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Sports are REALLY hard when you're dizzy. 
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Shout out to the Dakota State University Trojans' coaching staff for their dizzy punting video that inspired this battle idea! We were dying laughing! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWklOdsDdXE

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Gamer Cal
The water balloon hit his shoe
NoobGalaxyGirls NGG
I like Ty’s hat. GO Stars
alex rodgers
conect 4
peyton cox
Ty is the worst he cheated
Derek Braxton
LEGO tower
Jash Doshi
dizzy sports battle 3 4 5 6 7
Jash Doshi
again a dizzy sports part 2
Kathy Grimsley
Dizzy runing challenge
Yash Agarwal
Football full
Shawn Loh Zi Xian Loh
That's not fair
Shawn Loh Zi Xian Loh
The water balloon hit Cody's armpit
Ola Galaaen
Ty's baseball dude xD
Trupti Kamat
Nerf batte
really? coby would've won if that balloon popped, this is unfair
Coby really should have won
Sofia Chavira
swiming contest
Zamir Arif
What song is this
Theo Schneiderman
Do a blindfolded nerf gun battle
Derek Price
Ty is the best
Shane Bansberg
Do a dizzy soccer challenge
Twins Gaming
You Guys Rocked!!!!!!!
Also, You Guys Wrecked The Envieornment.
That Ok We All Make Mistakes And We Learn From Them!!!!!!
Steve Skerritt
Do Canadian Stereotypes
Joey Sumulong
i have a lot of laugh at this
Zilmyn ille
You guys are the best
pj baby
foe next vid
pj baby
toilet paper tricks
Shawn Parsons
Hockey fight
James The blaze
Team Coby all the way
Jordon Williams
Make a wrestling tournament Battle
Adrian XD
Jenga battle
Ryley Winrich
The whole time I was just worrying about the ground around the cone.
Joshinator Allan
That wasent fair
Trick Perfect
Should have done another round
Vishal Suryawanshi
football battle
Alex Pyrek
Awesome Jaxson
Levi Acquaviva
you should do a paint ball battle
Nathan Winney
Look at coby in the stat of the video,looking at ty
huann mackinester
football battle
nøt Prince.
dizzy paintgun battle
Gav Vlogs
Patsy Cardenas
My dad has it to
Jack VanDeCar
Bs, coby hit him pop or not
william portillo
I think Cody should of not won
Mackenzie Ribich23
ive had vertigo 3 times and i am 9
Yazin Al-janabi
The pop thing was stupid
Miss Julia
Giant rocket sockems or you battle a giant rocket sockem but that might hurt
Aidan Morgan
What should we battle next.
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