON, but want to start the engine by pushing the car down the road and then in 2nd gear realease the gear pedal in order for the wells to move the engine and produce electricity. With the tradidional key I would rotate it until the led turn ON right before ignicion. If I can not do that with the new proximity key system then I am losing control and this is a very big disavantage.
Aditya Rege
thanks for this video
Ryan Gould
when you turned your car off at motorway speeds and turned, would it engage the steering lock ?
Aristotelis Karaouzas
Very useful thanks!
First Gear Games
This went exactly as I expected. Even on older cars you can safely turn the car off and on while moving; just make sure it's in neutral before starting.

WARNING: most cars lose power steering when you turn them off; sometimes steering columns will lock if you turn key too far back.
Ravindra Vutukuri
Joshua Scott
(Intro plays)Me: That's what happens. Alright, end of the video!
Gladiator Spear
how do you turn on electric functions without turning on the engine in push button car??,
My car does not do that. I tried it. Is this a Ford?
thanx for enlighten us, never thought about it
Madeleine Whitfield
You should not be grabbing your mobile whilst driving. Just saying,
Dante Hokma
yep.try this in your motorbike
Shikha gupta
begum jaan full movie https://plus.google.com/118099530597306596181/posts/2VYCY9NzFA4
Tried this some time ago in my wife’s Prius and indeed it
shut off. Would have been nice if I
could have restarted it without coming to a complete stop and putting it in
park. Why do you suppose that is necessary?
Moudi Pueyo
you waste 5 min of my life i dont have
Ronald Zastrow
Just one comment. If your throttle sticks, I would recommend placing your car in neutral, this way you still have power steering and brakes until you can come to a controlled stop. I wonder about all those Toyota drivers that couldn't stop their vehicles they the throttle stuck. Thanks
Nice tattoo, heil hitler...
Jackie Chan
They should add a red button
When you force to shutdown the ignition, did you brake to stop or the car stop by it own?
Toni D86
Thanks for this Video. I was thinking about this too since both my BMW have this Start/Stopp Engine Button. But Im pretty sure, you can restart the engine by putting the shiftbox into N (Neutral)
Les Paul
So why was he messing with his Phone whilst driving the Dickhead
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