Rhon Cabayao
I want someone be a sideline reporter because ty always the reporter
thanmai Sree
Xactly why is ty the reporter always if he is not a contestant
Ooooo that kinda hurt my friend
Justin G
I am team ty
Pikachu Battleground
12 dollar glassed
Melanie Agee
mr. t
Syed Nausad Ali
I like coby because of your loses
Syed Nausad Ali
My favourite are
1.Tyler I like you most for yours wins
2.Garret I like you for your skills
3.cody I like you for your perfect shots
4.cory because for his funny shots
5.coby I like him for his loses
OLB 24
Is it me or is Tyler always the sideline reporter like if you agree
gireesh gajendra
Can u do Nintendo switch
Junior Langott
Ty is a funny reporter
Savage Hawk 10
Ya I have seen most of your face off videos and ty is the reporter of most of them
The crystal Titans
Coby first win
cnarew risher
Why don't they have two guys face off and have two guys and the winner faces off against each other
Jathan Agrawal
Why is ty always the announcer?
Coby can win a couple face offs, but he can win one dp battle
FaZe Poop
I spell my name Coby
Rahul Bhille
give this challenge to roger federer and nadal
Matix Staffieri
That's funny
Zidan Pathan
Brett Davies
Tyler:he is the white hippo
Hockey Boys
Awesomeness Trickshots
You can see they cut the video at the part of the sideline reporter role so ty could get it lol
CM Troiano
Coby rules
UndefeatedChainsaw Duo
Cheryl Martin
Do a vid with tyreek hill
Stan DaMan
1:42 you could've sliced the ball up coby
Do rien
Coby wins and get no prize , only food 😯 but he won πŸ‘Œ
Dennis Thompson
Why is ty always the reporter
Jackson Brodnax
I'm glad coby won because he like never wins
Jackson Brodnax
thousand foot deep end
That looks like so much fun! I'd try it at the tennis courts across the street from my house!.... if I was at all coordinated. Hahaha
Aidan Walsh
Cody is always left out
David Spencer
I have the same necklace as ty
Spike Gamer
I like billy as sideline reporter! Lol
Jonah Walker
Jackson Bennett
Coby's not good at anything? That's not true
sarah berges
tys reporter bc he is the funniest
he's not, I've watched three videos of face off and he wasn't commentator either of them and he has to be the funniest person ever!
Joey Holden
Kaden Stone
In the second round they gave Coby the point when Garrett scored (right before "you turn your turn")
Dani Mallas
do cricket
Daniela Uribe
I want Billy Butchcroft to appear more he is hailarious
Tyler Araujo
Does Ty really get picked announcer every Face Off?
Basketball Spino
"Cobys not good at anything" gets beat by him
Ianne Simeon
Hey coby and garret are rivals
Mike Margotta
got to get the 666
Nicholas Kerr
Love billy
Sam Carlson
lets go billy
Logan Paul
Hi billy butchcroft ryan this is the comment ur looking for
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