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U.S. President Donald Trump's handshake has gained a lot of recent media attention, and without fail, it was again the centre of attention during his visit with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

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Autistic Guitar
would have loughed if he "yank-hand shaked" merkel of that chair a few days ago
SS Col. Hans LANDA 卐
He is not only grabbing it, shaking it but also TAPPING IT lmfao
0:14 - 0:26 Pure comedy HAHHAHAHAHHAAAAHAAHAHA !!!! dead
Absolute Shock
he almost pull the soul out of pence
Gord Botaitis
Mansbridge commentary had me pissing myself.
Kef Kutuch
Mr T is such a wanker that he has an arm like Popeye.
aldiano bratolini
Moonzher GT
ir joko widodo is the best than Donald trump
Chichimi Ttam
How about if Putin and Trump will handshake. will WW3 begin. LMAO
Emma Bancroft
Those of us who are not US citizens realise that not every American supports this obnoxious thing who has been elevated to the position of being the most powerful person in out world. However with every passing day that Americans continue to allow him to remain in power your national credibility goes down. We now know what to expect from Trump, but we expected better from you as a people. When are you going to do something about the situation, other than posting online?
Heyy Now
Trudeau lost by sitting down like a broad. Trump is sitting like a dude and Trudeau puts his legs together to appeal to feminists..
Insert name HERE
Dat yank tho...
That Wizard
When your arm drag game is strong
Gunnar Nottmeier
and now we have Merkel
I'm laughing so hard at Trudeau!!!! Ahahaha!!! God, I love our PM.
That should be faze apex
Ruediger Podlaha
Funny compilation. Something more about smiling, looking grimly, pursing one's lips, back slapping or even beating someone's head? I'd like it!
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Jerry Garrett
Hey, at least President Trump is a man. Isn't this what America needs? We do not need a damn wimp...with a wimpy handshake. Leave that to Obama and some of those in the news media. Let then wimp each other around. But, leave the President the hell alone and allow him to do the job of "Draining the swamp," and "Making America great again!"
0:06 such a fail :'( trump is chasing after cheap ploys.
Trump is pathetic.
Brendan Alimony
Arne Asada
Update this with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
Kava Farmer
This is not news!
Hutzelbrot Cuxnase
The Problem is that we are talking about handshake methods. Is that really important. :D
Roast Moon
This video was prefaced by an ad for travelling to Canada. Good play
Patrick Handrigan
1:09 Trudeau is just like "I'm not touching that cause I know what you grab."
1950s Nick Cage
99,000 subscribers. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Heisenberg Gelato
lmao n word yank?
"You can tell a lot by a man from his handshack"
Leo of Nohr
Funny how Trump grabbed a pussy. (Canadian pm)
Dan Esp
We need Jim Rose spectating these handshakes.
Just wanted to add that Canada is inferior to the US in all areas. The idea that Canada is some kind of smug benefactors of the US is hilarious, they're more like a low-quality bufferzone on the hat of the US that can be used at their master's will.
I can't wait for him to shakes Putin's hand
Living Myth
Next person to have to shake hands with Trump should wear one of those rings with the little poisoned needle in it. Or at the very least, a joy buzzer.
Haifisch NZ
.....Annnnd we're going to war with GHINA
Haifisch NZ
I find this orange ape so disturbing at so many levels it almost makes my head spin
Haifisch NZ
That Shinzo Abe whew OMG please get me the F outta here after that horrendous handshake - Plain disturbing.
"'re gonna be my lil bitch....i'm gonna make japan great again...said in an SNL Alec Baldwin voice.... *shudder
Haifisch NZ
If he did this with Mexico....Bombs are gonna fly
This World Crazy
His handshake actually reflects genuine, trusted, power and loyalty.
Otp 10/10
Shlomo Shekels
Johannes DeMoravia
Haha. Great move President. Keep em guessing.
emek eejj
Clancy Jones
This is better than Obama bowing in submission to all the world leaders.
Marshmallow Princess
Really... it must have been a slow day in the newsroom to have a segment on handshaking. LOL 😂 🤝
66666666666666 666666666666666
fock tromp
Fred W
Trudeau's probably used to contending with unwanted attention, like a pretty girl.
check my trump handshake compliation
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