Crosswalk the Musical: The Lion King

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James welcomes Rose Byrne and Seth Rogen to his theater company ahead of their performance of The Lion King in the crosswalk of Beverly Boulevard at CBS.

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Bella X
Dani Akinyemi
You know what they should have James should gotten hurt and Seth should taken place that would be funny
Emma Kenyon
"Hakuna Matata means take is easy" no my friend it does not... IT MEANS NO WORRIES
Camilla Madsen
funny Seth Rogen will play Pumbaa, in the new live action movie version
Mary Rogers
I thought I saw actress Georgia Engel (Georgette of the Mary Tyler Moore show) in one of the cars.
Ann Mitchell
Get Matt Damon.Plleeeessseeee
Mary Nelson
check out 6:29, is that Georgette from Mary Tyler Moore?
Galaxy Productions
Øçúńà mãtätå....Idk
Todd Piskin
HAHAHA Georgia Engel in her car at 6:27
Gabrielle Oladimeji
i would have ran them over
I can imagine being in an acting class, everyone getting a role except me and the teacher saying:
You will be doing scenery, like trees and rocks, stuff like that...
Abigail Seavey
Does green mean stop now? 6:13
Sonja Becker
hahaha the moment when james just climbs on the car😂 (8:08)
Sonja Becker
"I want everyone just to be commonly animal... just be it! .. unless you´re a tree, in this case just be a tree.." 😂😂
Liss Andrómeda
Crosswalk: HAMILTON 💙
Paiton Seals
I'm just laughing at how the lady on the phone with the coffee had no idea what was happening and had to run for her life so she wouldn't get run over by the company 😂😂
Jessica Onyemgba
I hope he eventually does Annie or la la land
Special Mango
Please do CATS!
Leila Soderback
Can you do trolls
Andrea Estrella
cuong pham
You should do Peter Pan
Did you see During Can't wait to be king, James broke out of character to help with Seth
Eleya Auhl
Am I the only one who thinks he needs to do Hamilton?
TDF_ W0rldKeY
...what is happening. words of wisdom
Jillian Gerson
Newsies or Hamilton please with Lin as king George
Angelica Schuyler
Crosswalk the Musical: Rent
Bertram Earl
He should do the titanic on crosswalk the musical
Brittany Williams
6:40 the lady was clapping 😅😅😅😅😅😅😂😂😂😂😂😂
I find it ironic that Seth Rogen is gonna play Pumba in the CGI remake of Lion King
Emmeline Vance
i need Crosswalk the Musical: Heathers 👀 pls
Nick Connolly
They should do moana
cringey ashley
rewatching this because seth will be pumba in the remake and i am so excited
The Sour Patch Kids
Did Anyone see the James cordon show poster in the background
Elizabeth Flores
Slow Person
'Sath' is every introvert ever
Kat Anderson
Plz do Wicked!
i love sath rogen
Alexia Rebla
That was beautiful. I hope he does Les Mis one day.
Sharazar Kinn
Grace Morton
I also agree about into the woods idea
Lucas P
Shut up sath
Morven Renfrew
I to the woods would be hilarious, or even Sweeney todd lol just anything Sondheim
Clara Jarquin
James got to do little mermaid
Ashela Rollins
"Sath" Rogen 😂😂😂😂
Penina weil-Johnson
Can you do heathers or The Hunchback of Nortre-Dame? I feel like they would be good at those
isn't that old woman an actress @6:27 ????
Katie Marquez
Harry Potter short important part of each Harry part with the main 3 character 's!!!!!
At 6:27 sitting in her car is actress Georgia Engel who plays Pat MacDougall (Amy's mom) from Everybody Loves Raymond and also Irene from The Office (Florida Trip). Sweet
Gab P
You should do Hairspray!
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