"I Don't Have a Disease!" Caitlyn Jenner and Tucker Debate Transgender Politics

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4-24-17: Tucker Carlson interviews Caitlyn Jenner about her new book, "The Secrets of My Life."

Blooded Fury
mr jenner what a nice guy ! i dont know why hes always in a halloweej costume ?
Alex Whitby
She looks like she's been in a house fire, or the back end of a dog.
Alex Whitby
She looks like she's been in a house fire, or the back end of a dog.
what a lovely feminine voice
Phillip Pentz
You're a man, you freaken idiot!
Phillip Pentz
He should rather not speak.
david pieper
Jenner has to be the stupidest person alive, think trump would give a flying fuck about her community.
Colorless King
Scary Larry
Tucker' face the whole time to me just says "what the fuck am I looking at?"
dude looks like a lady.
raven evans
Okay, to be honest, i don't know why people hate on her (i don't know much about her so yeah). Shes probably better looking then all you fucks. its 2017 grow the fuck up. She can be who she wants the be.
your community and yourself need to seek God to fill your void, not trump.
Enter The Matrix
His new book*
Dan ut2
3:10 tucker carlon mystified look
aa bb
8:25 "We're not gonna get into all that kind of stuff...." because he knows he has no way to refute the observation that a biological man competing against women in wrestling has an obvious physical advantage.

Too bad Tucker let him off the hook here, but it was pretty obvious that Tucker was trying not to seem bullying in the interview.
JcDadFire Fanclub
He cant even breathe right with his fake ass nose
sharon rose
Bruce is mentally ill.
Bailey Davis
2 years from now: LGBTQMNOFTRSAPVCXZ-+€£><&@$?!' Community.
I watched this after watching south park....
Scarlet Torres
awww look at all these dumb asses on the comments so sad. I don't even like caitlyn but y'all should mind your own business acting like y'all have a perfect life hahaha fucking rednecks
Jorge Yepez
That dude has a mental illness... in denial of it
Gianni May
Bruce is a murderer, he shouldn't be allowed to roam around pretending to be a woman. Let wingers and their mental disorders in full display.
Can-Am Maverick DesertDriving Pre Run
God help Bruce Jenner with his illness.
Seems like every male the Kardashians get close to get ruined one way or the other. The dad died young, Odom almost, Dysick or however you spell his name is an alcoholic. Mind you I dont blame him. Who else, im sure they have ruined some more sports people. This Jenner guy went from an Olympic alpha male to a grown man wearing skirts, Kenye is going crazy, Robert has self confidence issues about his looks. I meant thats not even normal cause guys just dont really think like that. What other guy am I missing.
Dawann Brannon
She still has her manly parts
owl crowder
he does have a mental illness and he nor anyone else who is in the media will admit it. and having it go unchecked and promoting it to kids is fucked up on every level.
Gordon G
Chris is off his rocker ...why can't he take something
Alexander Young
Tucker's face is classic.
Y Hello
He is a very ugly and horrible sounding man, even with woman standards he's still ugly and sounds like shit.
Rose Downey
is she dizzy
Michael Boss
the dude with the hairhat looks like an idiot
Steven Cook
Tucker must have a strong stomach to sit there with a straight face and do this interview.
That's fucker is a Rob Zombie horror movie all by his,she,it self?
Seth Rich
His name was Seth Rich...
I'm not here
Jenner does have a fucking disease. Also. How did he receive a metal for being brave? if I come out as trans would I be brave and get a reward too or not because I'm not rich?
Samu BRidges
What nightmares are made of.
Trump Supporter Ann
He still talks like a man. Plus Trump has waaaay more to do than tend to lgbtxyz issues. This worlds going mad and he wants to focus on this mental issue.
Anno Domina
she is well spoken, I like her. such a civilized conversation for fox also, perhaps she'll make the republicans a little nicer after all
Shlomo Rosenthal-Goldman-Shekelstein
Yeah...I just...ah...no.
hey Bruce. .are you serious? politics are divisive republicans care about $$$$$ democrats are for big government. and pro abortion. .politics is bullshit
Q 2.0
is it just or does Caitlyn Jenner sound like Dr. Evil from Austin Powers...
George Washton
Dan TheMan
that deep voice hahahaahahaahah.
fred cook
freak plain and simple
christopher lee
That voice, how can you take any of this serious. lmfao.
George Washton
Whatever. If you can't be helped to see that you're a male Bruce...then just keep to yourself. My children don't need to hear your unnatural, mentally demented ideals. When you die the world will know a confused male died...not someone who thought they were courageous to mutilate their body.
Peter Rabin
The voice is a dead giveaway
I love how the small section at the bottom scrolling by is the actual news while they debate transgender politics...
Tina Bliss
The Only Secret of Caitlyn Jenner Probably is That He is Still Having Normal Sex With Women Using His Manly Parts That Are Most Likely Still Intact Under His Skirt.
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