Which classic Disney animated movies are being remade?

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The recent remake of "Beauty and the Beast" is just the beginning. From "The Lion King" to "Aladdin" to "Snow White" and more, Disney is planning a ton of live-action remakes over the next decade.

Spartan 117
All satanic.
Ylvis Engstrรถm swag
the peter pan remake must must have Robbie Kay (peter pan actor from once upon a time) it would be awsome
Elias Bartos
i cannot be satisfied till a hunchback remake
David Perry
Next stop 3D toon re-remakes of classics.
Thomas Charlton
I bet you they'll save the Snow White adaptation for it's 100th anniversary of the film or 100th anniversary of Disney
super girl
i want to see dumbo, Aladdin, lion king and the little mermaid
Together We Fly
No movie will ever replace the original Lion King.
Love The Beast Within
pls dont do damn remakes of somethings that is already good,,,, damn Dinsey leeches
Krystle Krys
Disney sucks ass!!! Leave the classics!!!!
Joseph Wells
Sink bomb girl / pinkshadow Delgdo
A live action brother bear please
Markus Wells
I want toy story, Mickey mouse, Hercules, frozen, Lilo and Stitch remake
Serina chan
live version ,ulqn prob gana be many CGI cuz there many i ment many things that danger in irl like the explosion when in the middle of tbattle in the mountens jez
Slack Nasty
Honey I Shrunk the Kids, reboot.
pretty much all of them, aka we're lazy.
Emma Stone as Cruella??! Where's Fairuza Balk?
David Young
A live action Tarzan would be great!!
Filipe Goncalves
The 2017 beauty and the beast was just perfect 5 stars ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐ŸŒน
Jessie Roberts
I'm feeling kinda iffy about the whole "Rose Red" situation but other than that these sound pretty cool.
Luritito o

Aline Laura
I love disney, really. I love everything Disney, but... I really want more animations. No cg, no live, i want animations!
Faith Schnarr
I want them to remake Brave. partly because when ever ppl see me they say I look like her and partly because it would be an amazing and cool film to see irl.
cryptic espeon !!
oh, no pocahontas yet?? well at least there's mulan!!๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜
I am terrified for Aladdin. I swear, if they don't cast Middle Eastern people for the roles...
Tuแป‡ ฤinh Cao
I hope there is Mary Poppins
Joseph Harrington
They should make Rose Red, but with hand drawn Animation.
Disney is truly running out of ideas.
kyra h
they should make a live action film of tangled๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
Just a stick of meat
Wth?? Universal is making a Little Mermaid!? That makes no sense! They are two different companies! Its like Disney making a live action Despicable Me!
No no no I don't want the Chernabog to have some sympathetic side of the story,I love fantasia as a kid love it to this day but here is my rant ,I was scared of the Chernabog,as an adult I love the atmosphere of darkness and horror but now they want a sympathetic villain now this is getting to far, to make a good villain is pure evil they can't all be sympathetic,no a villain is meant for people to avoid for being that person. Look I would love to see another fantasia film maybe another sequel or maybe somebody else like the Spring Sprite,cause she is the most interesting character in the fantasia franchise and the most underrated characters cause I'm curious about this charater,I want to know is there other season sprites? Was she created? Where did she come from? I want a spring sprite film but please DON'T U DARE YOU TOUCH THE CHERNABOG EVER
Lyndi Ham
i would love a sleeping beauty remake faitful to the cartoon !
michaela white
I want to see toys story, hercules, Oliver and company, the incredible these are some of the movies I love to see live tell me what you think
Akira King
Fox in the hound would be sick ๐Ÿ˜Š
Naomi Jondahl
REMAKE OF ANASTASIA! I love the original but would be so cool to see live
0:03 Did anyone notice that that baker is Michael Cudlitz from The Walking Dead?
coolcupcake 145
Beauty and the Beast is the best remake!!!!!! I LOVED IT!!!!!!!
Princess and the Frog would be amazing to see live action version. The magical aspect and Cajun sense of the movie would be beautiful on the big screen. So many beautiful black woman you can cast as Tiana. Gugu Mbatha-Raw instantly comes to find. Please!
Ciara Odw
Toy story franchise
Mary Ann Wittkowske
Some I am looking forward to but not Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, i have a feeling they'll have too man stereo type stupid jokes about the dwarfs. and we've had too man Peter Pan movies as it is
ironbayknight g
noooooooooooo disney don't chernabog his evil and just amazing don't ruin him by saying he's such a tortured soul or some bullshit like that let the villains stay villains already took the teeth out of your best Mistress of all evil don't ruin your devil too
Isaiah Adams
Another classic film that disney should remake is The Hunchback of Notre Dame. That was great as well
Isaiah Adams
The only disney remakes I'm looking forward to are Mulan, The Lion King, The Jungle Book 2, Pinocchio, The Little Mermaid and Aladdin. But The Lion King and Mulan are my number 1 anticipated movies!
Laura Wise
I'm waiting on Hunchback of Notre Dame, because we both know that it will be fantastic as a movie!
Aurelia suarly
why don't they remake atlantis? yeah maybe it's not quite a famous movie but I think people underrated it. the movie was brilliant and was my favorite when I was little
Macky Leiva
So.. didn't anyone at Disney thought of Hercules, Tarzan, Pocahontas and/or Atlantis??? We need those too, you know?
Danai Laou
A t l a n t i s. Phleeeaaase
Rafi Brown
PEOPLE CANT YOU SEE THAT THIS IS WRONG!!! Walt Disney is rolling in his grave...
Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland is more of a sequel to the animated movie. Not looking forward to Dumbo or the jungle book and Maleficent sequels.
Cassandra ZayZAY
What about Atlantis? Imagine how amazing it would be with all the new technology we have available!
alicia clifford
If they do a live action remake of Pocahontas sign me up! i've always been told i looked like a real life version of the cartoon princess.
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