Toronto Zoo Giant Panda vs. Snowman

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Toronto Zoo Keepers made giant panda Da Mao a snowman for enrichment! 

Watch as he plays with, or rather disassembles, their creation. 

To learn more about giant pandas visit here:

To donate to giant panda conservation visit here:

it still a child
Denis Kuzmin
Female-Panda - much more stupid, than Male one!
Lloyd CC
imagine your childhood but for your entire life, that is a pandas life. these are the most peaceful creatures i have ever seen. they probably dont even care if they are in the wild or in a zoo, they will have fun either way
Derek Ji
P Jay
wow that panda doesn't have a care in the world 😀
Radim Havranek
Everything is funny when you are in cage :(
Paula Martell
I can conquer this mountain, sir!
Echo Lei
make him a snowman everyday pls
ming yao
IF WWIII happen, please don't boom or nuke sichuan panda base. most of panda lives there.
Ketty Lee
A drunken panda
Nuti Axk
so cute
Xiaolong Cui
He is just like Po.
I'm surprised this isn't trending yet.
Azra Atındağ
Çok ponçikkkk
glenn h Friedmann
Pandas have to be the cutest things..
Dedpool 936
I can see why these are going extinct
Alex Philippoff
Awesome !
Dyamond Trujillo
Evelyn Yao
I does when he fell and then the snowball feel on top of hin
Ye Just
FBI should be careful about 114 dislike haters, they are very dangerous
jeanne blair
love love love
He just casually falls off the snowman head first like it's nothing lmao.
Frank z
why is he so dirty?
Peng Lei
Master Roblox Gaming 5
Panda Plays
I love panda❤
Hermie Films
Giant pandas aren't endangered any more 👍👍👍👍
ehawee the therian
1:22 me after work
Śnieżynka MSP
Monsarrat Major
Panda - 1 Snowman - 0
So cute! We love pandas in our house, we call our baby panda baby. I uploaded some vids of him, if you like cute babies you're welcome to check them out! :-)
Too young too sample
Nathan Kuhn
so funny,
Sandra Murphy
Konstantinos Matzarakis
That's why pandas are in danger of extinction... :P
Sorry everyone, but this Bruce guy commenting very rudely towards us Canadians (And French-Canadians at that! Mon Dieu!) is upsetting me. He needs to show more respect and not use the "R" word. Maybe his parents never taught him any manners? We Canadians are entitled to our opinions. We love being Canadian. We love and are proud of animals that are born in Canada. is there a problem with that? if my Mother were irish and my Father Spanish, but i was born in Canada, i could still call myself a Canadian, and be proud of that. What is an American? Someone born in America. And NO ONE is a Retard!!! We are all special in the eyes of God. Sure, an African Lion born in Ohio is still African, and a Hawaiian Turtle born in Cuba is still Hawaiian... but where were they born? That counts too. if i get pregnant and give birth in Japan, unless i am Japanese and/or my Husband is Japanese, then i cannot say that the Baby is Japanese or even Half-Japanese. But i can be proud that they are born in Japan. Ontario loves their Pandas. i love Ontario. i love Pandas. So Bruce, shut up already and spread the love. You even correct people's spelling errors. Stop trolling on this Video's chat and move on already. Yaaay Toronto Zoo!
Yumuklu Sucurta
İzlemekten bıkmadım
Fransisca M
Another panpan built the snowman. And he was not very happy with this destroyer
Barbod Bayat
Anyone else searched for panda by desiigner but ended up here?
what a fucking stupid cunt
Skyler and Jazzy xx Smiles
he's so fricken cute
omar sosa tableros
pau te amo <3 <3
This is soooooo cute
Sukman Lee
Oh so very funny! I'm in love with our panda family in Toronto! Feel sad whenever I think of them moving to Calgary ...
Cookie__ __Sta
So funny, but cute and adorable
P Somniferum
why do way pay so much money to take care of Chinese bears? if we're really making America great again, we need to give China their dumb ass bears back. or put these pandas in the same pens as the grizzlies and let evolution take its course
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