The optics of Donald Trump Jr.'s Russian meeting

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The 'Special Report' All-Star panel weighs in

and the trump administration has still not apologized to to the american people for lying to them
Kennon Rex
you all think we're fools
Reuben D.
A witch hunt???? Ohhh....yes...Obviously...nobody wants to know what happened with Russia, bc the ConArtist in the WH will be impeached for Treason and for being the worse liar in history... dealing with the most dangerous and hated government in the world has to be ignored...SURRRREEEE!!!!! Deceit and treason!!!! Republicans don't have the BALLS To confront this moron who is destroying our beloved country. Enablers and dumbass supporters will regret their actions pretty soon...Trump doesnt give a crap for American people...its all about himself and his family,,,!!!!
Cant wait until the Dems bust HRC Russian connections wide open. I suspect Donald Trump will tear the Democrats house of cards down if they continue on this path against Jr. be careful what you wish for or do.
Enrique Benitez
The Hillary Uranium deal has been debunked by reliable sources including Fox was a claim made by Trump on a rally in NC he also tweeted about it but when pressed by the media for facts he walked away from the claim.
Rose M
Maybe this Russian Lawyer was sent to Don Trump JR as a setup by the Dems. to take Trump down.
Michael Warzenski
Who's cutting the nasty raunchy government cheese?? It's the Trumps!
ana stasia
Omg this administration is a mess!!
Fuck Democrats, This is whole made up story started even during Trump campaign to damage him. They push Trump to start a war somewhere to shut up
Heavy J
HAHAHA, the dems look so STUPID begging for something thats not there..... a rich russian lawyer is not a representative of the russian Gov....this is such a losers witch hunt its laughable
Wow this was actually pretty good.
If I had money to buy out the Weekly Standard - I would. That way I could fire Never Trumpers Bill Kristol and Steve Hayes sorry asses - and replace them with credible reporters. Or I'd buy it out then shut it down permanently. What a worthless neocon rag!
W Guy Tidwell
I'm sure Hannity and the Trump campaign will blame Obama and Hillary...somehow. The reasons will be interesting and the defenses for Donny will be pathetic. Thank God for the NYT and the free press. Our republic is now safer, I hope.
Marshall Culver
Jack Lincoln
Had you told me a year ago that Russia would put Trump in the White House, I'd laughed so hard, I would have peed in my underwear. Now , I make sure to pee before I tune in to this "Russian" narrative.
I actually know that Trump colluded with the the Mexicans and will do so again in 2020 when President Trump wins a second term.
Jerry Coon
If she worked for the same co. that did the piss gate thing that right there tells you this was a setup and is total BS
norvin navarrete
WoW Fox. I'm unsubscribing!
Baal Baphomet
Hilary sells Uranium to Russian Govt - Trump Junior meets a Russian solicitor (non-Gov) - who is the traitor ?
Tim Kaine is a liar
Norwood Partz
Rob Goldstone is a shady publicist with connections to the people who were behind the "golden showers" fraudulent memo. This was a set up.
Raging Heretic
This is a turning point. The 62M seditionists who voted for this traitor need to get theirs after we dispose of this puppet and punish Russia. Make no mistake, we've got these sons of bitches now.
Trump and everyone associated with Trump are F__KING Idiots... How dumb can you be to tweet out the crime you were involved in!!! Can't make this shit up!!!! Trump is so unfit to be President...
Alone and Unafraid
That's right little Donald Jr is guilty as all hell, he should have went right to the authorities the second Russians contacted him!At the very least to cya, yet the Trump's don't think that far.Save yourself Jr! Your father will throw u under the bus, u know it!
Donald Trump Junior is a Pompous Brat and Scumbag LIAR..! Full Stop..!
John Anderson
these emails prove beyond any doubt that every statement trump or his minions have made about russia is a fucking lie, which proves them to be nothing but liars who have no integrity.
every appointment, every order, every action traitor trump has done since in office is tainted with treason and doubt. Every supporter is now suspect as either a traitor or an idiot who cannot tell fact from fiction...
Adithya R
Trumptards are denser than a fucking black hole!!!
Did I hear Tim Kaine say "treason"? Western civilization is riddled with treasonous elected officials who make excuses for an avowed enemy that for 1,400 years has openly intended to overthrow the non-Muslim world.
