Josh Gad (LeFou) surprise appearance in Be Our Guest Restaurant at Walt Disney World

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Josh Gad made a surprise appearance at Be Our Guest Restaurant in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World on the day "Beauty and the Beast" hit theaters.

These people are so lucky!!I wish I had been there!I would have legit FREAKED OUTT
MacKinley Lightfoot
He said "can I get a warm hug?" Hehe, get it? He played Olaf.
Skitt Fangirling
Some of these kids must be so confused... "Mommy, why is Olaf saying he's Lefou?"
Oh man, Josh Gad is just fantastic.
Sailor Loxi
I would scream so loud if I were there
Josh is so sweet! Loved him in the movie!!!
Green Shoot
I love the phones tho
Sidney Lee
All I can hear is Olaf singing "Be Our Guest"
Sean Lee
This is SO cool!!
Janoo Khan
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Differ tight. Ffffcggvggcfvgcgcgcgfvgvvgfgvgvgg. hhbhbhtdtdhvgvh g gbvgvfvg gvhvgvv. Bbbhbbbhggyvgvgvbvbv😱😱😱😱😫😱😆😰😱😉
Aaron Carnes
Nice fedora...
Lauren Hinkle
Does anyone know what time this happened?
I'm so upset I was literally walking by Be Our Guest because I couldn't get a dinner reservation!
Cool Kids Studios
Pepper Petal
Ugh, when I was working, of course.
I love This!
Luke Lauchle
I was in the magic kingdom tonight and I didn't know he was there
Ty No
I'd definitely have to ask if he could sing the coconut song from The Wedding Ringer
Kelly Newman
Was this tonight?!? Ugh I should have gone to MK rather than Epcot!!!
Diamond Rose
He was so sweet to do this.
The KT Show
That was AMAZHANG!!!!
This made me have a huge smile! SO AWESOME!!! Josh Gad's performance in Beauty and the Beast was amazing! He seems like such a sweet, fun, and nice guy! Thanks for sharing!
I just left this restaurant Monday night
Jennifer Hiemstra
I CANNOT WITH HIM. I shit you not, I was in one of the theaters in NYC he made visits at last night...he literally flew from here to Florida today...BLESS HIM
This stuff never happens when I'm there!
Lexx Is Llama
When I watched the movie I call d him Olaf <3
Claudia Torres
that is soooooo awesome!!! 💛🏰🌹
That was cool !!!
Niccolle Gutierrez
This is insane!!! Wish I had been there!!
That's cool of them to do things like this
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