Jon Stewart Ribs Stephen For His Recent Language

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Stephen's former boss comes by to catch up on current events, and says he's pretty sure comedians and Presidents shouldn't be held to the same standards of conduct.

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Little Linger
Great truth at the end there!
Chester Rico
Why is this interview so heavily cut? Is there an extended version somewhere?
Alex Brookef
lol I will never understand Americas aversion to swearing! They're just words people, and after watershed when the kids should be asleep why the fuck not? then again, it is hilarious watching American celebrities come on late night tv in the UK, they just look shell shocked 😂
Mark Yates
James Comey has integrity and does his job yet they fire him.. And the way they did. It shouldn't surprise me but it does and it disgust me. He is someone who would hold both Hillary and Trump accountable for their actions. It's BS* he was ever fired!
GCarlin Disciple
OK SJW faggots (and I don't mean it in the gay way, I respect gay people) go ahead and attack Jon Stuart for his insensitivity. I fucking dare you. Cute how Jon was being self deprecating about his show being meaningless shouting into the void when his show was influential and respected while all the one accept for Jon Oliver making the genre into a tool for corporations to shove corporate Dems down our throats. Could you imagine Jon doing that.
Nelson Jerez Vidal
It feels like they built for 6 minutes for Jon to say that...
Beesh Alzayed
Fuck my life I wish I was an American
Beesh Alzayed
Fuck my life I wish I was an American
Rose Macaskie
Jon you said aplor instead of applaud you. My psychiatric self says that is a Edward Lear combination between applaud and deplore. Is it those tha are so agressive that really got you. the butcher who sells me meat does not deplore me. Is your butcher a friend or foe? What is really going on? Did your former position cause a lot of jealousy and bad blood and problems?
Rose Macaskie
I wrote to say you had saved me because in adult life men cut me right out of all serious conversation such as your show gives.You did, but John, I remember that you said your wife could never be a comedian,with your ability to use actors as comedians?
You interviewed Keira Knightley and she looked mighty disappointed with the level of conversation. A snobbish little English creature does not appreciate frivolous and silly dinner party conversation. She is trained not to dine twice at places were the conversation is below power. Who wants to know idiots. I have often born it waiting for men to know me better and behave with more grace. Also with your powers it is terribly insulting to be given such below power conversation.
I remember some other woman looking desperately disappointed when you asked her dull questions. People have to be a celebrities in some high kudos career, Elizabeth Warren, to get asked anything interesting if they are interviewed on your show.

There is a bit of sexism I call the Mr Bennet syndrome. Mr Bennet of Jane Austens book , Pride and Prejudice. He spent his time ridiculing his wife for her stupidity, if he happened to be sitting with the family and after a quick bit of pulling her to pieces walking off to the library to enjoy the company of books.
I thought that this treatment of his wife was not too seriously awful, as his wife had not been properly educated, I was = unformed in the, spotting how nasty sexism was line, I was very young when I read this book for the first time. Later in life, after marrying, all the men I knew did the same to me and I had been educated so it was a bit of play acting to behave as if i knew less than them.
. It is low, Jon, not to drag up to your level the people you spend time with, the person yo promised to love, not to treat them as you would those you most want to impress. I try to treat everyone as if they were someone I longed to know because of their mental qualifications. Doing so means that you start to have interesting conversation with your butcher.
Your wife said that all your interesting and amusing conversation was a dish that you served on telly but not at home.
You saved me from the castrating behaviour of my husband family and friends but your wife seems to suffer from what I suffered from.

