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Pulling a tampon from your purse sounds like Christmas morning.

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Anyone curious to know who her husband?
I'm a woman and I'm so offended by this video. I used to be a big fan but I've lost so much respect for you. you just come across as a whiny toxic democratic feminist man hater.
"Straight white men wanting to control your uterus"
You say that as if it's a common occurrence.

Oh Buzzfeed, the one thing upon this Earth that everyone wants to destroy.
Worst thing about being a woman? Being female - just awful!
bobby bluntz
I hope someone bombs BuzzFeed office
Jeremy Cantrell
Actually, I've known many women who prefer thongs. Some say it's going to end up there anyway, so why not just make it more comfortable, while others just don't like all the extra material in the rear (it causes butt zits for some), and others still just hate panty lines. Personally, before I discovered Obviously Naked, I often wore a thong (made for men, not women) because it kept my business in check. It gets hot in Georgia, and I don't like my stuff sticking to my thigh.
Al Cookies
My bc was free
At last you don't need to fight wars or worry about your lust.
Preston Garvey
wages and earnings are two different things F.Y.I
Hannah Ramos
the need to be always beautiful.
gilbert alvarez
BuzzFeed is aids
Underneath The Bottle
Thank God I'm a male wine mom 😅🍷
you forgot pants with no pockets XD
Chloé Lefebvre
Hey Hannah! My best friend and I really enjoy watching you, you are kind of our spirit animal seriously. We actually wait until we have a bottle of wine to open to watch your videos so we can drink at the same time! We are not moms, but we are totally wine moms. Thank you for being part of our wine and sweatpants time! We love you!
Simone LeBaron
Amen Sister!
Nihilistic Psyduck
I'm pretty sure everyone would be uncomfortable walking alone at night.
I've always hated wine. Then I found this series. Then I decided to try wine again. I like wine now.
the worst things about being a man is having to DEAL WITH YOU COMPLAINING ABOUT EVERYTHING YOU SAID AND THESE VIDEOS.
Janis Zelcs
Like, I'm a 16 year old gay guy but I agree that some of these issues r screwed up
Sean Greaves
Wage gap? Seriously? All so very racist on WHITE PEOPLE CONTROLLING YOUR UTERUS.....F*$K U!!!
Zein Jaafar - Erin Centre MS (1319)
preach 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
Fang Lang
You should be awarded for not being pregnant? Why? Reproduction is one of the basic responsibilities of a living organism, you should be awarded for accomplishing your responsibilities. You can argue that it's not a choice, but being a living organism is unfair that way, that's what sexual dichotomy is.
Isa Mason (Linklover666)
wtf none of these are problems
I'm a guy and this applies to me.
Farhana Ratree
I would be scared walking down the street alone, what if I get kidnapped. This could happen to all people
vardges arsenyan
please insert June and her wage gap button thank you
Nanuck Dogg
stop crying u feminists!
G_Love001 Lovelock
can u plz do a video on ur thoughts about mixed gender sleepovers????
Anouk De Visser
jeans pockets...
timmyboi .i
wheres the one for men????
Lynnae McClaren
ok I love you
Mora Isaac
pants with no pockets, heels, skinny jeans
if humanity ever cures cancer buzzfeed is fucked.
ema nekaf
Jenna Marbles in a few years 😂
This is why women shouldn't be allowed to vote.
justin f
Worst thing about being a woman: paying for a good (birth control) that is not a necessity but a luxury....
Lebron James Toe
The wage gap is not a real thing. Well it is but now how everyone thinks. On average men make more money than women yes. But that's because we occupy more high paying jobs so of course we will get paid more on average. But the misconception is that women get paid less to do the same job. That's not true at all. And if it was true, companies would hire more women instead of men because they'd save money. I wish people would understand that.
julia alberts
Yeast infections. Anyone???
Zoey 124
I have my period right now. I bled through my pants at school 2 twice this week. IT SUCKS. Boys have it easy lmao
Wage gap isn't real tho...
well as a male i can't close my legs completely you know because I have genitals
morgan williams
"NEXT, the wage gap.. NEXT" omg no chill I love her
Nikita Matveev
Women...please stop using the "period" argument as the only way to show that pooooor women have it worse then men.
Nikita Matveev
ooooooooooooooooooooooooohhh pooooooor women!
Nikita Matveev
Oh boy - a video about how bad women have it....and its made by BuzzFeed...quick where is my rope and stool?
Nikita Matveev
ohh I love the way they managed to get some feminazi stuff in there
ayyy Lmao sees internet kids

(drinks cheap sprite)

(is only teen ;_;)
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