Let Us Play With Your Look: Anne Hathaway (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)

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Hathaway stars in another installment of 'Let Us Play With Your Look'.

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Let Us Play With Your Look: Anne Hathaway (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)

Maddie Bentley
Anne Hathaway is fucking funny omg and this is so fucking funny i love it <3
the best let us play with you look!
LOL just found this video. 😂😂😂😂
Bessam Idani
This skit is very similar to something you could have seen on The Muppet Show.
Jamallah Bergman
Someone fan him or get him some smelling salts please,lol
Jamallah Bergman
They need to bring this back IMMEDIATELY!
Olivier Foutou
I forgot about this lol Anne Athaway never fails to make me smile!
Neal Gibson Jr.
where is the one with maya rudolph?
Andy.J Merlinlover
can we bring this back?
Candace Middleton
Jimmy got me crying lol
Kayla Anderson
So this came up on my recommended, 2012 was fucked up lmao -2017
Watched this like 20 times so awesomely funny
and I guess Anne Hathaway went to the same church as Donnie Hathaway because @2:48 the holy ghost took over
Michael Gaschler
Is this Die Antwoord in a mental asylum?
crystal jasmine
this was weird at first but hilarious at the end
Diogo Azevedo
My favourite video on YouTube!
Toli veira
*your ..... let us playy with ur look will stay in your head for a long long long long time!
Toli veira
Leeeeert let us play with you look 1890877x let us play with u look my new fav song
bruce wayne jeremy dc
annie knows how to sing like a boss
simon keller
Holy vocal range something on Anne's part
Black thong under white pants = win
Jasmine Houston-Burns
omg that was hilarious. you really only can do that a few times
That's some weird shit out there when I thought Jacob's patience was something
I felt uncomfortable in the first 1 minute
Lydia Lestage
One of my fav skits LMFAO
Ke Chambre
PLEASE someone tell me where I can find the one with Jimmy Fallon and Maya Rudolph! I need to hear that one for my happiness lol
Taka Ono
Did Anne Hathaway picking up the comb and spray bottle trigger anyone else's ASMR... or was that just me?

...That was probably just me.
Elise Xuereb
I can't believe Jimmy's legs
Ana Perugorria
The guy is so damn cute..
Rik Osborne
... wat
this is the best thing ever
I would love for Anne Hathaway to pour water all over my head.
ok....What The Fuck
Lisa Collins
BRING THESE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tyler Okun
please bring this back
Let us play with your look, I love it!!!!!
mark milshtein
lost hope in humanity
actually ik what happened they gave him a new shirt some jimmy fallon stuff and a gift card my mom went and she told me about it
Arash Kar
Is this spoof of something?
Dale Lee Cooper
The song is so trippy.
I wish I was high while watching this
Please bring this Skit back, Jimmy Fallafel.
Lana Golightly
I came to the comments too see people hating on it and then realized i was the only one who didnt like it
Kar Diem
Am i weird if i like the song?!
Eeshwar Jagirdar
Fucking hell, this is gonna be stuck in my head forever now
This. Was. Incredible. I'd rate it up there with "Kristen Shaal is a Horse" for the best of WTF humor. :D
Pisces Rain
Damn what's the drug budget for this show ??
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