WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES Final Trailer (Extended) 2017

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Final Trailer for War of the Planet of the Apes.

Alex Grigorian
So air strikes don't exist or something? Apes can't fly planes it takes training to learn. Plus we have viruses that would affect the apes from just cohabitation.
I didn't start this war
me: buuut I will end it
ape: but I will finish it.
Mother of all cliché
All this happened over a poor old man getting into the wrong car and the car owner being a stupid asshole without any compassion.
Oh well. Is this part 3 or 4?
Crimson Knight
whos voting 4 the apes
pronto,entregou o filme inteiro
Corinne and Jason
is this a documentary
Zac Lee
Enough of these movies christ alive
Mario Oteri
looks like horrible propaganda pushin the "evil white" narrative...the apes even adopt the white girl.. just fukin annoying
Tedi Bear
2016 was trash but 2017 hell no
Joy Valentin
Planet of the harambes
Can't wate!!!!!!!!!!
Mr. Dreemurr
1:10 am I the only one who heard " You can tell them, I farted "
Anyone who would be on the apes side..would most definitely be the ones taking it up the ass from them lmao
Alltooo Nivelll
Jacqueline Adriana
I'm a monkey lover
why does this happen to every movie u start with the first episode all good than the 2nd episode comes and there is a bad guy who hates the enemies so much but the good guy kills that bad guy which hates their enemies but inn the 3rd episode you nee that guy WHERE THE FUCK IS KOBA CAESER KILLED HIM AND NOW KOBA ISNT HERE TO HELP US that's why I kinda hate caeser
admaiora adma
This movie looks BANANAS
Karma XG
The trailer is nice, the music makes it sicker. I can't wait for this shit to come out
why was a gorrila on the humans side? reloading a machine gun?
The War - Il pianeta delle scimmie Film Completo
i like
RNF Gaming
All this because a 4 year old fell into a gorillas enclosure.
Jeremiah Martinez/JM Gaming
I feel like Caesar is like the Optimus Prime of the film now....please don't criticize me... It was just a thought :/
Ava Smart
6:28 role credits
In memory of Harambe
wait so what happened to the scientist that raised cesar? only saw rise of the planet of the apes so idk what happened
Jay-Dee DallaZ
see Americans this is what happens when you kill an innocent gorilla
bp 58
i had to do a double take i thought i was looking at loretta lynch..
who wins
Chris Baby 666
Tell me why one of the monkeys has an extra chromosome
Red Terror
Seen the trailor? seen the whole damn movie in clips!
Hamza B
All of this happened because someone was too busy to watch their kid while he climbed into a Gorilla's enclosure at the zoo.
ourakale akanou
je suis ravis de ce films 10/10
Amy Mckeown
Definatley gonna see this
Arct John Zamora
is this a George Lucas film?
Kaewon Harris
every one mostly making jokes but, very sooner or later we all have to stand and fight for the truth. just like the apes in this movie, like the slavery of mankind. but will we unite or fall. read between the lines maybe only a few can see the message in this trailer. love not war
khensani khoza
lets hope they dont become super saiyan apes
Chubby Pandagaming
i clicked for the thumpnail anyone???
Anthony M
Woody, first man to lose a war to a monkey. Damn dirty apes
Dana Osiagoh
Europeans: The Chimpanzees
Africans: The Gorillas
Orangutans: The Asians & Hispanics
This movie isn't hard to figure out folks...
Muhammad Samiullah
i think Writer, director forget about Nuclear powers of world...
hey its like blacks vs whites
fnaf unboxer
bald monkey
fnaf unboxer
2:12 hahaha
They went full retard with that one ape
Detective Hawk
Is anyone else actually excited for this movie? I see so many people bashing it. 🦍
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