What happens if you push the button WHILE driving ? ( Don't try this in your own car )

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Have you ever wondered what happens if you press the push button start button.. WHILE you are driving? Find out in this video and DON'T try it yourself ;) Subscribe here: http://bit.ly/autovlog

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Oz Media
Simple solution.
Problem solved, no video needed.
S Singh
My Acura won't do that. Ford i am not sure about!
Kevin Amy
Thanks that was some go some good brain food.
Norlan Beukes
Marian C
somebody should probably tell this guy that if you turn off your engine at high speeds you also lose power steering .... which means you might have an accident because you will not be able to steer properly
Samit Bhattacharyya
Cool ...liked it
Mehboob ur Rehman
Lol tried it many times, nothing happens, the momentum just pulls the car along until you stop. You go further if you put it in neutral. The hydraulic brakes work for a while then need a larger force. The power-steering doesn't work but steering works fine.
1:53, 3:00

Thank me later.
Mike Flint
What about 6mph
Joseph Vanni
Push button starters, electric parking break, brake hold button, automatic temperature control system, automatic lights, automatic wipers...all things I'm glad my Trans Am does not have! I want my car to fly, not pamper me,...the future sucks! Oh' yeah, if my gas pedal were to stick, I'd put the gearbox in neutral. Turning off the engine I'd be worried that the steering and breaks would no longer function properly,...they certainly don't work too well when I just turn the key to ON when in the driveway and I'm just letting the car drift back a few feet so I can get the garbage can out! πŸ˜—
David Bately
Thanks for that, its a pity the manual is as thick as 'War and Peace'' but I guess it might mention how to turn ignition off at highway speeds in there somewhere.
you do a great job of your presentations, they have given me more confidence that I bought the right car.
Ryan Stage
Or you could just read the little book the auto manufacture so thoughtfully provided.
Could have just put it in netural and restarted it. Instead of stopping and going into park
Kiti Lopez
The car turns off on high ways speed if u hold the button. Read if you to lazy to watch the whole video! And how can I try it at home when I'm in high speeds?
Jorge Zetina
what about hitting the parking button?
I've been going down the freeway, pulled the key out of the ignition, unlocked the glovebox, popped the key back in the ignition barrel/on position/clutch back out.
Instead of coming to a complete stop and putting it in park, can't you just put it in neutral and start it back up again?
It should be easy to implement. They can make the button to turn off the car when your gear is at P.
Earl Turner
I absolutely hate all this electronic crap. I have a 2013 Dodge, I love it but I would rather have the same truck, no electronics, including the engine. Have a regular carburetor, the only electronics would be the first Mopar ignition (meaning the module and reluctor pick up in the distributor. That would be the only electronics. And they were pretty dependable. I only want to get rid of the points(those are a pain). Other than that have a 318 cu in engine, a four barrel carb, automatic tranny, AC of course. Alright a radio (it has to be electronic). All windows manual, locks also.
That would be the absolute vehicle for me. A whole hell of a lot less to break down. And the ignition push button you are showing would be an absolute no-no. The only push button start was the 1947 International truck my dad had. Put the key in on one side of the steering wheel and the push button on the other. Turn the ky, press the button and most of the time it would start, well ya may have to push in the choke, but hey it worked.
But thanks for showing something I do not want. Guess I'll keep what I have at least it has a sort of key.
Brendan Murray
Bald Matt Damon
Mysterious_ Owl
will it work on triton VGT
Val S.
why did it shut off?? i guess the answer is obvious it a FORD.
My Mercedes does not shut off while driving. unless in neutral.
Him "Don't try this in your own car"

Me "Ey Mom, can I Borrow your car?"

Mom "Sure"

Me "Ey Mom, Here's your key, Don't look at you car"
VERY useful and important information. Thanks.
that fusion is sweet, nice interior !
Freakin Nuggets
I'm wondering what would happen if you put the vehicle in neutral then try to start it while coasting. [or if it's even possible]
Golden Kachuiwa
Thank for the video , , its good one amd vey educative
Marek PΕ™ikryl
Juan Pablo Gonzalez
Hi peeps !! block This work sounds deepl} hoolheat
Don't fucking use your phone while you're driving down the highway, fuck stick.
Mike, me again from the dashcam vid. Question, I put my automatic Highlander in neutral when cruising a long straight or downhill road to save on gas. I have heard from others that this is not safe to do. I have not had any safety issues and HAVE saved on gas. Whats your take on this?
Juan Tampocao
Thanks, at least I have an idea if this things happened.
Galen Marek
Isnt it kinda obvious that they build in a safety feature so that you cant just turn off the engine by pressing the button? I mean, who watched this and seriously believed that something spectacular would happen?
Zbigniew Pankiewicz
5 min to say something worth 20 seconds. Bla bla bla.
Bruce Rice
Really good information, thanks for this post.
Amirul A
I expected you to die but you didn't, I am disappointed
Caolan Robinson
what a long 5 minutes
I am pretty sure Toyota doesn't have this LOL
Kel Smooth
Dimitar Tnokovski
Well, I believe you cannot try this at home anyway if you're driving at highway speed unless you live in some huge mansion? LOL
can we try in the other's car?
Regalado Navarrete
not actually in home, but in your car.. hehehe
nothing happened...
I have a 2015 Mustang and it does what the gentleman explains in the video. I had the same question(s) and did the test as the gentleman does and in fact, the same behavior takes place. I did this in a very large parking lot (Texas Motor Speedway) so I had plenty of room and was safe about it. Thank you for verifying what I found. It does make one think when having a push-start for the first time.
Spot the difference like if I tricked you 🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌏🌎🌎🌎🌎🌏🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌍🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌏🌍🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎 Read More
Yasmeen Al-Taweel
Dont try this at home :)))))))))
Enrique Edgar
Oooh 😯 thank you
Yu Zuo
just say that out loud you wanna txt while driving
Ankit Shivhare
He looks and talks like Matt Damon
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