Icy Fire
So I have a ghost that lives in my house. We know who this ghost is and it's someone who had died along time ago. It doesn't really get too serious. One time I was chilling in my room and all of a sudden my plushie that I usually have hanging from my closet door, flew straight at me ripping the nail off the door. This of course scared the living daylights out of me, but I managed to stay right where I was. Next morning the plushie was back on my door like nothing had happened. Another time, while I was home alone, I heard something coming from my room so I went to check it out. Nothing was out of the ordinary except there was this weird reflection bouncing off my TV. I stood staring at it while trying to find the source, when all of the sudden the reflection turned to a face . I ran out of the room out of pure fear.
Now I am well aware that this ghost doesn't seem very dangerous.well that is because its the ghost of my dad, who died of a heart attack when I was 5.
Adam 23
ghosts arent real only demons in disguise
TheEyeOfSauron 420
I used an sb-7 spirit box. I asked "whom or what sent you." The answer i got was blood curdleing
It said"sent to open the gate.". refering to opening the gateway to hell.
Marnes Hinsbeeck
oh no srroy its not he s name its rippd robby srrroy im a fan of him
What is this game in 1:26
such bullcrap...
claudiAA 500
is it bad im watching this home alone?
Aimi Aimullah
believe me.
got scared there a bright side on comment
Gettin BeyWay
The first guy with glasses is really cute
scott skinner
this was great, I'm going to go watch a cat vid now. at least its real1
spud monkey
did anyone else see that thing move on the couch at 2:26
Jay The Cockatiel
I one time visited the USS Hornet which is reportedly haunted and when you visit the medbay you can fell your hairs on your neck stand strait up. Then halfway in me and about 15 other ppl (scouts) felt chills. Not your average chill which you can shake off but a chill where it could stay or you feel it moving through you. There is this one room sometimes it will have little wisps of water vapor or something. The room was also pretty warm.
Over Cooked
Otoniel Gonzalez
Why the hell would a ghost knock on a door
Dude, they're all faked. Get over it.
Lydia Lydia she has chlymedia
No Name
Get your money back off the carpenter who hung that door.
It's 2017 and people still believe in ghosts.. Smh
Lea Oyzon
did anyone knows what pokemon he's playing in 0:40?
Aaron Clark
at 4:09 when he zoom in at box on left side behind box there is white thing it moves then box fly off table and white thing not there anymore
da xu gánh tem hai muoi gờ gờ
God not like they home :/
Liza Ari
and this is why im not a youtuber
ohh my notebook fell off, is that ghost???
like wtf!
Lisa Peoples
maybe twitch, it's self is haunted...🤔
Ruben Raviv
dont forget this very sceptic attitude is typically something of the western world (europe&america), and our modern science is barely 600 years young...
I think it is all real
Kelvin thomas Sinclair
to scary I can't take it
David Stojilkovic
I just came to see who is that girl on a picture.
MR. KawaiiCactus
can i have a hug please?
why does this video have 10000 likes?
the ghost that was breathing maybe wasn't a ghost if you know what i mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Christian Marwyn Castillo
Who made your intro?
Noh Sam
um my house light turn on or off sometimes
FestiveLTU YT
The first one (Resident Evil 7) there is breathing of the game... when u are in your inventory u can hear it, well atleast i think.
Kellie Skinner
I hope that all of these people are okay. I do not say that sarcastically.
Chris Ang
Number one spot. That his character breathing in game. That's what it sounds like when you play ARC
Anthony Ramirez
around 5:38 GHSC.. Not wearing glasses... jump shot.. wearing glasses.. Bam.. ghosts slammed glasses on his ass.
Anthony Ramirez
Lame gamers..
i love leafy yay
if u look close enough at number 7 i think i saw something on the floor where door is if u look around there u might be able to see something on the floor move
not real
Zachary Manning
The guy in the second video is a really bad actor. I can't believe people fall for that stuff.
That Gamer Max
The ghost just pressed the like button
kye playzz
So creeped out
Timika Neal
Late squad amirite
John Joseph
5 made me cringe
Logan Wheeler
Much real
Darian Wade
when you think you have a ghost or intruder, instead of yelling "hello!?" just yell "goodbye" and they should leave ;)
М•A•T•R•l•X C•R•E•A•T•O•R
i think that demons and ghosts have many important things to do rather than closing and opening doors and playing with lights .. like giving master Satan a blowjob
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