This kid thinks he can counter Orton's RKO?!, only on WWE Network

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A young WWE Universe member gets the surprise of his life when Randy Orton appears out of nowhere on Swerved season two, episode three "Drop it Down"!

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Victor Nunez
kells7878 yo
That was adorable 💓💓💓
Phillip Young
Classic!!! 👍👍😁😁
XxSavage1738xX gamelays
damn I watch this a long time ago
All scripted.
Charles Singleton
He is back you dummy
To me I thought that randy orton hasn't had a hug for a year
Vanessa Torres
Aww cute kid. Randy Orton was my first major crush. And of course seth Rollins beautiful as well.
Lazy Young
He lied 🤥 oh well you can’t counter it I guess
Rafael Ortellado
Lóooóoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooo oooooL
Tanner McNeill
Kid went in for the bear hug. Get's 'em every time.
mr. 6040
i hope this kid gets rko one day so i can laugh at something
Mr Glitch
For a moment i thought Randy would focking obliterate the kid
Tere Pede
Wwe is not real
gideon boadi
He is so friendly outside the ring. And so unfriendly inside. What a great actor #Randy#
Da real Dan TDM Stoasa
When is Randy Orton coming back
Help me reach 10k subs without any video
I find this kid annoying,prideful and arrogant. Gaaayyyyyy!
Seth's laugh at the end omg
Kelsey VLOGS
At 1:39 I laugh so hard "what the heck" lol
Xx_knivesXX 1
0:48 Seth laugh😂😂😂
kagiso bolaane
He'd look like randys lil kid
hun ter dev kid
Randy orton is my favorite wrestler in the whole world
top 10
And to think people acuttaly think Randy Orton hates his fans
MegaBuilder 72
Cute I have to see it again
Gaming With Nick
Randy Ortan: Oh a hug 😂
Kirsty Hird
O my god😰😃😀
Chaxerii C
Hes actually huge.
I wanna kill this kid
I like how he feels excited while being in a head lock
I Have Autism
Ah so the secret to countering the RKO is to hug your opponent so that’s basically what’s Floyd does in boxing.
Ithehill's Mind
I can counter the rko too...
germanop X
Randy Orton: Grabs kid's head
YouTube: Crashes
Kayla Marie
Randy Orton made that young fans whole life lol..I love to see it when role models give back..especially to the young people who look up to them. Good job Mr. Orton! :)
The miz took that advice when he countered the reversed the RKO
Gabriel Wong
Rollin’s laughed so loudly, maybe he had a bad breath ?
Gabriel Wong
The RKO is a super fast move and Randy can use it rapidly and suddenly,there’s not a lot of people can counter this move
Trenton Hollenkamp
Kid puts on a better promo then most of the WWE nowadays
Hans Aguila
Im Laughing because of seth 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹
Sebastian Duran
Is randy no it's rko
Flo Gaming
Dean Ambrose
WTF wrong with dislikers
andres velastin
Omg its rko, he couldnt even remember randys name haha
randomness and bo2
Dominic Benson
1:42 so funny
Iram hina
My favorite is John cena
Cutiee135. Roblox
Seth was just dying laughing😂💀
Anthony Zeledon
0:50 He dying
Anthony Zeledon
I like how Seth Just laughing at Randy
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