Things No One Tells You About Pregnancy

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You could cry, puke, sweat and pee yourself all in one day.

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Captain Crawfish
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Joanna Luna
pregnancy is so gross.
destyni zepeda
Guy at 1:34 is cute wonder what the baby looks like
Elizabeth de kunffy
Wine mum and her husband have matching hair that's so cute
Mia Marie
I'm not even pregnant. What am I doing here
Nicole Taylor
All too true! I'm 6 months pregnant
Unicorn Girl
swirly cookie
that last part though. "you are not putting me in a nursing home" 😂😂
XxPotatoCorn Gamingx
I wish the same colored hair couple were real :(
"You are taking care of me until I am throwing up on you"
Patricki Lawan
Sophie Nicholl
I always wonder "am I peeing or sweating or WHAT?!" I'm three months pregnant and UGH, but it's so worth it.
Swe-Swe Sirupa
"We're gonna go full jungle."

Napaporn Meengurnะราาา
Do the feet go back to normal? And why would the skin burn 😕
Tonette Vereen
i have been grabbing things with my feet since i was 6 all to prepare for having a baby I'm ready some people might ask how would a 14 year old know the struggles well i don't i just have six younger siblings and I'm the eldest so i have observed 😋
LS Zoologist
Lol I got a birth control ad
"Am i a f*cking hobbit now? What's happening?!"
Katarzyna Andrulewicz
Idc how painful it sounds I can't wait to be pregnant one day...not that excited to the point where I'm going to go and make a baby now Dw
Angela Calubad
Flying mint bunny OuO
Ochi always baffles me with how beautiful she is
No one Important
Oh god is that sweat or am I peeing XDD. I DIED
razie momeniyan
so funny :)))))))
Chester Palima
there just actors who use dramas
Brooklyn Jameson
Currently expecting and this is all true lol
Cate Brooks
SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction), onset around 20 weeks. 15 months later, I am still suffering from it. THAT is something people need to be told about, since even doctors often know nothing about it - even specialist OBGYNs.
Well, my vagina is gonna be ripped 3/4ths of the way when my baby comes out.
What a pain... What... a pain.
Chloe Dunlap
Are the blue haired two a cou
ifa kholifah
Vini Dubey
So basically, I wanna be a father...... I am NOT nearly killing myself for nine months to give birth to a hellion
THE AwkwardPotato
I'm v v gay what am I doing here
I can totally relate to falling asleep everywhere
My teacher is pregnant... yeah so that happened
I love how this video was made 9 months ago hehehe
Video uploaded 9 months ago
Ary Anna
Ava Roper
Omg 2:13 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lil' Minky
I love the couple who have matching hair colors💙
Kassi Jo Stewart
15 year old female, not looking forward to this, adoption it is
Going through all this 😂😆
Huge Weirdo
I feel bad for my mom. She had four of us at a very young age.
Lonneke Sijbenga
I am 17 weeks pregnant and I can relate haha
Princess leía
Why did buzzfeed change it's name to boldly
Nikki Michael
This is too relatable omg 😂 "we're just gunna go full jungle"
Jou Xin
Too bad im just 12
Pretty Baby
I actually really want kids💖
Cordy TheOneTrueSenpai
I can never tell if it's sweat or I'm peeing and I'm definitely not pregnant...
This is awesome!!!!! lol and very true
Mays Mama
I'm 7 weeks pregnant and morning sickness is gonna kill me ☹️
Cerulean Skigh
"You are not putting me in a nursing home." Ah, people who have babies for indentured creepy.
Moonwalker 58
I said the people with the blue hair so hard there baby is going to look just like them
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