Cleveland Gunman Steve Stephens Blames His Girlfriend For Killing Spree

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Charlamagne awards donkey of the day to a sick man named Steve Stephens who was driving around Cleveland murdering innocent people because of issues regarding his girlfriend. 

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Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM
Joyce Krivinskas
I knew Steve Stephens before the killing he was my case manager at beechbrook
Box One
Damn I wanted this dudes head.
csm mbl
boycott weak black beta males!!
He didn't deserve donkey of the day. He deserved much worse.
Chris The Vigilante!
Donkey of ALL TIME
GOAT of donkeys 👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿
Taye the Diva
They need to work on finding those other bodies he say he got. and it's crazy how he was so bad talking bout killing til he get cased up the killed himself like he scared
rasheed sobo
niggas shoulda caught him lacking and fired on him well he's dead now
Josh Hou
I love seeing the BLM members getting on this, oh I forgot the shooter wasn't white so it's ok.
Somebody in the comment section
black guy kills black guy so what. black people have killed other black people for less. you know this guy listened to all that gangsta rap music and hip-hop
sheis jennifere
mental illness not being treated. Prime Example.
For some reason I don't believe this was real
black men are always blaming everybody but themselves. It's everybody's fault but his.. Typical!!!!!!
Baraka Mkray
Chris Larusso
lol this is insane
Drew Cecato
white people always goin around going on killin sprees smh
Paul DG
This is the best radio presentation that I have ever heard!
steven daniels
who ever believes this story gets Donkey of the day u damn Zombies lol..the "grieving" family even says it's not real
Lil Jety
Wanna kill him so bad
G Cis
Jay said it a long time ago... The power of the P*$$y
Phillip W.
Blames his girlfriend? We need a personal interview from his girlfriend, his family and whomever else is affiliated with him before his killing spree
George Toney
charlamane: if u happen to have the chopper and u see him don't be afraid to let it go......💯💯💯😂
Karreuche Restrain Order
joy lane must got that snap back puwassay 💦
Chapo Gucci
he ain't gone hear you why make the video
Cord Cole
crazy ass
Moses Small
Dude you destroyed multiple lives over some tail. Where's Soulja Boy w/ the Draco? Where are the cops that hate n!gg@z? Black Lives Matter, I know you n!gg@z have snipers. Good time to bring them out. I'm just saying.
Moses Small
Dude you destroyed multiple lives over some tail. Where's Soulja Boy w/ the Draco? Where are the cops that hate n!gg@z? Black Lives Matter, I know you n!gg@z have snipers. Good time to bring them out. I'm just saying.
drb 2
Definition of a fucking coward
Philip James
Shooting a random old Black man because his girlfriend left him doesn't add up, at all! That I doubt was the reason.
Hamza Faison
Why he didn't take her out besides that innocent man. She hurt you , not him.
Code _V_83
Code _V_83
its definitely a different mindset in the midwest.....
Kevin Hill
Why would you give a donkey of the day to this scumbag? It's almost like a mockery of the situation. You put Drake, Tomi Lahren, and birdman in the same category of a sick evil animal... don't make sense ...
K. Wright
This bastard is more than a donkey of the damn day😠😠😡😡😡
Ez Kidd
Anybody else think Stevie Steve was a Hoax??
Kyle Cooper
Number one reason abortions and planned parenthood needed
austin mcdaniels
The scumbag is dead
Tim Campbell
Wow, I feel sorry for the mother of this man. Clearly she also has mental conditions. Because if it were my mother, I couldn't even insinuate about murder, without an aggressive movement to get me help. Whether it was calling my cousins, to kick my ass, or calling the cops to do the same, even with the threat of the white ones killing me. LOVE is aggressive NOT passive. Thats why I only keep people around me who loves hard. This keeps me on the right path as a man. Clearly this man had none of that. Are you telling me not ONE, saw the signs and DID NOTHING. I'm sorry, but sometimes YOU CAN BLAME OTHERS for other peoples crimes. WEAK WILLED LOVE CREATES WEAK WILLED MEN AND WOMEN LIKE THIS. Now someone lost there life because of it. The moral of the story is, ladies and gentlemen, LOVE HARDER don't let anyone around you, act a fool, without taking aggressive actions to help them, even if it means, them absolutely despising you for the rest of your life.
Jidai Beats
lol..."if u happen to have the chopper on u"...steve stephens better not go to chiraq...lot of brothers happen to have the chopper on em there...
Hope y'all know this whole thing was fake..nothing but a distraction from the government
Rychgurl Dakidd
Thats the truth SMH 😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨
Melissa Koss
Hey who was in the drivers seat?
Perzië P. Robert godwin rip
I cry so much oh my god from amsterdam rip robert goodwins senior rip may god bless your familli
Steve The Savage Stephens...

I feel more for him than the "victims" 👏👏✊✊

Dude was having a hard time n yall didnt give af😑😑😑 Till everybody feel it lmaoo
Lennese Joseph
so he had to go out the coward way not death row like he said in the video I'm glad he's dead they should have caught it on video like he killed that man on video
Baraka Mkray
Baraka Mkray
STEVIE Stephens committed suicide
Brian Alvin
where are the cops that kill innocent blk man at?? y'all can go Call of Duty on his ass!
Unfortunately, he killed him self 😔 only if he got tortured.
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