Chris Jericho vs. Samoa Joe: Raw, April 17, 2017

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The curator of "The List of Jericho" clashes with The Samoan Submission Specialist on Raw.


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Wwe Fan02
im gonna kill myself if jericho retires!
I just ran into Chris Jericho! !
Titus Holiday
Samoa Joe and ChrisJericho fights well with each other
La gloria en el futbol
samoa joe for wwe universal champion
Will Revol
Im mad Jericho Lost.
Not necessarily happy that Jericho lost, but I'm glad he put over a guy like Samoa Joe. Pure class.
One of the worst finishers ever 😂😂it's literally a sleeper hold
Freq S
Seth Rollins needs to turn back heel because idk who Seth fricking Rollins is
Sammar Al-harthi
l love the talanted of seath and hope he tache his abonant very hard leason
jericho should stop jobbing to other wrestlers.
Samoa Joe vs. Brock lesnar.
Cristian Vivas321
gordo de mierda
inter 1908
Donald Trump = Let's built a wall.
Chris Jericho = Break the walls down.
1Vision Productions
hey everybody
Kubilay Cici
Chris Jericho vs Finn Balor.. Please Kurt..
Tristan Blanchet
Samoa Joe IS vert dump
Joseline Hernandez
A Joe vs Ambrose feud will be epic
Broly Banderas
Am I the only one who notices Jericho tapped in 2:05?
doge is lyfe
let's be honest he won cause he's fat
Rick Grimes Hollywood Detective
Man Samao Joe is a disgusting slob! This guy needs to lose 50 lbs before he gets diabetes if he doesn't already have it
Daniel Shen
its called karma wt
The "core strength" of samoa joe. That's the joke of the day.
Chyke Jeldrich Estacio
Samoa Joe is the fattest new era wrestler he looks like a Blob🤣🤣🤣🤣 samoa joe you suck 👎👎👎👎👎
Tomi Power
Jericho should win a match, he is being losing for many time
Shisui Uchiha
Did anyone notice Joe spat eveytime he spoke
John Cena
I am John cena
Maria Valdes
Samoa joes has no neck
M Hale
Still has the passion for the business, we don't care if when he has to take time off to tour with his band, Jericho will always be the true G.O.A.T!
Axel Leroux
who else hate Samoa Joe ?
george francis
Finn Balor is winning a match every week and samoa joe is winning a match every week does that mean a match between the two of these gays in the future?
george francis
Finn Balor is winning a match every week and samoa joe is winning a match every week does that mean a match between the two of these gays in the future?
Corey McCann
Anyone else completely sick of the "WHAT?" chants during every single promo now?
Anthony Willoughby
Seth only beat Triple H because of Steph's interference... he technically hit H with a surprise move, as HHH didn't have time to react. I call rematch, without Steph at ringside. The kingslayer may get slayed clean for all we know.
The Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar
Brock Lesnar vs Samoa Joe like if you agree
Zach Bostian
lol Seth never pleased for mercy
NBWU Productions
I'm still waiting for Rollins' new theme :/
1:11 'Roll over you stupid idiot!'
Collin Meclloid
i couldn't see kewin owen here to help jericho !
Jermain Allen
I honestly can't see Seth beating Joe, someone who went toe to toe Nakurmora and was an absolute beast in NXT
Jermain Allen
Instead of the Walls of Jericho he should do the Lion Tamer
Beytullah Balta
Do you want subtitles on your videos?
Mr. SweatyHands
Samoa Joe is a pig
Its more TNA RAW then WWE
Alex Reindeer
Chris Jericho lost clean.!? Oh! He's very professional!! He use himself as the stair for letting other rising stars step over him to the next level. WOW!!
isn't the announcer table normally behind the ring
Jagindas Baragas
stupid fat guy who doesnt know how to control his breath
raju ghosh
miz and R truth on raw!!!!!!!lol
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