"I Don't Have a Disease!" Caitlyn Jenner and Tucker Debate Transgender Politics

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4-24-17: Tucker Carlson interviews Caitlyn Jenner about her new book, "The Secrets of My Life."

It still sounds like a man. . .lol
loved chappelles reaction saying he grew up seeing him as this alpha as fuck white dude outrunning black people and then this fucking madness. I'm against a trans competing with women in sport's the advantage would be worse than steroid's.
David Stolley
His name is Bruce... You can't change the xy and xx chromosome.
Inane Observations
You're mentally ill.
Scott ruben
He needs to be shot and dumped in a ditch... Mental illness
Captain Howdy
HE is a disgusting man.
Ivan M
I just cringe at looking at him. Oh Bruce, Bruce, what have you done to yourself and your family?
Mark Hall
Gee Bruce, talk about BOTCHED...
Ø Parkrr
Trannies die because they are traps and lie usually
Betty Alford
you are a disease and I thought that before you made your transition never did like you quit trying to pick up on straight guys and they won't get killed
Adam Dion
Buckle up buckaroo! Hahahaha!
Dylan Coletrain
He said he's fighting for his community. And it's ok.
A black guy fights for his community and it's ok.
A white guy does it and he's a racist
Dylan Coletrain
That voice coming out of that face freaks me out!
Hockulbee Silver
I didn't much enjoy the Rocky Horror picture show much, forgive me if I pass on the book. All crimes involve hate in some abstract way...it's obvious situation ethics doesn't work for a pluralistic society. Our children are too young to consent to sexualized behavior...therefore bringing drag-queens in to public schools to read stories and present sexualized behavior and plant suggestions about crossdressing in the minds of children seems to sharply contrast ms.bruce/kaitlin's assertion that they are all 'born that way'. Sexual enticement of a child used to be a crime in this country. Seems like the lgbt community is starting to get a little nervous, that many of us aren't as easy to brainwash as they were when they fist realized their own aspirations for power and control over an overwhelming majority of Americans that see the LGBT folks for what they are...another special interest group
Keats P Keats
Jenner denies that there's a physical difference when a man pretends to be a woman and competes with women.

Why does Jenner sound like a drunk Brit man doing a woman's voice? As Austin Powers would say "she's a man baby!"
Glenn Stevens
Sad times we live in...
Eric Garner
The reason the suicide rate higher for transgender people is because when you chop off your dick and have tits implanted, you are still bipolar or schizo or borderline personality disorder. I don't get all the trans stuff if Bruce wants to bang dudes, why can't he be gay? Bruce, you have a disease actually, it's called being overrated.
Mizzz Licia
first of all having gender disphoria is a mental and emotional thing it has nothing to do with the physical body therefore gender confused people are running off of emotion and not biological and scientific fat and that pisses me off with they say they were born that way. if you were born that way you wouldnt need hormones or surgery that is all up to choice.
Egads, I thought the pictures were bad enough, but to finally hear him speak? There is NO way anyone could seriously take Bruce Jenner as a woman unless blind an deaf!
isn't murder in general a hate crime?
so maybe we should call all murders hate crimes?
thomas thompson
He doesn't sound like a woman. Will never be a real woman.
Dylan Smith
Her new book? His* new book. He* has a mental illness. He* is genetically a male.
Alex Bambam
If a penis or a vagina doesn't define gender; why did he cut off his penis and created a vagina to be a woman???
Admit it. You'd fuck Caitlyn Jenner just for the bragging rights.
Sam Milano
Yoytube Comments
it's really sad to see what this once beautiful man has done to himself
amy williamson
Oh Lord Jesus...take me now!!
Not a disease but defenitly a mental disorder.
Carlette Maat
Lyndon Baker
WTF, that Mother Fucker has deeper voice than I do . Your a Man dressing like a woman or a drag queen πŸ‘ΈChoose one
wild flower
Dear Caitlin Jenner, I have been a woman for 86 years. I am a woman by virtue of basic biology and a lifetime of experiences that make me a woman. I am now being bullied by the transgender community into believing a man is a woman if He says he is and a woman may have a penis. I have also been relegated from 'woman' which, is my birthright, to 'cis-gender', which is a derogatory and demeaning title. I am a woman. You have stolen My identity and re-assigned my gender without discourse or reason. If you have, or have ever had a penis then you are a man. I am a woman and I want My identity back.
Rick Harp
Say goodbye to women's sports.
Miamisfinest 2015
Transgender is a disease. We need to find the cure.
Steven D
to much botox cant keep its face from twitching.
C'mon Man
What about Police Officers who have been killed everyday!
looks like Henry Rollins with lipstick
Forsaken Individual
Bruce.. I mean Caitlin
Myrtle McNappy
suicide because they are crazy
ruairi deighan
What a fucked up retard
Mikey Y
So he was ashamed of being a homo. Cut off his pathetic little pecker and had a sadistic dr make him vagina. All so he could be banged like a bitch.
But no he doesn't have a mental illness. ...wtf
With unstable tranny suicide rates so high, let's hope this freak offs himself pretty quick. That way he can't contaminate the minds of other people.
Z. R.
A lot of people argue that transgender people shouldn't compete in sports because a trans woman would have a significant physical advantage over a cisgender (born female and identifies as female) woman. When a trans woman goes on hormone therapy, it usually consists of estrogen, and anti-androgen hormones taken in pill form. The effects include the vast reduction of muscle mass and testosterone, fat distribution resembling a cis woman, increased mood swings, a higher pitched voice, and often the inability to have an erection. After about one to two years on hormones, the trans woman's hormone levels, muscle mass, fat distribution, and other changes will be similar enough to a cis woman that the trans woman would have no physical advantage in an athletic competition. That's why the Olympic Committee allows trans women to compete after achieving a certain standard of transition.
Master Blaster
Tucker and Jenner need to make sweet love to each other. end of story. they are both pretty similar.
Grady Henshaw
South Park portray this kook sssoo fucking accurately, properly seeing it in the flesh for the first time it's actually not surpring at all aye.. as for the compatition side of things, I think that's fucking bullshit and its not right in the slightest.. this poor fuck who I may feel sorry for having to put with that moronic family obviously broke him and he cracked it as like a can of fucking rotten sardines..
Just lookin at its face makes me😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷
We don't just call this cross-dressing anymore?
The comments on this are absolutely disgusting. I don't understand how Caitlyn's gender or sexuality personally effects any of you? Quit being an unaccepting cunt it's 2017
H2013 Nunyabusiness
God he's a freak. Gross.
James B
I got to give Bruce credit " YES BRUCE "
I remember when Bruce played a cop on the show CHiPs. He was good.
This is the first time I didn't see him cut the guest off, or be aggressive. πŸ˜’ suceur!
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