jessica leazier
everyone was so concerned about how often thee enclosures were being cleaned, so they show them cleaning and everyone has an issue with how they cleaned it. i saw someone mentioned osha?! lung probs. a VENT?! it seems to some people, the zoo just cant do anything right..if youre so disgusted, angry, concerned, or worried then stop watching. or better yet, educate yourself! or even better, rescue and provide for your own pregnant giraffe because these ones are doing just great and living better than some of the people in this country! great job to the staff and volunteers! youre doing an amazing thing for these animals and deserve to be thanked, recognized, and told job well done!
6:32 Oliver's shuffle😁😍
diane hollen
so cute, Oliver got a big nuzzle when they let him into her stall, they are just too cute together
Irene Chan
Why aren't they wearing masks? I'm also concerned of saw dusts getting into their eyes
Georgie Celli
Awww love this❤❤
Justine Clairissa Ternier
how old is April?
barb Forst
PLEASE PLEASE wear mask when cleaning stalls..2 much dust inhaling.
june rout
i wish there keepers would wear face masks when doing this dusty job,
Mary Lemen
watching from SC
Cookie Johnson
Oliver is giving her the sniff test, sniff, sniff.. smells like lovee~ xoxo
Oliver really isn't happy with all the people near April where he can't protect her!
Do they not clean olivers pen with him in it for their own safety?
Rowland Gravel
since you like comments .... use a dust free bedding to prevent lung issues . and maybe rubber mats for her arthritic knees!!!!! (so you wanna b famous)
Susie Yonally
she looks so happy t b w him
Grace McCoy
why are they in such small pens indoors?
Patricia Killough
Whoa~ that's a big crew!! :) Lovely job, folks, really!!
Michael Snyder
makes me nervous when they have to put Ollie in with her. Know he means well, but perhaps doesnt know his strength!
Madrone Pie
They remind me of sea horses.
K. T.
Omg, Oliver seems actually quite small compared to April:O! Also, he has more of a babyface too. They're so sweet!
Darlene Selcher
Does anyone know how today's vet check-up was? Oliver is every bit as cute as April! Been watching for almost a month here in PA!
Vickie Sherrill
They are so cute together <3
does anyone know what type giraffes they are? I Googled, got different answers one said 4 subspecies, one said 8??
I thought I'd missed it the birth ,after all the live viewing phew!
Wide Awake
there's a third giraffe. Saw it on todays live stream March 20. who is that? How many giraffes are at Animal Adventure Park?
So many Giraffe experts up in here (facepalm)
Cristina Andrea
What a beautiful and amazing creation are these animals 💕
no masks!
Jack D. Ripper
These guys should be wearing dust masks! Where's OSHA??
Tammy Berryman
Hello am I on right cam to see April have her calf?
With some of the money they receive, installing a exhaust fan would help ☹️
Has April given birth yet?
Awww, that's beautiful. So glad she has him for company during her 'confinement'. BTW The staff are very efficient.
Jo Olsen
Such a cute couple..............look at the number of workers cleaning out that other pen!!!
Sherry Parker
Their so beautiful 😍 I love
Lorna McNeil
Oliver is five! April is a cougar! They are so cute together:)
Tessaney Vandervort
His the calf coming today?!?
Penny Lane
Kathleen Clisbee
Daddy is very nervous with huminz in momma's space...
I love watching Oliver checking out his pen as they you better not get anything of mine,
Sunset LPS
Oliver looks like a baby, but bigger 0.0
Bonney Higbee
what happened to the last chat room. like a few Minutes ago it was great
Matthew Star
Like the added music. :)
You forget how big they actually are, until the adults come in to clean, and they look like a bunch of little kids. Lol
Katrina Gavel
8 people to clean out a pen :'D I love it
Karen Lott
First time I have seen them together. Love it 💕
cathy matthews
Cant wait till she has her calf
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