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Hi everyone! Have you ever imagined that you might have some unique powers that almost no one else on Earth has? No, we're not talking about supernatural abilities like invisibility, flying or walking through walls. There are skills that are more common, but still very rare among people. So, here are 5 simple tests to find out how unique you are. top 10 mind games intelligent education

Weeksie/CANETDS Awesomeness
I did all of them with ez

Marena Gould
I can fit my entire fist in my mouth...That's hella weird bro
I did 1
woah so glenn is one of 13 people...
I can touch my wrist with my thumb on my left hand...but not the right hand...and I am right handed
Tamel Robinson
I can do the thumb touching wrist and the one with your ring finger
Saiba Dean
i can put my fist in my miuth and touch my wrist
Juan Isarraraz
Well I can drink more then average people does that count?
Thales S. Ito

More like useless tricks to prove that you're a show up weirdo.
Charlotte borup
I can do two of these, fitting my fist in my mouth and the thumb on
Eri'asia Letthand
I could do all of these but the last to is a no go
Elisabeth Joao
I can do that with my thumb!
Ella Lene
I can do the first one
Mahaleah Mclean
the thumb is easy
Taqoia Ford
Glitched Spirits AJ
I can do the first one and the cobra spit :p
FenrirHere -
Make dat 14 I can do all of them
Destynie Rice
I could do 4/5
max 4567
i can do all exept the cobra spiting and eye popping out
Nogales195 RBLX
These are lies,
Everyone is unique.
I was able to do all of these tricks
Anthony Johnson
I can do every single one
Allen Chamberlain
I can pop my eyes πŸ‘€ really far out
Mallie Thorsted Akselsen
I can have my fist in my mouth.. xD
aster brian caccam
4 can only fit
Princess Skittlez
I could have done all five but i dont want to pop out my eyes...
Saith Pierre
I did the hypomobility
Emmaleigh Hill
I was able to do all unsept two
kamila shavrin
I could do almost all of them
Emily Trevizo
I can do everything except the eye popping one. Do I put this in my resume now or what
Wolfie Stardust
I can do the first one, and the theird one
Jason the Saiyan
I could do one
Dorothy Brazeau
i can bend my thumb to my wrist
Keanozz 911
Things like these don't make someone unique, everyone is unique. Be yourself, everyone else is taken. πŸ˜€
i could spit up to four feet not lying
i can do all of them am i unique or weird or .................... BOTH!!!!!!! MIND WAREHOUSE TELL ME PLEASE
gabriel marchi goeritz
cof cof (refugio mental cof cof)
wingette wingette minyoongiii A.R.M.Y jungkookie
i can the do the hand thing,cobra thing😊😊😁😁😁
Zack Dragon gamer
um is this a super power XD
burp anytime if you want....................yep i mweird but i hav that power
Elizabeth Corren
I'm SO boring I could do NOTHING!!!!
bomber girl
i did some of it i can put some of my fist in my mosh and do that tumb thing
Jammie Plais#
I did the first one
Rebecca Mehringer
jefff go to sleep
i can do all of them
Galaxy the Swan
I could do the finger one and thumb one. Lol i must have flexible hands!
Fairy Cattie
I could do the first 4 ones
Assassin Gamer21
I'm not unique
Toasty s
I could do 2 of these and I can do many more tricks that pretty much no one else can do
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