alexandra claro
Th wage gap isn't real
Ame Doodles
I thing I'm about to start my period. Judging from the massive cramps.
Mia Elise Skov-Petersen
"dresses without Pockets" what about PANTS WITHOUT POCKETS!!!
Amulya Aditham
The best day of my life was the day of my friend's pool party and even though I was supposed to, I didn't get my period.
Olivia Summers
Top five struggles:
1 - Body standards
2- Boob sweat
3- periods
4- shaving
5- child birth
Kelly Harmon
The wage gap is simply the average earnings of men and women working full time. It does not count for different work positions, hours worked, or different jobs. It has nothing to do with the same job. It has nothing to do with discrimination
no pockets period like its horrible
Will Shearer
Am I the only one that thinks she's hot
Christina Le
Apparently, some period cramps can hurt more than some heart attacks.
Ava Geller
Something pocket related. Women's jeans with fake pockets. Like, I kinda want either no pocket, or an actual pocket. Not a little seem that I can only fit my fingernails in
Shadow Luna Moonnight
you get me
Austin PTH
"Who finds comfort in pulling something up their butt??" Me:...some of the gays. :)
Mayanna H
Jeans with pockets that are way to small
Charlotte Hemingway
If you want straight white men to stop controlling your uterus, you might want to consider not electing straight white men to make decisions about your uterus. Also, what do the "straight" and the "white" prt have to do with your uterus? Do black and/or gay men know more about uteri?
Shannie 123
Wage gap was disproven NUMEROUS times
Kinsley Hoggard
birth control is free in oregon lol
Olivia Johnson
You actually shouldn't be holding the keys between your fingers. If you go to hit something with them it can rip the webbing type stuff between the fingers. It is easier and more effective if you hold it as your hand is in a fist like you would hold a flashlight
team dipsy
for the one about walking home at night, try getting a concealed carry permit
There's no wage gap, it's illegal to pay less to a woman for the same job as a man, woman on average just usually take not as high paying jobs as men usually do
pants with crappy or no pockets! i swear its a conspiracy by the bag companies!
there is no wage gap look it up.... /''/'/'
Dream Catcher
There's a lot more hardness to being a woman than knots in your necklace or tampons!😕🙄🙄
Jill Martin
It should be the other way around, and we should only have periods when were pregnant.
i found all of this as a nice opinionated video, but i do need to point out that the wage gap was a flawed study and didnt account for the fact that women on average have chosen to find employment in jobs that pay less. if you take a man and a woman working in the same job, the wage gap doesnt exist, the study just took random people and was like "oh yea, mr welder here makes much more money than mrs teacher" and thus this is a gender issue. if the study had gathered a male teacher and a female teacher both teaching the same subject, or a male and female welder, there is no such thing as a wage gap.
sabr4930 sabr4930
Who hasn't got there period yet?
Rayan Hamdan
Men who say they want girls with big boobs is like girls saying they want tall guys.
Don't judge on uncontrollable things
It WaS a SwOrD
Wage gap is a myth😒 but I agree to every thing else
Danielle Hunt
I hope I can be like you when I'm a mum one day! Keep doing what you're doing!
Asholishous Nelson
My real mother
Kawaii Potato
This is the only reason I still watch buzzfeed
jessie cat
Anna's Reborns 5
How small your boobs' are
Buzzfeed, I'm begging you, the wage gap is a lie. It's been debunked so many times.
Ave and Lex
More wine mom! More wine mom!
Victoria Fischel
lean back when you pee squatting so it doesn't go everywhere. something i had to learn the hard way too #armygirlprobs
Adequate Akai
my prom dress had pockets and I didnt have to carry aroudn a purse all night it was awesome 👐
Adequate Akai
my prom dress had pockets and I didnt have to carry aroudn a purse all night it was awesome 👐
Nyta - Gore
You do realize that periods, breats and pregnancy aren't just women things, right??
Muhammed Akbar
now do one for men
I love this show but the wage gap isn't what it seems it is real but statistics show that the wage gap is caused because men usually work more hours but still their are so many variables that it still can't be "deciphered"
rose 636
Don't forget the fake pockets
Ah yes. A male learning the worst parts about women...because i want to understand.
Anna Müller
Tampons from Europe might be a thing for you. It´s made without this plastic for shifting it up and the plactic arount the tampon is so tide it can´t make noises
Erinn Kelly
Amy Le
I have a dress that has pockets🤔
Shaving/ Waxing! 😱🙈
The Best Completely
I normally love this show but the wage gap has been disproved many times but since this video's for buzzfeed I bet they made her say that
Soso Shosho
I was in the middle of a show when my pierod started😤
Journey Darby
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