WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES Final Trailer (Extended) 2017

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Final Trailer for War of the Planet of the Apes.

Christian Bustamante
THOT who listens to JCOLE
anyone else wanna SMASH bad ape? He looking like my Chinese uncle!
ciapaty ciapacz
death to all apes
When the government decides to do something about Chicago
Lost Eye Games
Due due due Dora the explorer yaa
They're animals! 2:36
Henri-Ansel Vallee
totally glad i didn't watch the trailer before watching the movie
I watched it and I didn't regret it.
isaac alvarez
cesar dies ): in this one
simeon ominde
I saw Harambee make a cameo at 5:55
Mihai Stefanita
In one hand or the other we are made from same think! monkeys or not the world looks more beautiful day after day, even when i watch a little history
Lisa Chant
This movie was a huge disappointment... of course the white guy HAS got to be the BAD guy always hollywood!
Whistling Maniac
how do monkey load magazine with big fingers
Whistling Maniac
If anyone is rooting for the apes you are a traitor lol. kill them all!
This is an interesting movie maybe I'll watch it
Stephon Barkley
When Blacks n Natives take back whats rightfully theres
Katty Perez
🔴 War for the Planet of the Apes M0VIE ( plus.google.com/u/0/+QuickflixMovie/posts/9ECvzUAz87x )
Tony cantu
Black live matter: The Movie
I just watched it. It's a good movie.
Elias Chams Eddine st
Why there is no LGBT apes too
Yung Stoops
Caesar dies at the end
Rondae Bro
When donkey dies. I cries
Jorge Gonzales
This movie was absolute garbage. Pro-muslim, pro-immigration, anti-American garbage. They burn the American flag, kill ALL the humans, and the idiots in the theater were cheering. It was fucking ridiculous. Not to mention it was so goddamned predictable I started falling asleep halfway through it.
Devin Kim
Caesar dies at the end
Youngzhay Gaming
Not as excited after seeing this -30% revenue
olivier doucet
Best film ever!!!!
sagopa kajmer
this movie was boring af. A big fcking NO NO
the gaming wombat
Darkness Shadow
Caeser : I come to kill you
Harambe killer : You have no power here!
Luis Flores
i already watched this it was sad and funny
dean neal
Secret closet hip racial what billion yellow
GankPlank Main
What if all apes watched this movie in a huge screen. What would they think.
Caesar dies in part 3
Bring back Heston!
Royal Fritz
rise o Israel for Esau is the end and Jacob is the beginning prophecy is being fulfilled all praises to heavenly Father in the name of his son our King and savior Shalom
Oooooh soldier 76 quote (its official war of the planet of the apes is A rip Off of overwatch ) #trigerred
Yanvier ,
They shouldn't of killed Harambae
Ninja Of The Darkness
wtf whose army in the white one
Film Maker
Having watched the film today I can say now that this trailer is misleading! A lie to quite an extent!
But the film is still a very good watch.
I enjoyed it!
I love the apes
I love the apes
Aliff Imran
spoiler alert , Caesar died in the end
Pablo Champagne
Smeagol Ape included
Erik Jamin
They name it WAR of the planet of the apes when there is so little war in the movie. Talking about movie marketing nowadays... 😒
Happy Dog
Oh my Lord! This movie is damn good. I was in tears.
kay poly
The racial undertone in this is epic. Ok, I know and average hillbilly toothless, sister-fucking trailer trash,Trumpanzee are too slow to get this but, as whites always do, we know this is about inevitable fall of America and Europe. Whites being white(holy as usual) and the Apes being Are,blacks and any other non-white individuals. Welldone white folks but, not all of us are buying it. fight? let's do it. At least I ain't got nothing to lose. Who wouldn't want to take sweet revenge on white folks? have them work on plantations for 400years too.
Fly High
Greatest movie of all time! Loved it !
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