Jon Stewart Ribs Stephen For His Recent Language

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Stephen's former boss comes by to catch up on current events, and says he's pretty sure comedians and Presidents shouldn't be held to the same standards of conduct.

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King Ghidorah
Did he nazi salute at the start?
Michael Moulton
Tina Privitera
These two need to get married. They are soulmates.
alisa alferova
wow! he is great!
don jon son
Harley Reynolds
Ahead chronic professional choice pursue politics investigation.
taylor trash
jon is such a pro. he knew just when to drop a great line to cut to commercial with. normally colbert has to do that with his guests.
Tristan Möller
uhh did he say an angels dick ?
A.MuzeM Blackwell
Jon's got the Levi-town, urban cowboy blues after Obama said.. "Don't GO"..
Keep Bill O'Reilly away from your livestock....he's probably on land my folks USED to own . Dump that squatter.
After that it's a Roman Catholic vs Caligula thing with the table-tossing and such. I remember the "B" side of MLK's speech. Dad had his index cards out... "See, I covered all that stuff...."
Mommy saying.. yes dear, let's go back home!" (to Kansas)
When John says "I miss the people like you " heartmelts #friends
Samuel Gierhart
Mr. Poopy Butthole
:23 Jon was doing the "heil Hitler" thing! Someone call The Wall Street Journal!
Andrea Higgins
I still have a crush on Jon Stewart... nearly 20 years and counting :)
Stefanie Lauchman
Damnnn he is so handsome!
Grandpa is back.
TheMagnetHand 94
Did Jon just do a Hitler salute at 0:23 ?
Jon steward is the love of my life
Lydia Ninelle
Jon & Stephen are my favorite things.
Clovis de Cruz
Shouting into the abyss... the viewers are living in hell.
Christian The W
The hero we deserve AND the one we need right now.
This Guy
0:24 heil hitler
I do not understand why in this country we try and hold comedians to a standard we do not hold leaders to......SIMPLY BRILLIANT NUGGET!
Jeevat Singh
an Angel's WHAT?!?!?! omg. lol.
Joshua S
His pants are so tight.
Zachary Anthony
"Is it because what he (Comey) did to Hillary?:(" 1:40 Stepehn says that like Hillary is some fucking 5 year old girl and this Comey guy came along and cut the string attached to her balloon with scissors. When in reality, he was just being an impartial investigator; we know this because he later investigated the Trump campaign too. As we know, Hillary is a 69 year old woman who ran for president and became under federal investigation after she'd merged a government email server with her personal emails for "convenience." This can make content susceptible to hackers, and threaten national security. The emails were leaked, no illegal content or classified information ended up being found/publicised, however information that someone running for president wouldn't want the public to see was in the emails. How about we hold Hillary responsible and say she just should have been a better candidate instead of sulking that the FBI did their fucking jobs? We found that Hillary wants to intervene secretly in Syria, that she received $675,000 for doing 3 private speeches at a Goldman Sachs event in 2013, that She received debate questions in advance and to top it all off, that "you need a public and private stance on policies." Those emails did their bit to alienate her then supporters and as soon as she realises that and takes genuine responsibility, the better.
Kate M
That one man yelling “I MISS YOU!“ at the top of his lungs in the beginning...? Love that guy. Love him.
The Faculty, Halt Baked and Death to Smoochie were great, but I think Jon had a show that was daily
Freddi Lake
i'd pay taxes to these 2
Barnettstrongman Jnes
Two jews and Letterman is a jew and Leno us probably jewish. Is Fallon jewish too?
Brad Kwastel
Who would thumbs down this?
Sinjai - Delicious Video Game Clips
Angel's what?
Yes, hold the American Presidents to the highest possible standards of inclusion, ethics, integrity, and formal education in an arena that prepares them to lead their entire country in its journey through a mostly reliable, constructive and international journey. Don't choose some half-witted psychopath who has made his money by taking advantage of others and who overtly behaves rudely, unethically, dismissively or with no consistent empathy! Develop your worth and find the leaders who work intelligently, constructively, ethically for all of your country! Such high standards are what we learn from and are where we find inspiration and hope!
Aaawwwww, I miss Jon Stewart's wit. 😂😢👍
Rey Montalvo
These two can troll each other like no 1 else can
Michelle Cné Brown
I actually clapped at Jon's last statement
"Kisses feel like punishment", that sounds like something out of a Tom Waits song.
saravana kumar
I don't know but i have this untold happiness when seeing John... 😘
Anthony T.
just kiss already
AMB Films
Chaffetz spread the Hillary info at the time, not Comey! Now some are salty at Comey, when its Chaffetz you should be questioning! Then Chaffetz leaves office! Oh but pay no attention to that, completely unrelated...
AMB Films
Remember, it wasnt even Comey who released the info on Hillary, it was JASON CHAFFETZ who was given the info in confidence! He WAS a congressman and was expected to act professionally. A few months later Chaffetz announces hes leaving politics and putting his seat up for special election, YOU KNOW JUST CAUSE, COMPLETELY UNRELATED to the unethical spreading of confidential info.
Lord Haberdasher
Jon does remember he created the name Fuckface Von Clownstick, right?
Ockams Razor
0:17 I like to imagine they whispered "Hail Hydra" to each other.
Ameen Ahmed
See THIS explains precisely why I hate Stephen's audience! Don't get me wrong, I think Stephen's funny, but his audience sucks. They are way too overreactive. They either cheer/applaud/boo too much, or they cheer for the wrong reasons. Case in point, Comey's firing. Note: anything Trump does benefits Trump first and foremost.
Perspective: Jon's audience was a little more tame. As is Trevor's. And Seth's.
Ryan Taylor
He used the "kisses feel like punishment" joke like 10 years ago on David Letterman's show. Fake news!
I.R.D.K. Productions
I didn't even know this was Stephen's 20th anniversary for being on TV. Top show sir! Keep it up. :)
Mark Silla
is jon stewart sick?
Jon is legend ! ALL FUCKING RISE!!
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