Zedd - Stay The Night ft. Hayley Williams

‪Zedd - Stay The Night ft. Hayley Williams of Paramore‬‬Zedd Stay The Nightzedd - Stay The Night‪Stay The Night zedd‪Stay The Night – zedd‬ ‪Zedd Stay The Night‬ ‪Zedd Hayley Williams Stay The NightZedd Paramore Stay The Night‬‬Zedd Hayley Williams Paramore Stay The Night‬‬Stay The Night Audio‬‬ ‪Stay The Night‬‬‪Zedd‬‬‪Zed‬‬‪zed Stay The Night‬‬‪Hayley Williams‬‬‪Hayley Williams paramore‬‬

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Directed by Daniel Cloud Campos 
Music video by Zedd performing Stay The Night ft. Hayley Williams of Paramore. © 2013 Interscope

Nestor Pulido
lol she dabbed at that time 2:48
Kirk Jazmin
For the past 4 years i didn't know this song I'm happy that i found this song
After Fall
1:15 When you turn on the Fan,but too much power came out form the fan
Justin Boober Clickbait.. Works in 2017 as well 😂
Kelly Zamagni
linda música ! amoooo...
30 years old. Straight. Male. I love this song.
Sha Sharath
O m g supr
Pizza Delivery
I thought this came out in 2010 or 2011
Norka Sholey Palma Perez
Amo esta cancion
LOL my intro is a remix of this as i just noticed :DDD
Jarae Colon
2017 Anyone? 😍
holo graphicals
me: are you gonna stay the night? :]
friend: we have school tommorow..
Liam Sturgill
Old but still gold
davidisdank 1
The fuck is her hair
Juan Carlos Botero López
Gymnastics_Forever 21
This song never gets old...
Audrey Bria
Did y'all notice her eyebrows tho lol 😂😂😂
Jameson Tookrom
She's sp fucking hot in this video
Bebe Boy
zedd is the best...(speechless)
I'm only here for Hayley 😂
Hannah Nunn
Wow. What a throwback
1:18 looks like u know what
Tony Fakhry
This song makes me cry but i don't know why
Low key sounds like Katy Perry
Danielle Mudd
I loved this song. I have no clue why I didn't figure out that that was fucking Hayley Williams 😂
TheReal Co'
Don't dull the sparkle in your eyes
Luong huong giang Luong
Soft And Neat
And this is when I fell in love with Hayley Williams
Fernando Garcia
Gabby remember this song. Lmao
i have herd this in 2016 it said it was new those liars!
ggTitan NZ
This song is still a banger 👌
Jovanne Cullano
I really really love this song!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
blupz Pre
4 months to 2018 and i'm here
Tiempo vergas xdxd
Kayle 禁断の声
Those drums and paino playing was so breath catching
britney spears is okay
2:32 when you have a crick in your neck
- Bginninpst -
I'm miss music from back then
Trang Hoàng
never seen a bad Zedd music video. no. nope
maria mentari ginting
I stiil loving this song so much until August, 2017. The best I think.
Ashley RHG
I love you Zedd and your songs always :)
Harrypotter edit il
Harrypotter edit il
דיימממ איזה שיר ישן
kaamil Pereira
anyone listening? 2017??
Egas Luis Frederico Lemos Lemos
good song...
brunette of justin beiber...
yolo ass
Probably the cringiest video, not song the video, my body feels worst tho
Terriona holman
2017 anyone subscribe to my channel if you still listen to this song in 2017😊😊
Ube Cooper
2017 still watch
yolo ass
I love the song but wtf the video is..
Melva Ollison
I love this song
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