Birth of the Dragon Official Trailer #1 [HD] Billy Magnussen, Terry Chen, Philip Ng, Bruce Lee

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Young, up-and-coming martial artist, Bruce Lee, challenges legendary kung fu master Wong Jack Man to a no-holds-barred fight in Northern California.
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Release Date: 2016
Cast: Billy Magnussen, Terry Chen, Philip Ng

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ashutosh parashar
Release date please
Bruce Lee would never call his students 'ladies', he wasn't an air head American.
Denise Dolores Chusnur

Lucas Delgado
Not training for the Olympics
Alex Castellon
People are so closed minded give this movie a chance before judging it
Marcus Cox
that's a nice bruce lee look a like they have but he does not come close to the Real Bruce lee it's just Hollywood pushing their limits to cash out on his name!
Marcus Cox
since when did this love struck teenager who is still wet behind the ears meet bruce lee! GTFO
why are there no fight scenes for this movie on youtube except for the trailers ... i knoe everyone says this movie is shit but i just wanna watch the fight scenes
ملوك العالم
When the movie is shown
wilbercito almanza
link of movie please!
Al Stone
If they'd just avoided using Bruce Lee's name and calling it a biopic, they probably could've made a pretty decent movie (inspired by the fight) with that concept. Old school humble shaolin master vs new modern style, hotheaded martial star. Then they could've taken all the creative liberties they want. Too bad.
Seow Leng Yeong
me want watch this
Seow Leng Yeong
when is it doing in malaysia?
Marcus Rodriguez
This movie is shit, they betrayed Bruce lee legacy. Ashamed
Fifty Fades Of Grey
Garbage. Shitting on Bruce's legacy. Embarrassing. Humiliating my idol.
navanit kamble
member berries , anyone?
seem fun, will watch it when released
wow. garbage.
John Mastroligulano
Ah but the past always comes back to haunt you
"What limits?" :D
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