TOEI Animation Finally States Jiren's True Power (Dragon Ball Super)

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 109 and 110 's matchup of Goku vs Jiren is finally almost here, and just before, Toei finally states the true power of Jiren! Just how strong is he?

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Translator got back to me the second I uploaded this: "Universe 11's Strongest Warrior. Silent, cool, and proud of his amazing strength. It's possible to say that his abilities are at the level of the Gods of Destruction."

Michael Mungin
Gokus energy ran out if he would’ve maintained the form goku could’ve been toe to toe with him
Armando Anguiano
Something tells me that the mortal rumored to be stronger than a god of destruction is Goku. This is why Beerus sought this Super Saiyan "God" in the beginning. This rumor may have come in the form of a prediction from that same fish that told beerus that he would encounter this SSG. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the fish also tell him he would lose to the SSG? I need to go back and rewatch that episode.
Joko JMC
We need vegito ultra instinc
Goku Limit Breaker
Pff my power is op than him i turn off my pc when i see him in the show .. poof he dead...
Noble Eagle
Why does noobs keep linking That Mortal whom stronger than Gods to Jiren or Goku.....Jiren & Goku are/could exceed the Gods BUT THEY ARE NOT THAT MORTAL!!! Beerus had already SAID he lost to a mortal to a arm wrestling match!!! THAT MEANS HE KNOWS WHOM THAT MORTAL IS!!!
Keith Cole
can you do a video of every single character info from the tournament
Isaiah Keene TV
yo the reason Universe 4 G.O.D.(Mouse) beat Beerusis because it was a joke! Mouse beats cat? Tom n Jerry?! lmao wake up!
monkey d luffy
Jiren probably had alot of his god of destructions ki in him
Dudley GT
hes stronger then then all the gods but the secret new fighter is.......majin krillin lmfao majin krillin is the creator of the gods lol and his immortal brother yamcha
Jiren should get a spin off. I love to see where he came from and the steps he took to obtain that power
This is likely why Goku nor Vegeta could remotely touch Whis in training sessions. The lack of Ultra instinct.
David Hall
Goku did not master Ultra instinct
Fancy Mofo
When whis said that there is a person who is stronger than their god of destruction he also mentioned that that god of destruction is stronger than berus,and berus said he lost to him only in arm wrestling,so the mortal that is stronger than the god of destruction is from universe 4!
Dr. Whis Grant
Rohan Jadon
Hmm.... Goku didn't really absorbed the spirit bomb whis has said that already and that ultra instinct is below 10% power of Goku when he will have his full stamina he will be like this
The real ultra instinct
And when below 10% stamina is this one
+ Goku have his ultra instinct again and it has the power level of whis not correctly but nearly
Vinni_Badabing The Barber
beerus knows ultra Instinct.. the anime only stated that it was extremely hard to achieve.. Beerus and Whis seemed to be the robot ones aware of Gokus achievement.. for it to be said that Beerus hasn't achieved it is too much hahah he washed all of the Gods in the manga .. and he's the reckless one of them all.
Luis Garcia
It’s been stated that goku DID NOT ABSORB the spirit bomb
Samujjwal Paitya
Videl herself said Beerus is stronger than Champa. Going by the thumbnail how come champa is 6 and beerus is 7? TOEI contradicts episode
ultra instinct goku is good enough for beerus they were going toe to toe in there fight it's just goku needs to be able to do it again for a much longer time and make that power permanent
GD Theorem
Ultra instinct kaioken x 20
Ugh. He's so ridiculous. I don't care if he's a good guy in his universe. I want him to lose. Especially after beating Hit and treating Goku like a chump. I can't believe that in 3 episodes it went from, "Yes! The big fights are happening! Finally we are getting to the climax of this tournament..." too, "Nah. That was just the 2 minute drill right before halftime." I mean it seems like the 2 biggest possible fights that could happen in this tournament just happened and instead of Jiren saying, "I got rid of Hit. Goku is pretty much helpless. Time to systematically butcher everyone else in my path." And basically having Jiren start clearing house. With more and more intense fighting with unbelievable elimination after unbelievable elimination. Nope Jiren decides, "I did good. Now I will just sit here like an invincible rock daring anyone to try anything." What??? Really??? You beatdown Goku and eliminate Hit. And now you are done? Ridiculous. I can't believe we won't be seeing a Goku vs. Hit rematch. Or Vegeta vs. Hit. Or Frieza vs. Hit. Or Android 17 vs. Hit. So many good possibilities have just gone flying out the window. And now we have to watch all the other characters eliminate each other in practically meaningless battles because Jiren won't be a part of them, despite setting the bar so high. I don't wanna see Cabba vs. Vegeta or whatever is going to happen in the next episode after having just watched Goku vs. Jiren. Maybe Vegeta somehow helps Cabba and he unlocks some potential or something. Even if Cabba unlocks something like Super Saiyan 3... Survives to fight Jiren... What's the point? In the end it's going to come down to Jiren one shotting him anyways. lol. Goku just needs to get back his power and attack Jiren head on as soon as possible. Or at least have Vegeta, Frieza, Android 17, Gohan, and Piccolo just try and gang up on him. Something. Anything to where Jiren is involved and the story can flow smoothly. If this drags on much longer it'll just start to suck. And that's sad of me to say considering how much of a Dragonball fan I am. My number 1 anime of all time. Could possibly hit a rough patch and actually suck. I hope this is not the case.
Jiren skips leg day
It is a mortal that is as strong/stronger that his universes god of destruction not stronger than all gods of destruction.
Brandon Todd
I mean that new form is hitting on allot more than you think cus jiren didn't say shit while goku was in that form until he saw it expire n temporary it being limited is what gave jiren the upper back so fast that's the main reason goku hit jiren with that burst right before... even the ppl watching said goku was getting stronger n more accurate with his moves in turn gradually doing more damage ,also even before goku absorbed the spirit bomb jiren was not open at all to taking that Kamehameha from goku while in blue kaioken x20 jiren has some form of respect to gokus power if he wasn't scratching the be surface on jirens power he would've kept standing there while goku powered up ,
Rushwin Shrestha
I think we will have dragon ball gt soon cuz the ultra instint is the same ability which goku shows to omega when he gets blind
Mystic/ gamer121
guys open up auto generated captions at 1:53 it says something about Jiren.

