Why The Inventor Of The Trendy Fidget Spinner Hasn't Earned a Penny

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The fidget spinner is the hot new toy sweeping the nation. It comes in a myriad of colors and styles and ranges in price from $2 to $900 for a gold-plated one. Kids are clamoring for them and they are flying off toy store shelves. One most assume that the person who invented this nifty gadget has to be making millions. But Catherine Hettinger, a chemical engineer from Florida, invented the original fidget spinner 2 years ago and shockingly, isn't making a dime off the gadget.

Jenny O'Brien
I wish I had one
Morgan Slaugenhoup
some cost $0.99
ya itsmerc
The inventor of The Fidget trend should gryfie entire goverment and The gold bars on micheal jacksons toliet seat😂
Lner Fan
0:07 stolen from Eh Bee Family
this spinning form of cancer
Tony Likes Bacon
0:07 is that the girl from the Eh Bee family? ( I think that's how it's called and I don't know their names)
Just Some Guy
That's terrible, and I'm not talking about her not getting paid, I'm talking about fidget Spinners
Waiting til they die
Elodie Forsans
My school put a ban on fidget spinners and puddy because they distracted people a lot when they were only supposed to be used as physical therapy. I never owned one and never got addicted and I'm actually on my school's side because one time someone found a way to make their puddy squeal very loudly on their desk and used it to annoy my friend who has very sensitive hearing.
Spining a spinner is not satiesfying.
Creative Monkey
lets start a foundation page so we can donate money to her
Furby Gaming
My principal sells fidget spinners and is obsessed with them.
Legit Dimond
Why is this on my recommend list I'm not even subed?
iithestarryunicornii iiunicornsruleii
Well thats not fair at all
the 2v1
Actually sorry to correct you but it was reported the THe created of a fidget spinner is almost a billionaire because of her invention
Lamented Dart291
I knew this fact before it was on YouTube
Nader Tanooki Kid
I use mine for my add and autism
Aw :(
Yes... perfect.
the robloxian girl
It's my birthday today mam said she will get me a cake if I get 190 likes please help
NuthinBut AGThang
its better to get addicted to fidget spinners than social media and electronic gadgets.
Tony Valdovinos
poor woman you should reward her alot of money right now for making us entertained with these fidget spinners like id you agree
I'm still wondering why she hasn't killed herself for spreading autism
Yvng JJ
I feel terrible
Andrew Williams
They were originally made for people with mental disorders. But they did make a new kind of mental disorder though
Surfer KittyDawg
i dont even have one and i still feel bad... also, they're banned in my english class lol
Im Doge
my school banned fidget spinners...
Enrique Chavira
who else was wacthing and using a figet spinner
Imagine how filthy rich she would be.
that's very messed up! she should be getting atleast 1 thousand a month! or a week!
Peter Mastellos
Jesus Lira
I'm playing with one just because I'm bored of waiting for my pizza
Keezy Mann
everyone I'm sorry but I just bought 2
i thought this was whats inside...
hispanic! at the disco
back in my day we had a pencil and a ruler
Pussy Slayer
Who already knew the story.😢🙋
Kaylee Galasinao
Man, that's sad.
Jancarlo Rivas
of course inside edition ruins everything
70 Camaro RS/Z28
That is so terrible!
Blank Animations YOY
Is it sad , I've never touched one ;(
My friends let me sometimes now xD
Gamingguy 101
I'm spinning one while spinning one
And has anyone noticed the entro sounds like the elite barbs in clash?
1 2
0:07 eh bee family
Chicken Daddy
the video says she invented it 20 years ago but the description says 2 years ago
Adrian Gil
because they earned 999999999999999999999999999999999999 dollars
Nathan Oconnor
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