Things No One Tells You About Pregnancy

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You could cry, puke, sweat and pee yourself all in one day.

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Captain Crawfish
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Why am I watching this, I'm a 13 year old lesbian....
Monica Nhinbhgjgfhglgxxf
Having kids is so hard and pregnancy is the pain cause it hurts in the babies are sooo annoying well i can say they sre cute
Kenz300 x
The worlds poorest people are having the most children. They have not figured out the connection between their poverty and family size. Endless population growth is not sustainable. If you can not provide for yourself you can not provide for a child.
Birth Control Permanent Methods: Learn About Effectiveness
Crystal Moncada
I'm barely 19 weeks ... I'm scared for the rest of the pregnancy lol
Ice Heart Linkin Park
Aaaand i'm watching this while I have my period...
Lucy Liu
I'm getting five dogs...
Cassie Cee
Lol so on point .... especially getting comfy in bed then needing to pee ... flaming nightmare !!
Alondra Valdez
fhdudegyrydyhfggc dhg
Alondra Valdez
Bianca WR
2:12 made me laugh so hard !!
Riley Brooke
Nati H
I'm only 14 years old... Why does youtube torture me?!
Rochelle Piratheekaran
1:44 that pen drop was so fake
JulieG Vlogs
I’m not pregnant but...I suffer most of these already
Sarah Dunn
gross buzzfeed sjws make me wanna puke. they will all be raising their babies gender neutral I'm sure.
Aphmau Fan !!
2:12 is so funny
Don’t beat me. Mom
I had severe morning sickness that forced to eat all the time. I gained 100lbs. Had to have a c section. They used so much Nerve block that it paralyzed my bladder. I couldn’t pee for a month and needed a catheter. Then I developed a seroma, a surgical wound oozing serum, it needed to be opened up again and packed with pads. Never doing that again!!!!!
Aria Franklin
1:31 yeah when you sleep
Sansan ss
lovely and naughty twins. You will want to have them in your life by sansan
Niamh Slimez
Her: im gonna grow it out, gonna go full jungle

yusra abdullahi
When she said can you smell apples I was shocked cause I'm eating a McDonald apple pie 😂😂😭😂😂
Rokeya Rima
Even I am not married and watching this😐
i like chocolate.
Nice to know.
Sam Minugh
My mom got a hernia bending over to pick up a pencil for me when I was six and she was pregnant with my brother.
Veronica Di Paolantoni
Great vid!
Fiha Fiha
I think I said this on another video but I didn't realise until I trained to be a midwife that it's very common for women to poop during delivery. If that is you, don't be embarrassed, it's completely normal. And yes, you can still look us in the eye even though you crapped in our hands.
Awesome Girl
I want to have kids when I get older but I don’t wanna go threw that!!
Danielle Pollietti
Are you really a couple
Abby Hallett
I have three kids and I’m having another
Kristina Jesue
I dont no bout anyone else but i got VERY horny whenever i got preg!!!!!!
Renee Carr
Keyaria Samuels
True !
Gracie Smith
"What am I a fuckeen hobbit now?"
Kawwai unicorn :3
Zofia Barr
1:12 me
It's Nats
2:12 made me laugh so hard
ritu rakib
I dnt want to be pregnant!!!!
Manal Khalique
Robin 😍
Stéphanie OkHee
I love my baby and will love my second one soon enough, just as much. But being pregnant for the second time... Yes, it's awful. Yes, I'll be overjoyed when it's FINALLY over, and then, never, freaking, again.
aya mohamed
“Oh you better take care of me until I’m throwing up on you!”
Msp Flickah
Love Hannah and Robert!
Cermet and Paesh
Were they all actually pregnant?
Celine Nielsen
“Am i a fu**ing hobbit now?!?” Why do i love that so much
Lillian G Snell
“What am I a f*cking hobbit now?” I died😂😂😂
Zuhrobegim Ashrapova
Omg it's all 100% true I thought I'm the only one
omg im on that way now! almost 5 months pregnant. omg!!!
Currently 24 weeks pregnant and I relate to all of these lol
Oh my god hannah and her hubby are goals
Random Lauren
The wine mom has matched her hair with her man? Worddd
I actually am scared to death just thinking about throwing up.
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