What happens if you push the button WHILE driving ? ( Don't try this in your own car )

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Have you ever wondered what happens if you press the push button start button.. WHILE you are driving? Find out in this video and DON'T try it yourself ;) Subscribe here: http://bit.ly/autovlog

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suhag Shetty
I like it
Mosante Mosante
Nice video and thanks for sharing.
Frank Morris
Thank you. Very good information. I'm getting a 2017 Fusion tomorrow and it has the push button start of course. This will be my first push button start. Thanks again for the information! This came up as my son Frank Morris, but I"m his mom Kelly.
Champion Gunboy
bro I dont own a car
Exile 1
I'm not sure why I watched this, it works exactly how I expected it to.
5 fucking minutes for a simple action that would take 10 seconds at the most?

What would happen? Nothing. The push button start on a new car is electronically regulated to detect when the engine is running (how else would it know when to stop cranking?). I know for a fact that it will simply refuse to engage. So no need for your stupid bullshit "DON'T TRY THIS IN YOUR CAR!!!1!1"

What happens when you turn the key in a car that is running? It will try to engage the flywheel and either be spun incredibly fast or grind against the gears with a god awful noise. Most likely it will not break anything, but you do not want to take your chances.

You did not need a 5 minute click-baity title to demonstrate this.
same with chevy map system on a 2008 suburban some features shutoff above 5 mph an hour but once you hit 0 mph it all turns on again
Colton Melvin
ford sucks
Martey Max
Cool cool. Now can you please make a video and demonstrate what happens if you open the door and fall out while driving??
gk ro bosone
i like analog better.
There have been a LOT of questions in the comment section from people after watching this video. Here is Pt.2 of "What happens if you push the button WHILE driving" where I address the two main ones you guys were asking :)
You can start ur car while you are driving on neutral so u don't have to stop to a complete stop
Mick InOz
i often wonder if your device is nearby can someone else actually unlock your car to get inside and steal whatever
Tried this on my car, nothing happened
t werner
As a ford employee, you can turn the ignition on or off freely when you slide the trans into nuetral.
Lets say your car turns off goin 60 and its not safe to stop, slip the trans to neutral and you can start the engine going any speed
Didn't you think that you could damage your automatic gearbox by doing that? If liquid pressure reduces while gearbox keeps rotating than troubles are coming faster than ever
Michael Rios
if the throttle is stuck, you're supposed to put the car into neutral. turning it off and you'll loose power steering and power breaks.
K Aditya
Cool video man!
nightmare in action nighmare in action
my sister was in the passenger seat it was a new car first time riding my mom was driving she thought the button was the air conditioner she pressed it while accelerating from a redlight the car turned off and would start for like 3 mins we cause some trafic we dint know why the car wouldn't start you jsut heard a click and dint start really scary moment there
Derek D
great video, but I feel as though this information would be found in the owners manual for vehicles equipped with push button start.....
Kemal İncekara
does the steering wheel lock when you turn the car off?
Eon Guipagho
You'd think that it wouldn't turn off if it was in drive.
Thiago Gonzalez
Consequence dose dealer zmgdxl impose organ panel rid.
Rostam Buicki
You're able to start the car again while moving too. Just move the shifter to neutral and click the button.
Typical Yank, 6 min video to give 10 seconds of info.
Kevin Ellis
It's been shared by the Wheeler Dealer tv program Facebook page.
First Class Driving School, Inc
I've done this with a 2013 Honda Accord Ex at low speeds. It should be noted that the power steering turns off too. Going straight is no problem , however anything that includes a 90-degree turn will become very interesting. One other note, automatic transmissions may also be started while the vehicle is in neutral, so you don't have to come to a complete stop and put it in Park to start it again. You will have to have your foot on the brake.
First Class Driving School, Inc
I've done this with a 2013 Honda Accord Ex at low speeds. It should be noted that the power steering turns off too. Going straight is no problem , however anything that includes a 90-degree turn will become very interesting. One other note, automatic transmissions may also be started while the vehicle is in neutral, so you don't have to come to a complete stop and put it in Park to start it again. You will have to have your foot on the brake.
Gabriel Sasala
What would happen if you engage the electronic parking brake while driving?
Luis J. Nuñez
Wich ford is that one? Looks pretty good inside!
Nice!) Like a regular PC will off.)
Harry Williamson
all car company's have safty built in since push button starters since 1914
Rafael Trujillo
happends the same with the new audis 2017?
Mike Hawk
i ruined my dads corvette!!!!!!!!! now i only get ipad hour once a week.
Zenith Red
Excellent. Especially in modern cars with electronic shifters which could mess up and not be able to pull into Neutral in case of unintended sudden acceleration. This + brake override should be mandatory in automatic vehicles.
Speed limit 35mph (3:13) You should be fined!
Joshua Neems
Oh I never thought of that either
nothing your car will just slide while youre in it
Ahmer Malik
Man great video.. Just gotta be a little easy on pressing that button :)
Duc Luu
Very helpful!! Thank you!!!
Johnny Boy
same as Hyundai Veloster. =)
Justin Gardner
in a Cadillac what would happen if u push the button to turn the car off on highway speeds?
Joel Fisher
So I totally tried this on my Toyota Prius 2010 and it did the unthinkable!!! It did absolutely nothing
Why is this video 5:30?
Blox Gaming Garrett Chan
lol thanks
Doing crazy shit so we don't have to... thanks bro!
Trinitarian Pentecostal
The main thing to worry about is the steering wheel locking.
Maher Matar
Thanks brother for the information it's so good to know that. I never thought of this think before Thanks again I will show this to my friends
Mayhem and chill
1:06 you are testing this for the most wrong reason ever. ''yeah because i wanted to grab my phone while driving on the highway.'' DONT USE YOUR FUCKING PHONE WHILE DRIVING!
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