Kang Youra
Thank sir
مجتبى صالح
ليش ما تخلون كل مقاطع مترجمة ب عربي
Eduardo Festinalli
Vamo br cadê vcs
Patrik Bene
How do pyshics work? 7:19
kevin zimmer
We only had enough money in the budget to hire Tom Kenny.
Henrik Wiechert
aaron pollock
calm down it has been 2 hours since they started the town hall upgrade
Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali
I subscribed for a reason
Bishal khadka
we don't get our troops back after a attack even if they are on full health
Sniper wolf Swagdogplayz
Anthony TRAN
When barbarians come from the battle and come back from battle

New update installed you can now retrieve surviving units from battle
Endrik Craft
Lightning Kachowski
Hog rider is literally spongebob
ShadowBlade 8900
I love this so much
Pandix TV
Super Video
I think we all know what's wrong with 6:02

No army of hog riders came charging in
KP vlogs
the hog seller says ''keys don't do anything''
Any Thing
Barbarian:Is Life worth living without a blade?

Me:Blades are for Skaten
(Gets close)
Me:Ya Dingus
Me:Its a bit grassy
Pablo Andres Huanquiri
What does hello
carlos games
Tus videos son jeniales
Melina Rojas
I love you clash of clans💘
Melina Rojas
Furkan Soy
büyü yapan elektro büyücü Ben neden koymuyor niye büyücülük çok kötüyüm iğrenç yapıyorsun elektro büyücü lazım bunu yapanın ağzına Hayırlısı olsun Hayırlı değilmiş olsun Youtube'tan çıkıyor çıkarılsın hayvan
Angel Mendoza
I like him as a witch 😕
Daniel Martin
Riadi Aja
Gerald mason
Bonk Choy
estos capítulos los deberían poner en la tele
Eixo Rondado
Marcelo Oliveira
Max Radica
Me too. This is my favourite video
Sophie martineau
Its funny 😂
Anjana Vinu
clash of clans should put more of the clash a rama series
SergioluismorenoHernandez Moreno Hernandez
Era mejor el bárbaro como bruja era más poderoso
SergioluismorenoHernandez Moreno Hernandez
Por barbarian
Toc TV
всадник на кабанеееее!
dat pig face 7:28
Nereyda Vazquez
Love fhese videos
Julio Davila
Hello good morning
Daniel Zhao
The baby skeletons are adorable
Salih Avdic
2:08 LOL
gael alvarado
Yoquetu de sido ser bruja
BlueMelonGaming102 BlueMelonGaming
Saying the fact that this clash of clans player is a hacker because he was able to train dark elixir troops without a dark barracks and is able to train dragons and pekkas without lvl 9 or 10 barracks. Plus i think you cant get lvl 10 cannons at town hall 7. And hes rushed base
Callum Russell
I love clash of clans
Gamer Knight
Add mega knight as a character please
Creeper Cool
Please join my clan I need lots of people to join it's KINGS OF CLASH has 9 people right now and only 600 trophies so please join here if u can't find search my I'd here #8R2Y02UYP the name should say UltimateFighter
Gary Corpuz
You guys have the kids to get it too
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