Crosswalk the Musical: The Lion King

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James welcomes Rose Byrne and Seth Rogen to his theater company ahead of their performance of The Lion King in the crosswalk of Beverly Boulevard at CBS.

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Meow Meow you do the musically when its the green light
Prima Testo
Do Moana!
Ella Fogle
Gray Fullbuster
I love how both the movie and crosswalk I Just Can't Wait To Be King end in disastrophe.
Ella Bennett
Haha we are doing this musical for my school, I am Scar :)
Chloe Matz
You should do a Heathers crosswalk 😂
Emma M
I do RED LEATHER YELLO LEATHER in my theater!!
Mary Grace
zarin shapurjee
hahaha his name tag says sath lol instead of seth
Lacy Moore
You should do dirty dancing
Danielle Adames
Rose, Seth and James need to do more skits together because this was hilarious
Mari Mez
do annie and sound of music
Mari Mez
do annie and sound of music
Tree xD
Purely Laura
Seth being the moon just let the whole thing down. xD
Beezus Hrist
Seth Rogen is such a pessimistic Jew
Christine Le
Titanic Crosswalk musical
Michael Keleshian
The elderly lady in the car at 6:27 is on The Office (U.S.) Only true fans would recognize her....
Marina Shannon
Why is rose in her timone costume in can u feel the love tonight and wait to be king. And in her Nala costume for Hakuna Matata 😂 it's supposed to be the other way around
Bulldog Entertainment
Cross walk musical:STAR WARS
Ruby Holder
Waiting for the jungle book crosswalk musical
Cindy Pruneda
LOL Seth Rogen's role: scenery, rocks, trees, stones, etc.
Anna Sahlstrom
I go by that way all the time and I've even been in the paid audience in that CBS Studio.
Mary Poppins next!
Justyn Collier
I fucking love crosswalk theater musicals!
Warning: You are approaching a FANGIRL!!!
7:00 James Corden is on the billboard behind Seth coincidence?
An Tong
Beth DesRochers
Where the fuck is be prepared
Is Seth grass cause that is actually my favorite roll in the show and it is really fun. Like that is a legit roll on Broadway. They get their own song and dance
Dangerous fangirl
Is it bad I genuinely want to be in one of these
Letrell Disney
crosswalk the musical: wicked
maggie bdups
"No I must've missed it...... I have seen Steve Jobs...." looks away
love Seth being just Seth xD
Alessa G
rosie elson
HaloQueen xox
Please do la la land next!
Dark Shadow
How must that car of felt when he jumped onto the car
Sophie Auld
I would have parked and stayed to watch
Levan Ivers
You have to be brilliant to come up w something like this. Awesome!
Chioke C
Do high school musical
Liv P
You should do High School Musical it would make my week😂😂
rOiYale mE
waiting for cross walk musical for "a star is born". where lady gaga will be feature.
Carlo Paguio
Can't help it. 😂😂😂 James Corden is the best!
Morgan Heim
Adriana Tellez
why dont people get out and join smh
Angie Ruiz
This is so Hillarious
when do you do this
Liza Aqua
HAIRSPRAY and MAMA MIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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