Schwarzer Kanal Spandau
"She has a crush on you!"
Instant response: "How old is your daughter?"
RL Fitness
She's hard to keep up with. ❤️
Szilveszter H.
Lovely woman.
General Zod
Nobody has a crush on kimmel. Kate's just making chatter. It's a lame talk-show after all.
Akuma D. Sperate
It goes too far if jimmy hook up with matt s daughter
It's hilarious that she laughs at her own jokes, as she's making fun of Jimmy.
kyle s
I always crack up when I hear her talk. Her accent is so posh but most everything she says is at least a bit inappropriate.
Mila Janssens
god chop i really like this look mightnly recover
David Soegiarto
Jesus, I feel sorry for her daughter somehow. She's very cute, of course. But bringing a guy home for dinner or whatever must be awkward as hell with a mom as hot as, well, Kate Beckinsale...
‘Cave Beast Demon'
Mah,mah,mah, uh uh....Kate!!! Daughter in college??? She has a picture of herself in the attic that ages.
Larry Gopnik
Why can't kate beckinsale have a crush on me? Life sucks. :/
Josh Simon
Great. . . Now I'm in love with Kate Beckinsale.
As kelps once said..”kimmel you god”
the mogul
look at kate then look at her daughter, well done plastic surgery
ella bee
Kate is a snobby plastic princess
Hamza Almaini Mall
She is so funny!!
She's freakishly angelic. If she was a stand-up comedian, she'd be the most beautiful one out there
She is like contraband
I love her nails! They match her dress. She’s so beautiful good lord.
Her daughter is about to go to... what!!?
Javi Ruiz
What the hell is she wearing? But I kinda like it
ghjgkkjh gjhglkhjfk
Way to go, embarrassing your daughter in front of the whole world... i'm cringing down here in Croatia
Chris Wayne
Jimble Kimble
Mark Sneddon
I thought this was Kate Beckinsale's daughter for a minute there. Like...dayum O_O
Jay Jay
her accent is so soothing.
Alex Newman
Listen everyone, this GODDESS at one time found Shane MacGowan attractive. There is hope for all of you. Have some confidence, maybe join a rock band or something, you WILL find a person willing to have sex with you.
Diana Chlimon
I've had a crush on jimmy for YEARS 😍😍
she's kind of an ass and i kind of like that... mmm
Coke Vallejo
kind of really beautiful
Sam Gaudet
Im getting ready to become a drug addict LoL
C. C.
666 the hole,this one all Religions have it's da( 'Th( metal wlking stick AndJ.S.' this is it said the '666 lad no flaws' this is 'Church Kate its the wa( it is' whats a mat(er 'Beiber towels!' go ahead ; ; " I didn't end this at the ten(is court '((p has nothing on this,Peter Got(I you fol(owed the pasta l' ' what it is,SecuritC.J.S.
Ceiling Cat
I never tire of hearing her talk
Bon Summers
They didn't talk about things like this when I was born.
Christian Fabrizio
Her daughter looks just like sheen. It's the smile.
Adi Adrian
Jimmy's mind : To bad the daughter's mother doesn't have a crush
Thomas Williams
mishal almishal
i'm a straight man and i have a crush on Roger Federer!
Dumb Dead1
When the mother is 10x hotter than the daughter.
Goddamn those legs are perfect, just gorgeous and her accent is so beautiful. She has the most stunning ass as well.
Daniel Toma
She really doesn't look old enough to have a college-aged child
I would abuse ayyyyy
Fallen Seraph
If I met her on the street and she spit on my face, tell me to f#*k off; I would relish that moment for the rest of my days.
Nan Bollinger
she's beautiful but she comes across as kind of spoiled or something. I guess that understandable. jimmy is gorgeous I think. I don't like "conventionally" attractive men. and by the way, I think personality is the most important part of a woman or man's allure.
Winston Xiong
I would eat her...and her daughter out😊
I want Micheal Sheen to talk about his daughter crush the next time he comes on the show. Hahaha itll be fun to watch!
Saleen extreme
OMG HOTTTT best looking wow
Minou Pitou
How much make-up is she wearing?
God damn Kate's got a hot daughter.
Nico Robin
I'd nail my balls to a wall to have a date with her.
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