pringles are so cool
I have badgers foxes squirrels frogs newts and owls in my backyard
Jacob Louie
Wild man Phil came to my field trip
Dwan Stir
Wilman phill came to my school!!
SnowFlake Kari
Btw my cousins have 8 snakes 3 lizards and a hedge hog as there pets!!!!!
SnowFlake Kari
I'm in Florida and please come to mine
Will Metz
well just any common texas critter
Will Metz
spiders, I saw a pink snake and my brother said it may be a brown snake
but i thought it was a worm snake
Though my uncle owns about 50 acre with wildlife
A dog lives in mine
I hope I see you
I live in Florida
Come to my house plz I seen cats geckos snakes lizerds frogs toads and I catch all of them I'm not afraid plz come my dreams will come true!!!!!
Tatiane Gearhart
I saw a fox and a turtle
Robin T
I like you
Barbara Newson
I have sea animals in this pond
Nikki Mac
There are turtles and snakes in my backyard
Annabel Penton 18 (STUDENT)
first little batman is 11 now he is 10 according to coyote!!
Jamee Green
I have blue tonge lizards goanas
Jamee Green
We have some snakes kangaroos emu bob taild goannas I think we have eagles spiders scorpions I think really goats and sheep and.i live in Aus
Bernadette griffin
Blue belly lizards 🦎
Pierce Wells
Really want to go in my creek but my mom and and my dad won’t let me go down to the creek.
Kristi Wilson
I have deer and elk in my backyard
luz foley
that was a desert blonde tarantula that he caught right
Heather Brown
Taryn Kahl
Okay soooo cool
Jason Miami Vlogs
no animals in my backyard only ants
mike leahy
I live in Wisconsin
mike leahy
Come to my house and explore
Nora Shemon
Who is watching in 2017
Amanda Hogan
I wish you come πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜
Amanda Hogan
I live in Nashville gorge Troyowin rd
Amanda Hogan
High I am tate I wish you would come to my home but you don't have to come
Sarah Miller
Frogs !!!! Lots of them
Kevin M. Sano
The bat is soo cute
Grumpy cat Da one
Me: let's watch this! Se a spider O_O nope
Toxical Weazle
Who names there kid archie?
Moon Fire
Oh, you have lizards and stuff?

I have freakin ALLIGATORS in my back yard

Yea I'm Floridian.

cole 143c
my backyard is boring: I have spiders, ants, other insects like grasshoppers and crickets, squirrels and chipmunks, robins and other birds, millipedes and centipedes. I live in Southern Ontario. Here we don't have any interesting animals other than maybe moose, bears and wolves. And that's more North in the forests, I live in the suburbs.
Victoria Nedyalkova
Bats spread ebola
Jackson Blair
I have snakes crayfish snapping turtles fish and frogs.
Fabian GonzΓ‘lez
Rats live in my home
Luka Triandafilidi
in our back live one of the most terrifaing creatures on earth... chickens
Alannah Rojas
I have lizards in my backyard but you make the best videos in the world I keep watching your videos until you get 9000 likes
We have some rattle snakes and Burmese pythons
Salamanders in are back yard
Beth Stewart
Bunnies live in my backyard
AussieBoi Ryan
While I was watching this I felt something in my arm and I thought it was a spider and I screamed so loud
Teena Iannuzelli
In my back yard i have wasps hornets and fire ants
Gubby Honey Productions
its kinda cheese how he said isnt that wild?
Lewis Hatchett
who in USA i`m in UK. :)
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