Dude Perfect Roller Skating Tennis | FACEOFF

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Dude Perfect teamed up with SONIC for a game of ROLLER TENNIS! Coby and Garret BATTLE it out for the ULTIMATE prize...a $5 BOOM BOX!

Learn MORE about the $5 Boom Box: http://bit.ly/28SpfQG

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Spike Gamer
I like billy as sideline reporter! Lol
Jonah Walker
Jackson Bennett
Coby's not good at anything? That's not true
sarah berges
tys reporter bc he is the funniest
he's not, I've watched three videos of face off and he wasn't commentator either of them and he has to be the funniest person ever!
Joey Holden
Kaden Stone
In the second round they gave Coby the point when Garrett scored (right before "you turn your turn")
Dani Mallas
do cricket
Daniela Uribe
I want Billy Butchcroft to appear more he is hailarious
Tyler Araujo
Does Ty really get picked announcer every Face Off?
Basketball Spino
"Cobys not good at anything" gets beat by him
Ianne Simeon
Hey coby and garret are rivals
Mike Margotta
got to get the 666
Nicholas Kerr
Love billy
Whistle Sports I subbed and followed you on instagram!
Sam Carlson
lets go billy
Tommy Baseball
Hi billy butchcroft ryan this is the comment ur looking for
Michael O'Brien
so cool
XxbeastgoaliexX Lit
0:44 Tyler said the f word
I like all the dudes in Dude Perfect, but my favourite guy is Tyler!!! ;)
COBY YES!!! To bad this wasn't a battle.
Billy Butchcroft is hilarious, good job Ty.
kanav saluja
tyler is just wao
Ronan Mcloughlin
The One
I still don't know which twin is which
Kobe won!!!
I all most dead laughing
nona nonica
it is called a set not a game
Gabriel Victorio
I'm pretty sure coby had missions
Brayden Reece vlogs
I feel bad for Cody
Katelyn Weier
Dave Moyle
also click my image
Dave Moyle
Ramy Shamasha
cody never get to play xD
Darren Harris
Leshawn Coutain
ty sounds so stuuuppiiddddd
Ty is the reporter in all of the faceoffs
Victor Mugabo
Because he is awesome
Brooks Holen
He's not
Judah Powell
You need to have more football face offs.
Devesh Sharma
Anthony Gomez
I hate Ned and Billy so bad
Cooper Shephard
I thought Billy could not skate
Tori Sanders
I've been playing roller derby for 7 years and one of my derby friends and I will play this game all the time
Charlie D
Coby falls
Ty- " He looks like Billy Butchcroft"😂😂😂
Pro Sports
This was the worst one but it was still awesome
James The blaze
Why is Coby so good at face off and so bad at normal videos
Nicholas Justice
wat song is playing at 3:40?
Marty Bescoe
"You turn your turn into a turn" lol
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