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Pulling a tampon from your purse sounds like Christmas morning.

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Buzzfeed, I'm begging you, the wage gap is a lie. It's been debunked so many times.
Ave and Lex
More wine mom! More wine mom!
Victoria Fischel
lean back when you pee squatting so it doesn't go everywhere. something i had to learn the hard way too #armygirlprobs
Adequate Akai
my prom dress had pockets and I didnt have to carry aroudn a purse all night it was awesome 👐
Adequate Akai
my prom dress had pockets and I didnt have to carry aroudn a purse all night it was awesome 👐
Nyta - Gore
You do realize that periods, breats and pregnancy aren't just women things, right??
Muhammed Akbar
now do one for men
I love this show but the wage gap isn't what it seems it is real but statistics show that the wage gap is caused because men usually work more hours but still their are so many variables that it still can't be "deciphered"
rose 636
Don't forget the fake pockets
Ah yes. A male learning the worst parts about women...because i want to understand.
Anna Müller
Tampons from Europe might be a thing for you. It´s made without this plastic for shifting it up and the plactic arount the tampon is so tide it can´t make noises
Erinn Kelly
Amy Le
I have a dress that has pockets🤔
Shaving/ Waxing! 😱🙈
The Best Completely
I normally love this show but the wage gap has been disproved many times but since this video's for buzzfeed I bet they made her say that
Soso Shosho
I was in the middle of a show when my pierod started😤
Journey Darby
Yeah not being able to do things alone also blows
Periods are still the worst...
Endrawrz gaming
I have one. having boobs that arent teeny and jumping without a bra. it feels like those fuckers are gonna rip right off.
CS: Boop
I'm a guy but the fact that women think that men don't get scared of walking in the dark is not true, I get flipping terrified when I have to do that. No hate just sayin your not the only ones
Terezia Patschova
All theese people saying there is or isnt a wage gap - you have to look at this globally. I dont really know if you are all from the USA etc. and reffering only to your experience and country, but a simple statement, that the wage gap is or is not real cant really be made. Maybe it is not real in the US (i honestly dont know) but it certainly is in many pieces of the world - including Europe.
Mary Alice lovepuppies
theres no such thing as a wage gap
Angeles Guzman
Worst parts of being a women in Occident:

Worst parts of being a woman in the Middle East:
-getting your clitoris mutilated
Owen Coventry
i like how she says the wage gap without backing it up
Hayley Canales
Emma Gardner
Hi Ya
Lynx FTW
Half of these things are your choice
sarah valentina garcia vielma
You forgot about the tiniest thing in the universe: women's pockets
Micah Jones
Wage gap isn't real and I'm a girl
Toon Link
Bet half if not most of your view counts in this video are guys who are curious
Wait but the wage gap is not a thing
Wait but straight white men were elected, so it's the public opinion and not just the opinion of straight white men. And why is it only bad when straight white men try to control your uterus, would it be different if lesbian asian women would try to control your uterus and isn't it that they rather try to control the human life in your uterus, i mean it's not part of your body it's another human inside you, don't they teach biology in USA?
Wait but i read that women can actually learn to pee standing up. Maybe she should google this
Wait if she is strong, why is she afraid in the dark?
thea pewthers
if you tap the metal chain it loosens the knot and is easier to remove #lifehack
Tiff Kelly
you are like my favorite human, so cute. 💗💗💗
Pants with no front pockets.
I have bad balance, so I can't squat....
I'm not even a teenager, but I still like your series.
Matthew Bigelow
What is the difference between a feminist and a suicide vest?
A suicide vest will actually do something when it is triggered.
FleeComber Man
Those darn straight white men trying to control women's uteruses
Koreh Lawson
well no of fence but if there wasn't creeps woman wouldn't be scared to walk by themselves
There are alot of people that are male and are afraid to walk down a strret alone at night. Why do you think that so manny people in America carry guns?
People who aren't even a woman can relate to some of these
Bone Jangles
I've been blessed with tiny hands so I'm super good at untangling things
Junko Lyptus
Junko Lyptus
If you mention the lie that is the wage gap in the Western World ever again I will stop watching.
Is Hannah doing the butterfly project?
Emma Craig
You could make a whole series out of the worst parts of being a woman
blues clues
jean pockets
Social Fell
is it weird that im watching this and im a teen... probally not
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