Kate Upton Is a Flip Cup Pro (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)

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Kate Upton Is a Flip Cup Pro (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)

You know what cups we wanted to be flipped.😉
grzegorz gregory
I would fuck her so hard
the roots had the best view in the house
tiago mota
jimmy cares more about beer than the game..
James, Lebron James
Jimmy Fallon is fat
king mehmood ghaznavi
All jimmy was left behind saying "HEY" 😂😂😂
مقاطع مضحك
Kate Upton size 8
Random JANepo
Sierra Snider
everyone has a different taste in a woman. so no one person can make others agree. personally, she is super cute in my eyes. but I lost my crush on her due to that boring yet obnoxious personality.
Dave Strong
I remember trying this with actual pint glasses..... Total disaster. Never been back to that pub.
2Fat4FlyTrash YT
Ima play this legally at 16 yay be jealous
Sean Sartor
Now that's a woman !!!!!
Ahamd ALanazi
Nicole Hastings
She never played and she win you
A Sam
This guy isnt funny.
jimmy: when I start kicking your butt
*says this to Kate
you have a dirty mind jimmy
So she's kinda like a Heavy drinker........ I see....
wActHing kOAla
He should've played this with Lilly Singh a.k.a. Superwoman
Oh Kate Upton definitely swallows.
Bryan Carmona
1:17 what does this sound like 😏
Bryan Carmona
Jimmy is so lucky
nino kaladze
She a BOSS he was still at his second
Stonemansteve II
When she screamed like that, I got a glimpse of what Heaven must be like!! Heaven on Earth anyway!
Fallon is holding back for sure.
Bradley Corp
Zach Horvitz
Nobody is saying she's fat what're you guys talking about?
Garv Sabbarwal
She destroyed him would be an understatement xD
I think this is just an excuse to consume alcohol
Kate Upton is fat. ....eh! Sitting on my fat...
is somwthing in the cups?😂
Javier Garcia
beautiful woman!
Girls are more experienced with fingers. It is a fact!
Dark Grand Priest Burner
Kate VS Higgins make it happen Jimmy!
abdul malik
0:56 sounds like she said Savitar sabotage. Now we know how she won..
Cameron Blaze
beer seriously
Cave Man
When you drink with your parents but act like you have no clue at first but you low key a savage
if she had good legs she would be so dangerous ! still hot tho
Connor McChelsea
Kate Upton is extremely hot
Ian L'Herault
Oh Kate Upton I love you, you are the girl of my dreams. You are always there for me when I need a shoulder to lean on.
Zain Husain
1:18 for those fapping
How To Heal
I really wanna kill Jimmy Fallon but Kate Upton is life
Jiggle jiggle
Patty Man's Trickshots
She's just showin off
She finessed his hass lmao. i see you girl
Shes pretty , but shes too tall.
Madhav Piplani
i wud flip her cup.....................
Sand Shadow
She never play it befor? -_- Right.....
Steven Kuijpers
0:54 Kanye holding a big ass trumpet and is not amused
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