Jon Stewart Ribs Stephen For His Recent Language

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Stephen's former boss comes by to catch up on current events, and says he's pretty sure comedians and Presidents shouldn't be held to the same standards of conduct.

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saravana kumar
I don't know but i have this untold happiness when seeing John... 😘
Anthony T.
just kiss already
AMB Films
Chaffetz spread the Hillary info at the time, not Comey! Now some are salty at Comey, when its Chaffetz you should be questioning! Then Chaffetz leaves office! Oh but pay no attention to that, completely unrelated...
AMB Films
Remember, it wasnt even Comey who released the info on Hillary, it was JASON CHAFFETZ who was given the info in confidence! He WAS a congressman and was expected to act professionally. A few months later Chaffetz announces hes leaving politics and putting his seat up for special election, YOU KNOW JUST CAUSE, COMPLETELY UNRELATED to the unethical spreading of confidential info.
Derek Savage
I want to RIB stephen too
Lord Haberdasher
Jon does remember he created the name Fuckface Von Clownstick, right?
Ockams Razor
0:17 I like to imagine they whispered "Hail Hydra" to each other.
Philip Brown
Their so cute
Ameen Ahmed
See THIS explains precisely why I hate Stephen's audience! Don't get me wrong, I think Stephen's funny, but his audience sucks. They are way too overreactive. They either cheer/applaud/boo too much, or they cheer for the wrong reasons. Case in point, Comey's firing. Note: anything Trump does benefits Trump first and foremost.
Perspective: Jon's audience was a little more tame. As is Trevor's. And Seth's.
Ryan Taylor
He used the "kisses feel like punishment" joke like 10 years ago on David Letterman's show. Fake news!
I.R.D.K. Productions
I didn't even know this was Stephen's 20th anniversary for being on TV. Top show sir! Keep it up. :)
Mark Silla
is jon stewart sick?
Jon is legend ! ALL FUCKING RISE!!
Una Persona
"The trump Russia scandals would evaporate ...." SURE IT WILL
The Jon Stewart era of the Daily Show had SOOO many great comedians and launched them into even higher levels
prof shad
Wish Jon would record his impotent shoutings into the abyss and podcast that shit!
Just give him 15min time a week for rant and doodles. Thats all we ask.
I love that you guys have captions on most of your clips, seriously, props for that! That said, I have noticed that more and more of your clips are timed incorrectly, with the captions appearing too early. Please fix these! It's not too difficult to fix, you just need to put someone on it. I know you guys probably won't answer, but hey, I gotta try. Thanks! :D
Dave Patiño
Are they saying angel's d*ck?
Michael Kingsbury
I so miss jon I say Jon Stewart for 2020 or until Trump gets impeached .
meanwhile back on the farm
soft as an angel's twat
Peter Piper
Jon really rocks that silver hair.... MAN I could really resize Jon´s asshole (no homo do)
was he saying "butt" or "dick" ?
Earthling Noora
8 days later Roger Ailes died
0:24 HEIL
soft as an angel's dick
1:59 that whole bit ending with Stephen saying "y... y-you live on a farm now, okay?" is amazing
"I learned it from you dad!"
Nate Park
Is he saying Angel's cunt? Atta boy Stephen
Sees Jon Stewart. Gives thumbs up.
America, hear my plea, stop any and all BLEEPS, and more importantly, stop exporting this, your, madness.
Jon Legend!
Jasmine Williams
Jon Stewart = DILF furrr surrre
Jarrod Dunmire
"After so many years of people knowing the behavior he was accused of.." Both of them had him on their show. Stephen did recently. Did Stephen just admit that they knowingly let a fucking creep on their show? If so, kinda lost some respect for both of them here.
Jonathan Bandiera
is nobody going to acknowledge that they said ribs instead of rips in the title
Bill Clinton
That kiss was so gentle (and about time it happened), the audience went aww instead of freaking out.
Does he have to mention trump ever episode
Jennifer Winchester
I miss hearing Jon's perspective. I wish he'd do either tv or a radio program.
Ruben Pelayo
Caleb 1111
jon is like a father visiting his son that he is so so proud of
Jm Mj
Jon stewart has aged horribly.
Soren Knudsen
Jon Stewart looks and sounds less healthy since he stopped doing late night. Family time is a killer he needs to get back into it.
dave barnett
Stewart has hitler moustaches for eyebrows... jus sayin.
Brock Weaver
You forgot about Big Daddy, my favorite.
Sora Kwon
Does anyone know the song they play as Jon Stewart is introduced and walks on stage?
Nathanael Elliot
Lost all respect for Colbert. He used to be funny.
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