10 Most Epic Disney Movie Themed Bedrooms EVER

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10 AMAZING Bedrooms Inspired By Disney Movies
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Disney has been a huge part of many of our childhoods. We know some of these stories inside and out. We love Disney so much that we want to add a little bit of the magic into our everyday life. What do we love more than Disney? Probably nothing, except sleeping. So why not combine the two? 

Yes, there is a way to combine sleep and Disney. We know you all have Disney dreams of faraway kingdoms and adventures. But what about bringing those magical lands into your own room? Doing so is possible. Don’t believe us? Just wait until you see it! 

Some clever and creative people have used their skills to bring the Disney magic into their homes. They have revamped bedrooms and used some of our favorite Disney movies as inspiration.

One of the bedrooms is Cinderella themed and includes the pumpkin carriage as the bed. The coolest thing is it looks just like the one in the movie. Sleeping Beauty’s pink dress also inspires some very bright and colorful bedrooms. The one in our video not only used the dress but even some of the furniture styles of the film. It’s a gorgeous blend of sophistication and fun. We would love to be the sleeping beauty in this fun princess room. 

Eager to start your own bedroom makeover? Get ready to be inspired by 10 Most Epic Disney Themed Bedrooms Ever. Let us know which bedroom is your favorite in the comments section below. Thanks for watching.

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Tabitha Slade
i loved to last one
Gabby Pic.
Some of these kids will be regretting the tearoom decorations when they get older
Carla Brunelle
these are really awesome room styles
Renee Irish
i will never follow you granddaughter of rini irish
Shaun Blom
Lol love
Kamala Iyer
i loved the carriage bedroom.
Sneha Bijalwan
Where is Snow White theme bedroom?
my favorite one was Alice In Wonderland
Claire Pruim
Keisha Gail Orona
I want all the girls bedrooms
Claire St Cyr (Student)
Child1 Family
my favorite one was the last one ( pumpkin carriage).
Amy Autwell
:) hi😀
Merna Gobrael
the Punkin carlig
loopyloo loopyloo
I loved the rooms especially the toy story ones but for f***s sake get on with it and stop talking!!!!!
Jo Taylor
Alice in wonderland was definitely the best room! But so was the pumpkin carriage too 😂😂😂
Dylan Gaming
Alice and wonderland bedroom
i love them all
Chloe's channel
aurora and cinderella have a nice bedrooms
Sherrie Johnson
wow I like that well I like those bedrooms 😊
r bha
I love have Cinderella dress bed Can you tell me how much it costs
Sophia Gagetta
U guys should make princess loft bed room
Sara Toor
beauty and the beast bedroom is best i want it
Salim Sayed
i liked the bedroom of frozen, alice and cindralla
Sky_ Slayer22
how about otaku bedrooms
Lailah Wright
NightMeowStar GM
I want lion king....
Carla Handley
u ok jessi
Evil princess
i went to the disney cruise on 2013 and i went there
Evil princess
i was on that playroom
my child relly whats the pink bedroom
Alexa Tortora
I have been on the toy story boat
Jeana Marie Pizzo Maggio
I've got my attraction on the 'Sleeping Beauty', 'Lion King', 'Peter Pan', Disney Princess, 'Frozen', and 'Alice in Wonderland' bedroom themes.
I even like the Toy Story 'Cloud' wallpaper and the 'Cinderella' wallpaper and bedsheets.
Michael Youngs
frozen came out in like 2015
Aishlyn Kampitan
Walt Disney Movies or Dreamworks Movies?
Shalini love sh
I want all of these bed rooms in my house
Kaileen Käppa
I Love Disney
Nora channel
Alice in Wonderland.
Rylee Traugott
Megan Snyder
#awesome # princeessbed
Megan Snyder
Awesome!....... how much is that bed?
CakeCity & Co.
CakeCity & Co.
I need one too
CakeCity & Co.
I am you tuber ;)
CakeCity & Co.
I didn't get to see that kind of beds
Principessa Fesya
ιм 7 уєαяѕ σℓ∂
J Lopez
What about when they grow up?
Shekha Atheya Pañares
I love the frozen bed room
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