This kid thinks he can counter Orton's RKO?!, only on WWE Network

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A young WWE Universe member gets the surprise of his life when Randy Orton appears out of nowhere on Swerved season two, episode three "Drop it Down"!

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when u realize randy Orton big af
Donna Ruiz
Seth Rollins laugh is pure golden
Oliver Ramirez
Itsred yt
he cant beat rko
Paul Chambers
That kid is cringy af
que fofo
A wild pootis Hoovy
somebody needs some friends
Rachel Chu
lol... I'm gonna counter him with a hug!
Charlie Rocky
Tai lopez fixing the mic
How to counter rko
1. Start tickling him
Yah Boi445
1:24 are you sure about that ?
Aa Aaa
ortaya çıkın türkler
Breno viana
alguém legenda esse video please
juhabaka peci
"Grown man snaps child's neck"...Oh wait he didn't do it.
Dalton Lane
He took like 2 seconds to realize it
Lipão 600
eu amo wwe
Javier Jvr
whay did he say? in spanish please someone
Fadel Al Ibrahim
🙂love this video can't stop watching !
JoeMGoodnight 34
Daniel Knockerz
deez nutz
best moment ever😢
Erick Rj
Rusty Jr
wait wait wait why is Jeff Tremaine there?
Best counter ever
wish i was in the kids place
Bennren Santoalla
Nelson Chou
1:44 Puberty has not come
Nelson Chou
Steve Duplantie
The kid pulled a Bayley instead of the counter.
this made me cringe
André Ferreira
i was expecting a counter but i just gave up with the hug <3
kiefer Jolito
i love randy orthan i want meet him
raman randoms sharma randoms
Hum to jio pe hue
The Kid
My screen and all the windows in my house broke just because of hat one voice crack.
Fortunate Fred
Thank you Randy Orton for being good with the kids.
Oliver B
16 years ago and the wrestler would have actually done it.

and to a girl.
Clorox Bleach
all the kid did was touch his arms brah. he let go to make him feel good
nicole says hi
magician 1
A hug is always the best counter
Junior Reyes
elqn nrms
I can kick his butt..
Amine Medini
I will sub anyone who subs me <3
Babblu Vaddi
everyone saw the kid!!!!
i saw seth and randy really friendly
Jim Bob
So acted out
B.A. Chan
1:37 "Whachout, Whachout, WHACHOUT!!" #RKO
so kiddy!
Dawson Leonardi
Turbo Awsomeness
Pointless Account
Everyone knows when Randy RKOs, thousands of people die from the shockwave.

Come on

You CANT counter basic headlocks :l
Hugh Mungus
That annoying sound when teenage boys hit puberty 1:44
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