Its funny right?
Unhinged savagE
So this guy says Goku masters Ultra Instinct in this vid. How do you master something you accidentally get and only for a brief time. Then when Goku had no energy and Jiren sent him flying, Goku says he doesn't know what happened.
Emperor Ehryn
If they stated Mouse God being stronger than Beerus, but there's even a mortal that he can't beat.... Would it be implying that universe 4 also has somebody stronger than Mouse God? If it's Jiren, why would they connect the two? Rumors were swirling that there was a mortal stronger than a God of Destruction, but it seems like 11 has gone through great lengths to keep Jiren a secret
It's not mastery if he can only use it for a brief period by chance. But it will be cool to see him improve it for round 2.
Who is Shanza?
Instant Reflex
This guy will never reach 200k subs, you can bullshit, but not like MastarMedia. Sorry bud.
Admiral Mukhlis
Beerus is the strongest hakaishin! Jiren just stonger than belmod not beerus!
super saiyan god blue just like scum power. its nothing fight to jiren.
Maui Fisi
I always wondered if those patterns on the gods of destruction had any significants...
But Beerus and Whis both have ultra instrict...
im sorry vegito fans but jiren but shit on ssb vegito without effort
DeAngelo Jackson
Stop saying Beerus. Whis said "A God of Destruction", not all of them. That arm wrestling match doesn't mean anything, he could've cheated. He sends spies to other universes and manipulates everyone he comes in contact with. I'm sure he cheated so he's not stronger than Beerus either.
Jack Van
Quintella just beat beerus in arm wrestling that doesn't mean he's stronger than beerus
It was confirmed that Beerus is the strongest God of destruction..
Parker hall of fame Fam
No beerus is better than quitela and stronger he lost a arm wrestle against Jiren
Harshal Wasekar
When planet namek destroyed and Goku goes to planet yardrat. And universe 6 & 7 is twin then how we find a yardrat in universe 4. Is universe 4 is collecting other universe's warriors !!!
Kemar Brown
I dont think he master the technique ,bc he said he has to figure out a way to do that again and i mean if u master something u know how to turn it on. Like anytime like his kioken. Does anybody think the same? Comment pls love to hear what yall think
King Cooper
But didnt Quitela beat beerus in arm wrestling ? And that god warrior whis said belongs to same Universe
Foreignn Kidd
What if jiren and belmond switched places
Jeffrey Guillaume
He didnt master it, he didnt even realize what was happening
Walter Lowe V
beerus does know ultra instinct
ankur manjare
jiren looks like he's on steroids lol
Maher volgs
I dont think he is stronger then beerus
Harry Bean
Noooooo he didnt absorb the spirit bomb you idiot he cut through it and escaped it or he would of died, get your information correct
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