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Top 5 Scariest Urbex Videos plus three bonus videos. Abandoned places homeless encounter. Abandoned house find strange, shocking stuff. Exploring abandoned places gone wrong. People found living in abandoned buildings and more.Subscribe for more exploring abandoned USA! Urban Exploration in creepy abandoned places! Some abandoned places near me are waiting to explore. For some of our adventures we travel. If you didn't know better you'd think we spend all our time in an abandoned ghost town! One day an Abandoned house, the next an abandoned building. Sometime we encounter ghosts, spirits, capture evp and sense the paranormal. Do you believe in hauntings? We love exploring places. If you like exploring with josh, dan bell and the proper people, then come explore with us!

These are the 5 most horrifying Urban Exploration Videos 
Some of the scariest most shocking videos are made while we explore places that have long been abandoned. Many of these places are near me. Sometimes we travel. Stay tuned we are always uploading crazy videos.

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Explore Abandoned Places With TattooTonyAlton
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Nelson Bennett
the first video is really funny.
tammy leaver
love your videos... be careful.
Wilhelm Something
What a way to start "we found a dildo".
austin conklin
And there was a messed up stuff going on in these grate vid thow can’t whet to see more👍💯
Wear glove and conceal carry.
I really, really hope you report your suspicious findings to some form of law enforcement. Who knows, one day you could help the police lock up a killer/rapist.
You shouldn't have said "Don't worry about us man" that is more than likely what made them suspicious of you
purple swirly device
The Dark Pirate Stories
once exploring you have to be really cautious..and prepared for everything..but never know-like in this video. besides, really good work!
Paws 3290
Hi person reading this☺
Lucio Ezpinoza
Jaclynn Marie
Wtf is up with that picture, the lady with her legs spread, what kind of people take pictures like that?...
akimbo slice
There are wires on that piece of the disc on that spine....probably a replica, If by chance it was real. Call the cops.
Strange purple swirly object that may require batteries...

What could it be?
LuLu Belle
I'm here for the weave
Dirpy Turtle
Ohhh. What aaaaa weird errrr... battery operated device?
Lori Miller
16:25 Was that a growl ? Wtf ?
Tony Goode
Dude, I'm subbing, these are super real! Thank you
Trevor Mynatt
This is like the hood edition to exploring abandoned places on youtube
Journeetothesmokey Moon
I hope y'all have a gun when y'all are out doing this. Me and my bf go to old places in the country and explore. Our fav so far was a church full of all kinds of stuff. Someone had been living there. It was out in the middle of no where. If we stumbled on any one at all it would be a redneck but y'all are in dangerous territory from the looks of things!
Miss UrbanXplorer
people ask how can you assume they have drug problems?! REALLY??? It's right infront of your face, not to mention why the hell would you be living in a place like that with paraphernalia everywhere if you are not a drug user? Wouldn't you be in shelters? A lot of shelters drug test so if you pop you can't go in
Ariel Kiara
those places are very dangerous and need to be torn down a lot of murders and rapes happen in those houses
Erik Montoya
Like the new condemned game looks real.
Philip Tabaka
Not sure if it has been brought up, but at 21:26 few seconds before or after...after he said crack and up in all their hear 'nigga'? Clearly...with it sounding like "nigga?...don't fuck with me kinda tone.
fking creepy!! I wouldn't hang around there where people are squatting
Pup Flower
maybe they were all pedos. and the one that stuck around was high or more mentally ill , seeing nothing wrong with his philia and being way too honest for comfort.
Anthony Puccetti
Don't bother exploring in squatters' homes unless you see that there is evidence of kidnapping or rape.
John Doe
That dildo in a church school, please report it to the police, its not too late, u might still end up saving a lot of children.
Eric Jacobs
To get a slice of life just go volunteer at a shelter home instead of fucking with the homeless.
renton willoughby
Best solution: Demolish all those homes for starters, then use Philippine President Duterte's method: KILL the Drug lords, KILL the drug manufacturers, KILL the drug pushers/runner, then KILL the drug USERS.... (NO MORE DRUG PROBLEMS!)
Marsha Singley
I am surprised YouTube let you keep this thumbnail... It's pretty risqué!
James Faust Jr
spinal column holy crap wtf is going on there?
Jon V
here's what you came for 8:30
Just wondering do you carry?
A lot of these places should definitely be reported to the police. Not sure where you are, but most places in Canada and the US have anonymous crime reporting phone lines. That way if you're not reporting because you don't necessarily want to get involved, at least the police still have these places and people on their radar. Crimes could potentially be solved by some of these places.
spencer vongsombath
"we found a fuckin dildo here"lmao
All of us know it's a dildo dude, don't say "oh man yeah it's some weird device".
1UP tag @14.39
Those are some pretty dangerous situations - never know what some druggie will do to you if they find you in their space so to speak. Stay careful man, cool videos.
thomas craig
Great video guys
5ignsRclea R
I couldn't do what you guys do. Thank you for sharing and please be careful and stay safe.
L Z.
That makes me so sad. So many homeless are addicted to drugs and alcohol and they have to live in these conditions because of it. I hope someone finds them and gets some help for them.
if I was there I would spread gasoline on the first floor and light a match and burn down that place Trust me that place not worst saving
I want all my stuff back!!!
Yo Wow
It looks like a dildo
Sherri G.
Love these kinda videos! Keep it up. xx
Sassy Cat
That is 100% a human vertebrae. You should notify the authorities. There could very well be more pieces around the building. A grieving family would be happy to get anything back so their loved one can be laid to rest.
Pro-tip: wear gloves if you are going to touch stuff while exploring. Nothing like leaving your prints in crazy places.
You seem to find dildos everywhere.
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