Katie Marquez
Harry Potter short important part of each Harry part with the main 3 character 's!!!!!
At 6:27 sitting in her car is actress Georgia Engel who plays Pat MacDougall (Amy's mom) from Everybody Loves Raymond and also Irene from The Office (Florida Trip). Sweet
Gab P
You should do Hairspray!
Bella Potato
They Should do High School Musical with Zac Efron or Into the woods with Emily Blunt
Milton 123
James clap like a bitch
Kiana JC
You should do the Wizard of Oz
Roice Rice
Guy: Musical theater is really important to me...
James Corden: Okay your voice is really annoying
Roice Rice
James Corden: THE LION KING!!!!
Everyone: screaming with happiness
"Sath" Rogen: What is happening
Lmao I found that so hilarious
Sarita Patrick
This is the niceist movie i еeeevеr see!!! I аdvise evеееerybodyyyy tooоo waаatсch it :) https://twitter.com/88acf5f1fa31266bf/status/872635593263534080
plz do wicked i will be so happy defying gravity
I play timon In the lion king
Sean Johnstone
well done James! what a wonderful thing to do for london.With all that's happened your an inspiration to the world on how we can overcome dread and fear with love and laughter.The crosswalk makes me laugh so much!
Mthokozisi Sifiso Mkoko
Тhе Lion Кing mооооviе hеrееее => https://twitter.com/88acf5f1fa31266bf/status/872635593263534080
I hope he does "Cats" and casts himself as Grizzabella, or maybe "Sweeney Todd" as Mrs. Lovett!
Master 7964
Seth will always be B.O.B for me
Thanks for the Crosswalk musicals. They really cheer me up when I'm down!
Grant Pacatang
Do Crosswalk Musical: Descendants
Tony is hot.
How can you not love James
Gabrielle Milam
It's funny at the end bc the ppl in the car were like WTH what did I miss
justanothersinger x
did anyone else notice Seth looked like yoda
space egg
Watcch Thee Lion Кing оnline here => https://twitter.com/88acf5f1fa31266bf/status/872635593263534080
Maribel Gaona
love it bringing joy to this world that is what we need ..
Julian C
Seth Rogen jiggling those tree branches is LIFE.
Cristian Cayax
he should do Rocky Horror Picture Show
Maddy Copper
i think james is a real good actor
Sophia M.
I would hate to be there if I needed to cross the street.
Connor Sharpe
And now Seth Rogen has been cast as Pumbaa in the remake!!
Abbie Erin
Chris Pratt!! He needs to do this!
adena brooks
Do Annie please!!
Jency Petersen
I died laughing when he jumped on top of the car at the end that was hilarious!!!
Carina Chin
ooo the leopard girl though..........
Abbie Allanah
le mis
Tamara Boyett
High school musical!!
Janae Austin
Kinda wanna see mulan
Daniel Asistol
TTTheee Lion King hd moviеeee herеeеe => https://twitter.com/88acf5f1fa31266bf/status/872635593263534080
Xinyuan Yi
"You are not suppose to drink when you have your props on!" Theatre kid reacts to the last scene xd
Caroline Penn
Okay, is anyone else getting a Spanky from the Little Rascals vibe from James? Especially at 4:21...
Amelia Skye
The funny thing is Seth Rogen is going to be in the new Lion King as Pumba !
Nathan Todd
Did anyone else notice Georgia Engel in her car?
Man Yee Teng
oww.. Sath looks sad
Man Yee Teng
oww.. Sath looks sad
Gisele LPS lover
Please do moana
Mr SmyLee
Nice big dent on the hood of that white Ford pick up at 8:10. 😎
Mel Lor
Every time they start screaming 'cars cars cars' I lose it 😂😂😂 freakin love this
Sarah Owies
I want them do frozen
Ashley Perez
You should do Mama Mia with ABBA music
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