130 hours for not even 10 mins smh >:(
Edit: Once we get past all this tedious skilling, the slayer grind should bring a ton of content to the mix (bossing and what not idk) but we're almost there, appreciate ya sticking by <3 should have a ramble video out sometime soon on maxing goals and a bunch of other stuff if you're into that.
Your uim makes gives me motivation to play the game in general
Zestie Lemons
Is UIM no banking ?
Teoreetik mint
Where did you put your looting bag?
Anyone have the song at 5:52? cant find the right remix anywhere
Idk y i just can’t stop watching. I don’t even like runescape. Nice vid
The Bullet
I have no idea what's going on, but okay.
Umberto Pertschy
YEIIHH another one :D
Rsps Tywy
wow. just watched most of the video thinking your account was a regular account and then you showed your looting bad. and then i noticed your uim... that is crazy man! good job!
randomly ended up on your channel i didnt even know you made videos, i use to be in your clan
citizen 0513
Another enjoyable video! Thanks xoxo
training runecrafting wasn't that bad?? WutFace
Maxed Whip
what happens when uim gets tbow?
-he shouts omfg i made bank!!!

slightly later he realizes he only made inventory =)
You really could stretch out these videos. We like hearing you talk about stuff, and explaining things.
Rikka Takanashi
BLZ3d jr
Waiting for hcuim 😴😪😴😪😴😪😴😪
Great vid as always homie
description made me chuckle
Settled who? Previously... Oh this guy
Simbalambha Bookshelf
if you get arma chest on 1kc i'll chew off my leg and send it to you as a trophy
Max Read
I'm in love with you
I honestly get wayyy too excited when I see you post a video, absolutely love this series man keep up the great work :D <3
Joosep Kõressaar
Oh damn man! Your uim is becoming quite a badass! Best of luck for maxing! 😁😁😁
hey are u an account that cant bank i cant tell
just max already so we can pvm together :^)
Alot is not a word
1/1 would watch again
Brando Raley
Need 85 pray boi.
Oh damn i thought this was a stream announcement o.o

Just kidding man. Love the progress youve made in the video, incredible grinding. Are you gonna attempt the dwh again any time soon?
Mantas Stonys
NiblaNoss OSRS
gz in the pyramid
matt parker
description made this all make sense.
Lambs_ Kebab
Do you have a dragon warhammer?
Get 99 rc
Good job man, keep it up!
Tommy Lee
Ty for the vid
What dwh homie
PogChamp Progress!!!! Nice grind dude
Nice progress man, keep it up!
Pretty short video, you should put in some more play time. :^)
Zach Snyder
I’ve missed you :/
60 hours of runecrafting in 2 mins lol rip
Sam asaur
30 more seconds for 10+mins man, what are you even doing
Shmeat Warrior
don't pull a Verf on us pls kthx
Are you going to quit too after maxing?
Joey Dutton
hope u got a DWH. commenting at beginning
Abce Dfge
New vid FeelsGoodMan
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