Seah QingFu
Staaar TTrek Beeeyyyyond moovieee here =>
roflmao perfect. the new star trek movies are sooo bad
nutelita 456
Wаaаatсh Stааr Trеk Bеуyууоoоond oooonline hеrе =>
deesha maharana
i don't deserve to wear that uniform 😂😂😂😂😂
Michael Zhang
Captain Lord Garmadon:Fire the everything we get!
we love you Grin. Best "Starfleet" Officer ever!
Finally I've found hd Star Trek Beуyуyond movie hereeе =>
Agus Nurwanto
Star Treеk Beyyoooond moоviе hеre =>
Darkplayer Lol
Hеeеllо уoutubеrs wааааtсh Staаr Trеk Bеууyоnd оnlinе hееееrееее =>
Muhammed Babaji
I watcheeeed Star TTTTrek Beyyyyond full movie heeeere
QualifiedESA Engineer
and Will looks surprised to the right, dodging the unexpected attack with ease!!!
"The Enterprise has been destroyed again ! "
Wolf chuckles at 1:05 . . my sides now orbiting the Earth XD
Smile the planet
Picard is a genius! thx for that video :)
thank you for the fire at will part. biggest laugh I have ever had watching clips on my toilet.
Picard" "Whole fucking human race". I almost died at that part...
Robin Gilliver
200 dislikes?
Edward Metcalfe
JJ Abrams and all- stop just please stop I can't take anymore of this blatant copying of pivotal scenes and throwing them in your no sense plots because you think " well Kirk and Spock are very close friends " yes they were but they were friends for years and years and had been through at least 100 times more than the two in the new films and as for the enterprise being destroyed in the 3rd film c'mon
Also watch Auralnauts' Star Trek Beyond Trailer video. It's pretty cool.
The fire at Will joke never gets old... brilliant haha
Abrams 'Star Trek' is absolutely, purely, 100% for millennials and their short attention spans.
God everyone is taking this video so seriously... it was obviously meant as parody and humor... breathe a bit, folks, there's enough room in the universe for all Trek fans.
Cmd. William T. Rikers movie riview: "this is ridiculous!"
that was kinda funny actually lol.
Daniel Appleton
I wonder, apropos of nothing, what a Joss Whedon take on Star Trek would be like ? Remember, Whedon created a lot of series including Firefly.
"They care nothing about science, they worship money!!" I couldn't agree more.
Was Patrick Steward doing a Gene Roddenberry impression
Brian Wigglesabit
2009 Parody Trek
2013 Parody Trek: Insult intelligence
2016 Parody Trek: Basterdized
Poe Lemic
{For everyone that is expressing Hate against Abrams ...}

Yes, some of you make good to great points. Yet, I just love StarTrek any which way. JJ made the audience bigger and gave us a much bigger Tent for all of the different versions to exist within. I thank him. He did the Franchise such a credit. I don't care about plotholes, fan hate, etc. I just love good Sci-Fi (beats Sports or Election BS), so more Startrek, Star Wars, Firefly, etc., anything is better than just dull life. Right???? So, if he has a slightly different take, it's better than not having anything. That's my simple and honest opinion.
Poe Lemic
Hilarious and brilliant ... might I say. But, that's not enough to congrat you on such a great video ...
I am starting to absolutely hate JJ Abrams version of Star Trek. Every movie is pointless running around and destroying the Entrerprise in every conceivable method. Heh, Picard is right, raise the damn shields. I am ok with the tweaks to the timelines, that doesn't bother me. Just.. once though.. WIN the battle without getting shot to hell?! Eh?? Stop looking for reasons to change the look of the Enterprise every movie.
It's ironic that Simon Pegg is in these films because he's the one who bitched about how unbearable "nerd culture" is in his opinion and now it's the one thing that keeps this moron paid.
decent parody, obviously didn't care about lip sync but not bad
I love it
Jack McCall
"Shut up, Wesley."

It never gets old
wildfox 27
Dy T
Were they reacting to it or thought they were in it ? Anyway, this ends up being an abysmal attempt at humor due to the negativity displayed towards STB.
That was funny, but dumb.
Evon Vetter
LOL Kirk: Fire at will. Riker dives behind the chair.Finally.
Jeremy Nolan
I wish they would look up history of characters. The guy who is the captain of the stealth ship is the same guy on terra prime in start trek enterprise.
Billy Conder
i understand that Star Trek would have to be redone, but the enterprise engine room looks like a factory, horrible! and ok differe t actors i get that, and its also a good idea to have it set in a alterate univers, but for trek fans,real trek fans its just not trek, were's the humanity, were's the love.Surely this would engage older trek fans aswell as new onces
"Fire at Will!" Best part.
kazol hassan
This is the niceist movie i ever see!!! I advise еverуbody to watch it :) Piсard Rеаcts to New Star Trek Bеeeeуоnd Trailеr
Greg Moonen
After fifty years, I feel the Star Trek has become the goose that laid the golden egg. It has become a bone of contention so exploited that I've lost my taste for it. I will always cherish my memories of the first few decades of it, but with the last couple of movies and all the fan fiction, it has become such a jumbled mess to me that I have to move on. Sad.
Dave Ind
I hate jj version .Killed Star Trek for me
Gary Gurliacci
This video is not the Gene Roddenberry way, I love TOS and NEXTGen too, but to rad on the new stat trek movie is not the Gene Roddenberry way, the message of Roddenberry must go out and change must go on............
Mari B.
I miss Kate Janeway and her crew :( Good and tough old Kate where is she? I wanna see admiral Janeway
brego lingo
I absolutely loved this mr Grin, I couldn't stop laughing!!! XD worst movie in history of films.
The Picard is always right.
Ethan John
No, stop trying to make Picard STUPID by taking a serious british actor and making him act silly cuz in CONTRAST that is funny to the fat bearded family guy audience whop masturbate to anime every day before eating Mcdouble cheesburgers with mac sauce
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