Why The Inventor Of The Trendy Fidget Spinner Hasn't Earned a Penny

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The fidget spinner is the hot new toy sweeping the nation. It comes in a myriad of colors and styles and ranges in price from $2 to $900 for a gold-plated one. Kids are clamoring for them and they are flying off toy store shelves. One most assume that the person who invented this nifty gadget has to be making millions. But Catherine Hettinger, a chemical engineer from Florida, invented the original fidget spinner 2 years ago and shockingly, isn't making a dime off the gadget.

Lps Snowflakes
Az Will
I can't say a millionaire saying $400 is very much is creditable, buying a car isn't much for him
Cutie Pie Blu Fish
I hate fidget spinners every time I spin it with a finger it hits my finger and it hurts.
Jason Voorhees
I hate fidget spinners but I feel bad for her.
Sakura Neko
eH bEe fAmIly AAAAaaAaaAHhhh!!
I said i'll never get it...* cough * I did get a spinner + cough * xD
Chelsea Turner
what is up with rich white people 400 dollars is alot of money to some people 🤔
Fiji spnr
Abbey Rickardsdottir
I only use my fidget spinner during long car rides
donnald troll
i like the fidget spinner loading sign
Landon Koubandonh
Dead meme.......Dead trend....... Just Dead
Rebecca Monks
he said it doesnt cost that much to renew it??? well sorry not everyone has 400$ laying around
gaming island
R.i.p fidget spinner
Biggie Cheese
Because China takes any opportunity to make money...
Zachary Rodek
The loading sign is a fidget spinner
Leeasia Anderson
Those things r so stupid
ShadeStar Gaming
I'm sick of fidget spinners
aaron vlogs
eh bee family
I don't think anyone thought this was a great idea in the first place until it went VIRAL.
Jesus baltazar
My teachers a dick he said he will call my mom at school just for not speaking right when i was and gave a kid 300 sentences for moving in line i was like wtf
The Crystal Crystals
How is this news? You're supposed to make videos on IMPORTANT things, not a chemical engineer's manifestation of wasted brainpower!
Ivan Gonzalez
Eeh bee family
Lol everyone at my school who doesn't have ADHD owns one. I am diagnosed with ADHD, and I don't want one. LMAO!
Toyo 86
Id donate money for to her for haveing one of the most successful toys out there
Shuprova Ahmed
400 dollars isnt "nothing" you're just rich
Gabriel Waggoner
She doesn't care about the money Gaga lies
Gabriel Waggoner
lol I it bought for 1.06 " anywhere from 2-900 " smh haha
Kawaii Pineapple
This was published on my bday
Ned Flanders
Why would anyone make money for making cancer?
Blobs E
400$ isn't nothing.
Friz The Froakie
gets can ser
Will Weck
0:25 Man, I can get them for free at the old white van down the street.
Valerie N.
Did I see the Eh Bee Family
Alison Stephens
I wonder were the first fidget spinner is
She deserves it for making the damn things
Stevenate Animation
Katherine should get money but due to her expired patent she hasn't made anything
The cancer spinners
Ladies and gentlemen... We got em
I want to die
musika last
Security Researcher
0:05 6 times thank me later
Dulce Martinez
The trailer for Kidnap was in a child friendly fidget spinner video
Llama lover
I hate them....but then I don't...its a hate love relationship
I like slime better.
Heil hydra
Why do so many people have autism?
Katerina Seredyuk Pedersen Si7B Sindal undervisningssted
omg cool changito
I buy 5,000 Dollar fidget spinner
Some Akira Person
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