President Trump hosts German Chancellor Angela Merkel


Merkel visits the White House for the first time after Trump said she was "ruining Germany" during his campaign for presidency.

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Россия является лучшей страной
Merkel ist eine Schande Trump handelt richtig wird bestimmt auch ein sehr guter Präsident. Merkel ist eine verräterin
Krista Antonini Martin
Perhaps it's about time that they paid me my 18 Million Dollars for my Original Military Art Show in Wassenfels. Go Trump!
I'm a Blacksmith.
Han Sdampf
Imagine every leader in the world being that retarted and aggressive like Trump...
Mark Stinson
still beats Hillary
n now we all know that wire taping is real
Marcio de la Getto
trump is too good...
i wished he would be our chanzler here in germany.
god bless him
Ann coulter Triggered me
I feel bad for the poor German woman getting raped by these Muslim "refugees" seems like the rich "progressives" don't really care that much about the poor
emotional offender
The Germans are obliged to pay tribute by the swineherds of the prairies.
Urs Schaffer
when trump opens his mouth!!
Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion
Fuck Merkal and her Jewish masters... Europe is facing racial & culture extinction because of their deliberate policy's to take over native Europeans.
lanqing zhao
She is ruining Germany .
malek aya
It IS utterly ridiculous.
I don't believe in fake news ....
Insanis Stultitia
I could not believe that Liar and Chief TRUMP was throwing FOX News under the bus and running them over. LOL!
He is a unprofessionell Child
Mick Passenger
trump is stupid
Ben Cancio
You guys can go smoke your weed.Obama and Merkel did more damage in these eight years by bringing in Muslims to the US and Germany.So what he didnt shake a hand..Who gives a fuck...
Turd Doodlesworth
Trump reads like he's still learning, like a kid in grade 4. This piss stain's whore of a mother should have aborted him and flushed his orange fetus down the shitter.
andy raymond
You mean CNN?
Terrance Clash
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂This will be a funny year indeed.
nanpopco nanpopco
nanpopco nanpopco
Dark Joker
Trump should better shut is cunt mouth she knwo her job and did great things "the refugees plan not" and trump did ... nooooooothing
Tajuddin Celebes
its paintfull TRUMP Say
Tajuddin Celebes
suck my dick
what an embarrassment the US has become a ridiculous and laughable nation to the whole world no to the entire universe
The President of the United States Donald Trump is NOTHING smart. Shame of Trump.
peter lee
Trump is a ridiculous human being and an embarrassment to our Great Nation. Trump only caters to the rich and the uber rich that support the Republicans while screwing everyone else including their dumb ass supporters.
Chuck Fina
0:56 awwww that awkwardness nearly killed me.
I had to kill 50 kittens to feel normal again.
Brianna Gordy
Our president trusts Fox News for valid information. We're fucked.
Sepi Setaita Vave
Mark my words Trump will eventually start a war... I hope Jesus comes soon 😂😂😂
The Cat down the road
Interesting that a reality show host has no sense of reality! What a "GOOF!"
Lauren Dilling
Fake news
Denied Handshake? Awkwardness Level over 9000
Real Native
Gosh trump the fraud got his news on fox news lmao this joke is really something
Valentin Torres
What an embarrasment Trump is to US. I have served my country with honor, but this is just disgraceful.
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