Barack Obama's accommodation of Islam while president would in all likelihood have been found treasonous had the matter ever come before a court. Justin Trudeau's custodianship of Canada's highest office is probably treasonous there. Theresa May and so many of her predecessors have surely been guilty of treason. Stefan Löfven is a traitor to Sweden. Mark Rutte is the same to the Netherlands, as is Angela Merkel to Germany.
The Trump administration must be judged on its merits, of course. But it seems at this desk that it's well past time for judgments to be handed down against heads of state whose conduct has invited the actual demise of their civilization.
Even someone with half a brain would have never had that meeting.
m beginization
what about McCain giving a russian fake dossier to FBI on a candidate which has left the new presidency tied up in legal hearings, so was McCain working for russians
Jan Valach
Another Nothing-Burger. Libtards are desperate.
My question is: why didn't Jr. respond: My Dad is a patriot who doesn't work secretly with foreign powers to influence the outcome of the election to become the next President, because that is by definition treason. That should have been the answer to Rob Goldstone.
Kadar Abdullahi
Lock him up, lock him up, lock him up!!!!!
Felix T-Rex
Trump Jr's face is so punchable. God I hate that shit
Pablo Mariani
whats the end game of all this ? to prove "Russians" make US citizen vote for Donald Trump ? hack the electoral system in all 50 states ? ... sorry not in CA and NY... so how is the collusion ? money to the campaign ? put a thumb in the scale in electoral system ? Russians voting with fake ID? or ... revealing the awful truth of the DNC cheating ?
Some Republicans are standing up for their core values. This is distributing , as far as no crime it's dishonest at best and treasonous at worst. This is something when over and over again we hear that there where no meetings with Russia. Can't buy they don't understand what was happening.
Lord Monkey Boy
I don't really see where there is proof of any crime.....I see it as just a bump in the road....nothing like what the democrats pulled in my eyes
Jacqueline Woo
c'mon, petting my kitten is more important than this. she needs love. trump needs a paddle to the ass.
Jonathan Hurley
jeez... I do not like this and regardless how it plays out, I think Trey Gowdy's take on this is best. Reveal EVERYTHING. From when you saw Dr. Zhivago to your last vodka with Boris. No one should develop amnesia. These revelations coming drip by drip is undermining this presidency. Lying about any aspect is not the way to go. Do NOT leave anything to suspicion or supposition. Donald Jr. took the bait. It was a trick to have a meeting about adoptions. But, he took the damn bait. So even if it's true they were angling for some adoption information, he took the meeting to get information against Hillary. My God, there is so much shit about Hillary, it's knee deep. No reason to see this guy. It pisses me off.
Sue Sally
Still love my president
Release the pee pee tape junior.
James Breaux
What a sad excuse for "news".
Long Tall Texan
Daddy Trump knew all about it !! Grow a brain....let me water it for you. It's Manafort who got the extra email copies from Trump Jr. It's Manafort who leaked the story and all the emails to the NYT's. It is Manafort aiding the FBI to secure information unavailable and unusable without Trump Jr. verifying he was the one to send and create the emails where he knew Russian Gov. was source. Trump Jr. just fell for FBI tactic to gain information they cannot easily force from anyone. Manafort is out to save his skin from prison term.
Daddy Trump knew all about it...but that is for a later date. A few more people will fall out of the tree being shook by the FBI...and they will gladly tell all they know real soon. Trump Jr. here was just the match strike that got things really started. Watch for the smoke to turn to fire .
Mike Blake
Funny how Russia wasn't a problem until Trump won.
Somebody get Trump Jr some lube for his but-hole he gonna need it in the pokey
Russia is and has been our Communist enemy. And these Trumps schmooze with them just to win an election? Traiters. They will screw our constitution to win. Right wingers who supposedly don't like left wing Communists are OK with this?
steven caskey
Oh please. Republican and Democratic establishment types were paying a Brit to get dirt on Trump from Russian intelligence agencies. Where did they think the golden showers dossier was supposed to be coming from? Were they really paying all that money knowing it was a pile of garbage or did they think they were passing cash to Russians for it?
it's time to get the whole truth we need to get them water boarded.
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