Jeremiah Logan
Connor O'Neil
Why do these foreigners keep talking to us about our constitution. I don't give a damn about the laws in Australia.
Homini Lupus
I am so glad to have this beautiful son of a bitch in my country. No, Aus, you can not have him back.
It's so weird to see Jim sober.
Phckng Goofy69
He's just another twat with a TV show!
Science Denier
socialist commies go live in new Jersey or north Korea for 1 day
Jim Jefferies points out that some furious people cannot understand their own founding documents! Plus I thank him for showing the WCCB News clip in this video!
Freedom of speech is part of all democracies and not unique to the US (even if 'muricans believe so..). ALL democratic countries share that part in their constitutions.

Now, since it's part of the democratic process, it also implies that YOU CAN'T FUCKING USE IT FOR NON-DEMOCRATIC PURPOSES! If you want to be part of democracy, you'll have to follow the rules. It's that simple. So, no, freedom of speech doesn't mean you can go on a racist rampage and claim you have the right to do so. Racism is against the law in any democratic country worth the name of it.
What about Berkeley?
Eric Larkin
People frequently confuse their right to free speech with the requirement for other people to listen to the stupid shit they have to say. Similar to being "entitled to an opinion." If you're going to be a fucking idiot, be prepared to get called out without getting your panties in a bunch.
Brian Lowdown
Freedumb? Jefferies like Australia using one size fits all laws ,when it comes to defending your home.
Brian Lowdown
wonder if jim votes or just comes over here on a work visa to give his 2cents
Man, does Jim not understand what the Declaration of Independence was for and what followed. The Aussie doesn't understand, nor addresses what the people were saying to NPR. He just made jokes that the dim and gullible follow without really knowing why. As a matter of fact neither does the reporter. The only people that seems to understand the purpose of the Declaration of independence is the Person making the tweet and NPR.
Almelijy housam
so it's ok to say DEATH TO AMERICA ?
Jon Smith
unfortunately the u.s. is the only country left in the west that has true freedom of speech. there are plenty of European countries where you cannot do a Nazi salute or walk around in Nazi paraphilia. now I'm sure a lot of you will say oh who cares but it does matter. It's easy to say who cares when the speech your outline is only used by a fraction of a fraction of a percent but once you take their freedom away then it's a slippery slope to be able to take away and unpopular opinion that 2% of the people agree with until all the sudden it's majority rule. you had plenty of places in Europe that were arresting people for the most idiotic things. Like the guy that made the Hitler cat video a Scottish guy that said I don't want any of these Syrian refugees in my neighborhood a Londoner that was reading violent verses out of the Quran in front of an audience and that's just a few examples. I can give you examples like that of almost every European country. not that I would want to but I can go outside and we're a full Hitler get up with a sign that says Hitler did nothing wrong and gas the Jews and not have to worry about any government repercussion. I can walk out the next day as a klansman I can walk out the day after as one of these black Israelis that says kill all cracker babies I can walk outside with a sign that says godhatesfags I can walk outside with a sign that says the Japanese did what the Chinese deserved in World War II or talk is much shit about the president or any elected member of Congress as much as I want until I'm blue in the face , anything. Again you have to protect even the most disgusting and hateful points of view. if you cannot discuss and have the freedom of exchange of ideas then you're not truly free. That's why the first amendment is the first one and the most important. How can you try to change things if you cannot even discuss them in public.
Fuck off Jim Jefferies... (*single tear)... Fuck off
Notorious Smallz
My man Jim got his own show 😁😁😁😁😁😁
paul mac
this kangaroo fucking sack of dog shit does not know any thing about any thing he is about as funny as an over flowing toilet at a bus station, its to bad the kangaroo that fucked his big fat mother did not pull out and shove it up her fat smelly ass to dump its load that way she could have shit jimmie the kangaroo fucker down the toilet to the sewer where crap belongs, go back to that shit hole you come from punk, the only people who find you funny are all those piss pant cry baby losers who have a ass full of obumer wad
This is more funny than his standup
Zack Klein
Comedy central is ruining jim jefferies for me.
I totally agree with Jim!! Freedom of speech is NOT freedom from consequences (except government persecution).
Jesus Arreola
He should get his own YouTube channel
D. Afanasiev
this guy used to be funny. fame fucked him up.
stan klein
Jefferies is great!
Ralph Bernhard
My kinda tough guy...
Mike Rodriguez
brilliant comedy
Blitz Underdog
SiNaC Spears
it's obvious you don't understand the issue of the gay wedding cake case. the owners have the right to refuse it simply because they believe it's gays getting married is immoral, it would be no different if a Jewish tailored denied me service if I ask him to make a nazi uniform, or a African baker to refuse a cake design that said "blacks are sub human". they all have the right to refuse service if they believe what they are doing is immoral. that cake shop made cakes for that gay couple before, and they only refuse them that time because of the marriage, and if people don't like it, then they can go to any other cake shop.
That news story is making fun of people for not recognizing the Declaration of Independence - but then they show a picture of the Preamble... different document, geniuses.
wasn't this on theonion?
Derek Placeholder
His constant changing of posture is amusing given his recent suggestion that he's autistic... he looks looks like he's acting like he's having body language... instead of actually having body language.
Anthony Badessa
Hey hey, leave the Anti Gay "CAKEMAKER"Alone people! Before he quits & pursues he's real passion as a "HAIRDRESSER"...
Retro Gaming
Even though hes an asshole jim jeffries is fucking hillarious
Andrew Barefoot
This is BS. Propaganda. Who is this Drunk sounding fool BTW.
waqar khan
well he is no Trever Noah or John Oliver but if he can make Americans laugh then it's fun to be honest I still can't understand the Australian plus he sound like he has be drinking so many time you lost count
Jim Jefferies for president!
this dude is my political spirit animal
that guy
An Australian telling America to Fuck off! I suddenly feel as proud as fuck to be Australian... but at the same time I am glad that (like Jim) I don't live there anymore. The place is going to hell quicker than the US. Anyhoo.. Jim Jeffries is the funniest Comedian, Aussie & Jim. Nuff said.
Freedom of speech is a kinda all or nothing you either allow anything or allow nothing
Colby Schweikert
jim Jefferies for president!!! Aussie but fuck it better than Trump
Kolt45 Gaming
If discrimination of gays at bakery's is such a rampant issue, why don't they just start up a Gay friendly bakery and CAPITALIZE on it? Fuck all this, you hurt my feeling by not agreeing with my lifestyle choices. I do not have to accommodate everyone's personal beleifs into my life, but they also don't have to do business at MY establishment. Let the free market take care of these issues..
An Ausie puppet from Comedy Central trying to lecture us about US politics, no thank you. Maybe you should tell us how things are doing down under instead
Alden Rogers
Funny how we supposedly have had free speech for so long, yet censorship has existed for oh, so long as well.
The first amendment prevents gov overreach, but freedom of speech is a principle everyone should follow. You shouldn't be fired or figuratively lynch mobbed by society for wrong think either.
Anthony LiPira
I'm glad the Supreme Court consistently rules that hate speech is free speech.
wow these people are stupid lol
Shaun White
I loved his 2 Season TV show he had. What crawled up his butt and changed him to be a political comedian.
Nolan Duarte
so its the daily show again, cool
I wish the people saying "freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequence" would be as understanding when people are fired for their race or their sexuality.
d r
When did everybody at Comedy Central turn into self-righteous, boring c*nts.
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