Ed Sheeran - Don't [Official Video]

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Check out the official video for 'Don't' featuring the incredible dancer Pacman. You can buy the Don't EP here: http://smarturl.it/dontEP

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Director: Emil Nava
Exec Producer: Lanette Phillips
Producer: Danyi Deats
Production Company: London Alley
Commissioner: Dan Curwin

Denzel Bernad
This guy seems like Seth Curry
Raul Ratiu
the voices, of Justin Timberlake friend, shit NH! FUKC OFF
Baily Wilson
i never knew the song was about Ellie and Niall until just now. SHADY
Humza Hasan
Just the most of
Επιστήμονας Sia
Ed is THE hottest singer💓💓💓💓
UltimateTeletubbiesFan1997 Second Channel
i have magic too am like 14 so its all most my sweet 15 birthday 🎂
Беха бум
This guy reminds me of octodad
Rash TV
Kitty Faboulous
I LOVE this song!!!!!!😍😙😚
Keri Gradwohl
he was from the video with gabbie!!! Ahh! how lucky for her!
Tattijlino Dijkman
What does ed sing something like: alak i like a
Rylan Rees
idk why but I was laughing throughout the whole video even though song is so good and dancer got great skills but still this shit is hilarious to me lol dead
Tattijlino Dijkman
I think he is an alien because His moves are to good for this world
egil kake
egil kake
Edward Dergosits
WTF is this video about? Kinda cool the messican can dance but what is the point?
Ramiro Gutiérrez
I think that the message it's some people use love to get material goods. And her or his couples didn't notice that.
Good song...and video too.
Illusion G55
Is this guy like the most flexible man in the world
Grace Cunningham
knock knock knock on my hotel door I don't even know if she knows what floor...5 seconded later....we were staying at the same hotel floor
Sebastian Olmedo
Cool song👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻😎😎😎😎👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻.
u wot m9
hahah ed's like: what the hell did i just..

hold on i have to look at that one more..

what in the..?
Monalisa Vitória
no like
Monalisa Vitória
like no
Sergey Sergey
i think this song is dedicated to ell.... you know the rest of the letters. HAHAHA
College Prep
Real fans of ed go follow @barcleybarkley on Instagram
Luis Angel
Nayeli Bickerton
Who can agree that 2014 was the best year for music?
soo good
Hearing this two years later and all you can think is, "Wait--this is about Ellie Goulding."
Clorox Bleach
Teach me the ways of the spaghetti
Antarctic Wolf
man this song at 1.25 speed <3
Always Bezerkk
Awesome! Love the song, I just started a Youtube Channel as well and uploaded a cover of Ed Sheeran's Don't, but with a little different approach! Would greatly appreciate you starting me off by watching the Video :)
Ice cream lover899
what the heck I just don't get it what people r stupid enough in the world to Leave their doors open like this for him to break in?!?!!
What a thug hes driving at 90.
cool!! party! tunes!!!!
Julian George
Hey ed this song is about Ellie m I right
Maddy Smith
Anyone else watching in 2017?
Kati e
Why he so extra tho
Jazmine Morales
Isn't this about Elle Goulding and how she cheated on him with Niall Horan
Teoni Evans
I like you
Lyrics pls
Rebecca McFarlane
Ed and Marina and the Diamonds should write a song about Ellie Goulding
Luc Cro
great dacing
Esteban Pascuas
entonces de aqui fue que justin bieber sacó ideas para sus videos? como el de love yourself por ejemplo

que por cierto la escribió ed..
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