Little Kids Build Little Tikes Bounce House from Fisher-Price

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Bella and Jason having great fun building and playing on the Little Tikes bounce house from Fisher-Price. Kids having fun and workout.

this is cool kids
good video
Yury Alvarez
Tony Rodriguez
elizabeth iniguez
e huuuhn Iwasthi z
elizabeth iniguez
Alexander Fernandez
Haque creations
very good
Alexandra Calderon
Teresa Santiago
y mñn
Julio Cesar Rojas Cabral
Diamond Moore
hosam faqeeh
Bonnie Rossa
MegaFun 4Everyone
Neat i adore this very much! Excellent video! I cant wait for more videos! Good job!
عبدالله علي
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Why did 83 people dislike this. I mean it is a video of kids setting up and playing in a bounce house. How much room for disliking something is there in a video of kids and a bounce house. Probably like jealous classmates or something.
Jessica Nash
's sac acs get aCavs fwc
Really? That's funny:)
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