Colbert laughs at Jane Austen who discusses things like whether or not you should give consequence to girls other men have not danced with. The consequence in other peoples eyes that people get if others see they have friends at all, not to mention are spoken to by a rich and important man. Did I not learn at school how awful it was if everyone treated me as a nobody,? that is why the theme seems to me to be so important to the happiness of so many.
Colbert despises Jane Austen while he reads and loves Tolkien? I ask you, what serious person reads Tolkien. I have but I don't boast about it.
Finding you all so interesting gets me talking to you all on the internet but I nseem to be driven by liking you, to criticise you all instead of applauding you.
Why do all the men cross their legs the same way on every talk show? In any other circumstance, a man crossing their legs like a lady is frowned upon
The Upper Room
Stewart is on Late Night every other week....
Anthony Giagiari
Watching this made me realize how full if shit Colbert has become. I'm a little upset. Were you really so afraid of losing your job that you had to get Stewart to come and save your ass? you also straight up misquote him in your thumbnail, the implications are obvious and complete bullshit. Too bad.
so sad
mood: stephen saying y'all
Raymond Foster
Missssssss Mr. Stewart!!
Shannyn Davis
I miss Jon Stewarts commentary on the issues of the world.
I love Stephens tone in this video, he is speaking directly to all those out there crying for his resignation or firing lol
Sam Chop
Poor Jon, he was but a poor meme farmer, researching how to breed out the Alt Right Pepe's from his crop but the Normies could not leave him to his work. They insisted he return to the city and now he hath returned to cleanse Stephen's potty mouth while his Pepe's spoil.
Lane M
Jon Stewart @ 6:16 said, "We can insult, he can injure... we hold comedians to a standard we do not hold our leaders to...." What standards? Colbert goes on a dull-witted rant that included a remark about our president performing oral sex on Putin, now these two ramble about nothing for almost 7 minutes as an excuse to insert that quote somewhere in this inane dialogue. What a couple of self important, irrelevant nobodies encouraged by the hoots and forced laughter of a bunch of hipster brain-dead zombie liberals! Empty content cannot sustain and todays liberals are gonna die away and be remembered with mocking derision a generation or two from now (maybe a lot sooner).
Eric Vonverde
@thetruthisracist "We do, It's called Voting. If we don't like them, we can always vote them out"
None of the Trumpsters were holding Trump to that standard before he got into office. The guy went at everybody (left, right, and everyone in between) with personal attacks worse than any comedians. The right likes loudmouth assholes, PERIOD!! They love ignorance!! Just look at who they've gravitated behind during the past few elections. Bachmann, Palin, Trump... The more over the top crazy they are, the more the right loves them, and the more you throw your support behind them. We have a guy who started his campaign with a lie ( paid actors posing as Trump supporters), and averaged a lie every 5mins on the campaign trail who you accept bashing others as liars. What does that say about his supporters and Trump himself?
Rose Macaskie
Jon you yourself used to hold people to a matrimonial standard that was not real. I would have been so glad to know my husband had been unfaithful, he did not want to talk to me i did not want to live with him. I think he had been unfaithful but no one kept me informed. I had no friends,only those willing to hold him up and put me down, he had more money and influllence than me.
Not all wives and husbands are furious when their spouses are unfaithful. They long to leave and don't like the terrible consequence of leaving who has been able to keep themselves, looking at any rate, lily clean while they are quite cruel, after all their are children yo umight lose when you are married , there is a lot ot stake when one partner has the power to keep everyone on their side.
Rose Macaskie
I watched a film last night on a singer who had lost her audience and so any of work and so went home and started to have a family life which iin someway seemed to be to find something she had missed. Maybe that is your story.
Shetook to giving sining classes and so found a school psychiatrist,career adviser or some such who helped her sort out her head a bit. Finding herself again after being such a celebrity. maybe it is a different part of herself she needed to find she was a greeat singer.
I am turning the theme over in my mind, trying to get the psychology of this theme sorted out in my own head. The film gave clue on hte subject rather than leaving the psychology of it clear in my head.
Maybe, it is that, as a celebrity she only had one job, one skill, to sing and others have to manage money and children as well as singing. LIving in a small town gave her the confidence people get when they know they can, unlesssomehting awful happens, manage all sides of life.
Rose Macaskie
Jon. You think you were shouting into an empty abyss. I was absolutely tormented by street recruiters for catholic sects and a family in law who were an abyss and you saved me. You were the psychiatrist who made all the others things bearable, I suddenly had intelligent conversation albeit through a tele program. Something that men seem to deprive women of, unless the woman has a very high position and I was laughing, at least some of the time.

