6 Of The Most Unique Fidget Spinners!

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#1 Solid Blue Spinner ➡ http://amzn.to/2pukXHv
#2 Multi Color Precision Spinner ➡ http://amzn.to/2qCe5W8
#3 LED Glow Spinner ➡ http://amzn.to/2pufIHI
#4 Multi Color High Speed Spinner ➡ http://amzn.to/2p3qiSJ
#5 Black & Gold Circular Spinner ➡ http://amzn.to/2qC3PNI
#6 Heavy Duty Gear Spinner ➡ http://amzn.to/2qCah7j


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the emerald ninja
People were using them as knuckle dusters
dumbastrashcan trashcan
Already come up with it
dumbastrashcan trashcan
I have fidget pen
Gracelyn Hudson
Gracelyn Hudson
I love you I have cancer
Rokin can I have Bautista
my teacher lets us have a fidget spinner party
Lil crew
You should try the momentum 360 fidget spinner
Rokin can I have Bautista
my teacher lets us have fidget spinner party
SIDHARTH.S warrier
Gurman Singh Dhillon
Cristiano Seow
We can’t
It's Garrett
I got number 2 for $10
trevor saepurachman
They banned them in most schools where I'm from because kids try to sell them and it makes a big problem
trevor saepurachman
No us kids can't play with fidgety toys in school but I sneak them because I am a savage
mal mal
No cant carry them
Arnbleach Yerra
My circle one was the one on the pic and it came with a case and it was cheaper lol
Billy Harrison
Ryan Gamer
My class loves fitget spinner
Riley Hostettler
Yes I have about 10 fidget spinners and one fidget cube. We can bring them to school but we’re only allowed to take them out at recess
Patel Vidhu
My son every time ask me to buy another one fidget spinner when I take him to mall.
Alexander Miller
Im allowed to carry these my teachers sometimes borrow them
Lucas Medero
my fidget spinner is the most quiet thing in the universe you cant hear a thing but only one side works the other side spins a tiny bits like 2 sec ;-;
Gunnar Keith
My school some teachers let you have them and kn my class they even banned pokemon they pick them up and keep them forever
Danielle James
Yes I have one. You can change the light pattern on it. I love playing with it. It’s keep me claim.
My favorite is same as matt
Alyssa Cowherd
My whole school was bannd from figet spinne
Robert James Turner
No you can't do them in school,they would take the attention from school.
Zoe Donoho
We can have them
Ruben Zuno
We're not allowed to take figet spinners to school but my friends and I take them anyways
Kittie Mittie
redl 153
This is baldy 😐 he is sad and lonely 1 like =1 friend to cheer him up
gren lime
I have a figet spinner and my teachers allow it
Brennan Klemp
in my class we are the figet spiner i have is your favret won in this video
Yukana Kochi
Is your father Ted Cruz? I'm sorry but you really look like him...
I'm so sorry that you look just like Ted Cruz.
Rae P
I have figget spinners
Trevor Cf
At my school they banned tag Tag
And every toy like fingerboards witch is my favorite thing to do!
Shittyhead Chicken
28k disslikes
Plushtrap tem
Take fidget spinners to school yes
mr. cool
Omg matt your so right when some thing go crazy teacher try to make it not cool by taking your stuff

TinaMarie Alfonso
No i always get them token at school
Manas Naskar
I have 15 spinners
quinn franklin
banned after two weeks
Aww, I wish I could have a spinner . I'm actually autistic too. 😞
Logan Chavez
Alontai Weisner
don't say noting about Pokémon but my school we can take Figetspiner to school
Hamster Seed
Why do u always look dead inside on the thumbnails?
JamesTubeRaw None
Yes and yes I am allowed to have them at school
Damian Reed
We are allowed to use them at Dover Elementary School
DBZ Squad
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