DIY Bath Bombs Vs. Lush Bath Bombs

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This video compares DIY bath bombs with storebought bath bombs from Lush.

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Made by BFMP

I've made bath bombs at home and have they turned out great
Victoria Toungate
you're suppose to put in in the freezer for 1 hour and it's not should not be that wet
Human Person
I don't like her
Liam Yap
Kristina Cuningham
this is the recipie I use, DON'T use water! it wont fizz! use witchazel!
This is so stupid, she didn't let it dry and she didn't add enough color
Crystal Robinson
Agree...she was paid by Lush to do such a poor Job....get real!!
Lauren Everhart
didn't let it dry and not enough coloring half assed all the way
Didier Escobar
yes they win😘😍😝
Didier Escobar
they will win
Didier Escobar
bath bonbs are so cool
Daniella van der Veen
lush win and i love lush
Fireheart 1349
yeah, she should have added more color to make the DIY bathbomb darker
ahhh the holes in the water from the lush bath bomb killed me
Ayla Novak
I make my own bath bombs and my boyfriend prefers them over lush's bath bombs
Katie B
WEIGH the ingredients (and use liquid measuring cups for liquid/dry measuring cups for dry if you're not going to be precise)! lol Also gotta let them dry all the way and use SLSA powder like Lush do in theirs. Makes it more bubbly. Also, none of the recipes I've seen online say to use as much coloring as you actually need to make bright colors. Everything comes out pastel if you use most directions.
Mariam Arveladze
Who else cringed because of the way she dropped the bombs in the water.
Mariam Arveladze
Who else cringed because of the way she dropped the bombs in the water.
Elizabeth Lefebvre
She made it way to wet
You never put in enough colour and it's supposed to let it dry in the mold for a few hours
Laila Taylor
I did it and the DIY more like dyF-fail and the lush was like omg magical rainbow pls reply byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Marita Galvez
Your audio/mic sucks. Echo so much. :( No one monitored?
Imaani Ginihaluge
she needs to blend in her eye-shadow
Chemical Pilots Who Like To Fall and Panic
Look at the colour differences ADD MORE COLOR...
Chemical Pilots Who Like To Fall and Panic
This is a rip off of corrinne vs pin from threadbanger
Minimalist Realist
i love this lady! she's funny
Nate Mills
to much water
amy leigh
Who is this girl? Not a fan.
Sweet Sheniz
Init she need to make it right if she does a DIY bath bombs
Unicorn Girl
Girl:Ours didn't do that
Me:Where'd you get "ours" from you made it and it didn't work so...... no
Jenny Ott
When making them different colors, can I use fabric dye with having it dye the tub or myself
Meaghan Gale
as a bath bomb maker this is just /facepalm all over the place
Carleigh Canada
Where did u get the bath bomb mold
Netflix and Pastries
Test starts at 2:20
Madeleine Cerneka
Can everyone in the comments just chill? There is nothing wrong with commercials and so what if she put in the ingredients wrong. Al
valerie manzo
You made these so wrong..
Solo Sisters
You let it dry over night😂😂😂😂😂 it doesn't magically dry in a second😂🙄
katherine arguello
She reminds me of the Aunt on Big Hero 6
Gabriele Jokubauskaite
For me it worked just perfect. I didnt add that much of water and a little bit more food dye and i let it dry for 2 hours because i had to go to dance school when i came home i used the bath bomb and it was perfect !!!
Obnoxiously Me!
I am super good at making bath bombs. I will post a video soon
Filthy Frank
She didn't do it correctly
Carter Chainberlain
Kinda reminds me of threadbanger but more professional
Enjoy ur lush money lady... u didn't even try...
K Jack
Molly McKenzie
Softix Cupcake
Who is watching in 1000 993 986 979 971 962 953 946 939 932 923 916 909 902 895 888 871 864 857 850 843 836 829 822 815 808 801 794 787 780 773 766 759 752 745 738 731 724 717 710 703 696 689 682 675 668 661 654 647 640 633 626 619 612 605 598 591 584 577 570 563 556 549 542 535 528 521 514 507 500 493 486 479 472 465 448 441 434 427 420 413 406 399 392 385 378 371 364 357 350 343 336 329 322 315 308 301 294 287 280 273 266 259 252 245 238 231 224 217 210 203 196 189 182 175 168 161 154 147 140 133 126 119 112 105 98 91 84 77 70 63 56 49 42 35 28 21 14 7 0. Good job kaneki your done with fingers and toe torture!Like this if you get it.
Jenny Molina
Are bath bombs expensiv
Cat Crafted Baths
Yeesh.... This was a bit challenging to get through. Sure, depending on exactly what you want a bath bomb to do, the exact balances and ratios may get a little tricky, but making a decent bath bomb isn't especially difficult. Also, there are far more shops than lush that sell bath bombs.....
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