You talked as if your wife were not able to do what you did, and were not much good at getting the best out of actricess and less high powered women than economists or some such, so that it felt for me, a bit as if you would have been like the men I had at home had you not been on the tele. Men who would not turn on their intelligent side for a woman.
Then, as with your show i had something to answer, to bat off, I started to bat back and so learnt to take myself seriously, writing my thoughts on your thoughts to your show.

Would you suggest that children did not need educating? You educated us all. Adults need further education and also desperately need to have serious conversation.

It is so crazy to think you felt as if you were not doing anything.

Then, there was the incredible fact that you spawned so many other people with intelligent comments. It was such fun watching the others you had on your show.The others don't seem to be able to work with others. So I would address you as great diasporer.
All of that is one hell of a lot of different and valuable abilities.
Rose Macaskie
Honestly, beards are ever so much softer than shaven cheeks.
Ugly Casanova
Did he say Angel Pussy or Angel Butthole?
Soft as an angel's... cunt?
Kevin Edie
Stewart - Colbert 2029
Natalee Steele
what did they bleep? Jon Stewart is so smart and I love their bromance
Jason Bourne
jeez both of these guys turned out to be pretty lame. not a lot of intellect just stroking each other off. Talk about a real story for once
Kurington Kuriton
Come back, Jon Stewart! We need you. We want you! The world is like a needy *friend for ya!

Ah, I really miss that guy.

Here's an idea, Jon (you don't mind me calling you Jon, do you?): do a podcast.

I'm with a man called Ratticus: "We need a Jon Stewart Podcast!"

Yes. With an un-ironic exclamation mark (it's not on this or on the previous sentence, but you get the point). Seriously: we need you. It's ok whateveryouaredoingmustbecool we want you. Come back. Come back to uss, you preciousss... I'll dance into a lava pit for you. I'll dive into a toilet after you and I'll feel great if I get you back so I can shove you into... It would give me so much pleasure to have you back... at least weekly. I can live with a weekly dose...
time to torrent to unedited version
Vincent Kline
jon stewart threw in the towel too early and is talking about his glory days... now he's just another schill for israel. to bad jon... "you couda been a contenda...." silly 👦!
Please please upload the unedited extended videos...please
Chris White
elephant dung ny
Christopher Jenner
"For the life of me, I do not understand why, in this country, we try and hold comedians to a standard we do not hold leaders to." - Jon Stewart

Damn right! And does the FCC know that cable exists, where people say whatever the ** they want to? Maybe they should join the rest of us here in 2017.
Chris D
FYI, you need this dog on your show Stephen! It's John in dog form!!
Tom Wood
liberal point of view will destroy this nation... remember, N.Korea has nukes because of a liberal president. Iran has power now cause of a liberal president. Russia and China have our secrets because of liberal presidents. We've been outside of the world stage for the last 8 years, limp wrist, cause a liberal Obama.... it's amazing how foolish too many Americans are to think that liberals know anything at all about America or how to maintain it. they want a change alright, right to the bottom.
Dragon XZero
Jon should start a Youtube channel of him just saying bullshit XD
Ellie Hamilton
awww the good old days
HeeroYuyZero13 aka_Aku
I miss Robin Williams
Shane Curren
Dems are sheep and follow whatever they're told
Theresa Campbell
These two together chatting is so fum.
Caitlin King
Nobody taxpayer contrast literature sir term promise boss tradition relative.
Roasted Pickles
they didn't understand why to be upset about Comey being fired! let us tell you so you know how to feel
j jerstad
anyway!! when did we even begin to hold any kind of standard to people who believe they have any talent whatsoever. Without us they couldn't even pay their electric bills. Turn them of folks...They don't deserve to be alive much less have your notice...
Joey Schmitt
Ya know I do think they are missing a bit of the point when they dismiss colbert's joke as just an issue of crassness and disrespect to the presidency and don't acknowledge the implications of the joke in how it diminishes gay men. Mind you the strongest criticism came from the right with no ground on the topic and I wouldn't consider it a fireable offense on colberts part but still if he would acknowledge that aspect of the criticism and give just a bit more earnest of an apology on that point it'd do some good
j jerstad
these atheists need to get a room....a normal fart must sound like air being pushed through sewage pipe in new york...
j jerstad
Wait ...what's that in your beard... oh! it's another embarrisin..
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