Ted Brodhead
I prefer Green Day stay the night but this is also good
Junior Silva
Lou Angelo
four years later and its still my favorite
Ryan J. Grout
I never tire of this song!
2:22 ugh im bored

2:24 hey babe

2:25 nope
Briliant Bodoy
dont like this comment because there is an assassin in our house and if he/she hear the ring he/she will kill us
Abe RockerRoller
Abe RockerRoller
wow th8s bribgs bme bsxk to loving ny besr friend a couplrvyears ago. ×wow tgst was owow just right bzcktgere
Riana Ria
Riana Ria
i like this song really
Interstellar Games
The only song I can sing along too
Giuseppe Tropea
Who's watching in 2017? 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Listening for Hayley
scott williams
the chick from fast and furious
Mega Tron
even litte edit i cant do But i think this video cost alots of time for edit
2cool2care ooo
this so good
Elizabeth R.
my my all her songs are so awsome, I love them all!!!
Annika Schulz
Four years ago,but I still love it👌😍
Alyssa Yumul
Still listening it in 2017
Teo berulava
I'm Your Fan. And the love of dun is love♥♥
Not Ryan Weisgerber
Multi pass?
Milky ;D
Yes i am
Sam Ashton
Holy shit! I never realise this was Hayley Williams!
Beaver weaver
It's Been 4 years and I just absolutely love this song😍😍😍
Nadz Cantos
transitions are killing me! nice work!
To the one who dedicated this song to me 3 years ago, I still love you and listen to this song. Miss you.
Lewis Turner
... looking back at the great songs we had, now we just have rap music😕
King The Kid...Listen To It
Artur Wegner
YouTube Videos are great
Ksenia Piano
Beautiful Music 🎵❤️
My Name is Hell
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Spanish Kids
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2017 anyone
I'm in love with Hayley
Maquir Ribeiro
i really want to kiss the director of this video. gosh! 2017 and this video music keeps me breathless <3
*John Smith*
I don't like music like this but this is talent.
*John Smith*
Everyone knows her songs but no one really knows who she is
Joseph Mojica
Who else thinks of paranormal activity marked ones when you listen to this song
mcpawlito paweł
kto słucha w 2017 roku?? ja słucham co dziennie hehe
Kawtare Ben
2017 still love this song
I think this is the first step for Zedd to grow up and now already 2017 and im still watching this
que cancion de mierda
Darwin r
are you going to stay the night or you going to stay the night are you going to stay the night or they going to stay the night.............................1000000000X
omollo David
if U knw dat u gonna break y did u do so
It's 2017 and I still think this song is fucking awesome!
where is the love at first hear button? I need it
KingJae Her
Hayley: Are you gonna stay the night?
Me: Say no more!
Ioana Trandafir
i love the song but that eyebrow annoys me on a deep level
luis moran
like si hablas español wey
Skye Jackson
it's been almost 4 years and still loving it!
Rolf Beuck
Who listen this song 2017? ♥
İrem Gomez
from 2017
Ayanna Chandra
June 2017?
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