The Evolution of Paramore

paramorehard timeshayley williamssongssinglesmusictheevolutionofvideosmusic videosAin't It FunStill into YouThe Only ExceptionHate to See Your Heart BreakDaydreamingAnklebitersNowMonsterCarefulBrick by Boring BrickIgnoranceDecodeThat's What You GetCrushcrushcrushHallelujahMisery BusinessAll We KnowEmergencyPressureparamore hard times

The Evolution of Paramore

Mely_ Junny4life
holy shit i know all these song!!!!
Playing God is the last song from the Paramore I fell for.
Camila Rodriguez
Faltó "Last Hope" >:v
Marcus Roberto
não considero isso uma evolução! infelizmente tá mais pra regressão! ecca!
Misery Business, That's What You Get, Ain't It Fun, Still Into You 😭🔥
rolando dacay
Hallelujah for everyone!!!!
Basically just Jumped on the hipster bandwagon 10 years too late
Oh Wow Cira
Alex The Boi
Eveything´s okay until 2017, i wish Paramore was like they were before...
Mariana Guzman
my name is effing faders goddamnit
when r u doing panic at the disco
probs the worst place to ask but meh
Ray medamiedo
So they make good music every 7 years?
Casiano Fierek
Love Paramore no matter what❤
I miss the old paramore
The difference I spot is they went from emo/punk to hipster
Olivia Maloney
It's great when bands change and develop different styles, that's what good musicians do, but the problem is so many bands can't do it right, so they just end up sounding like sellouts.
The Bleachening
She has not aged at all.
Victoria Rufino
só hino, como lidar?
Anneka Elliot Stalvandinsky.
from good to crap
Joe Kickass
The devolution of paramore. They were tight back in the scene days. I don't know what the duck I listened to when I heard hard times
PusherLove Gurl
Paramore for ever they are just my fave! If you have your own playlist on my iPod that says a lot! 💕💕💕
xXimnobody 91Xx
I just came for the music.
HJ s
2007 - bad girl

2017 - wierd girl

2027 - ????
Joseph Hale
is it just me or does the guy at 3:29 look like Diggie from Liv and Maddie?
Liam Dodoveci
I fucking love paramore
Mr Ass
I tried not to sing

I failed XD
10 years since Missery Business :*( Hate when times go that FAST
Josimar Rocha Ribeiro
prefiro paramore versão antiga
LPS Chocobear TVTM
Oh my god I prefer 2017 Paramore...
Franny Scilabra
RIP Paramore since 2011
Buffalo Delorean
Hard Times is so much better than their other emo crap. It's ridiculous.
Potato Productions
Hard times is the only song I know the lyrics too. It got in my head for weeks!
Jay Turkish
Evolution of Paramore? Sugar Alt Rock phase for one song... Vanish for Eight years phase... I'm disappointed with life twenty-eight year old with a vibe of a middle age housewife, phase.
I'm so glad they didn't stay pop punk for their entire career. I love RIOT! and BNE to death, but I'm in love with their new album.
Bleep Bloop
Those EMO days 💭
I love Paramore, but I hate Hard Times... Today, they aren't rock, they're POP band. That's pity 😿.

Sorry, I've got bad English 😉
Dastan Kishimoto
no me gusta del 2017
The involution of Paramore
Skye McDonald
I personally prefere their older stuff, but they still stay as one of my favourite groups
narjes deoso
THat's why i love hayley williams so much i missed the opportunity when they concert here in philippines, i know every lyrics of their songs

hayley looks familiar with emma watson, emma roberts and dianna agron
sometimes ^__ _^
Oh My Josh
All the Paramore songs suck now, before the band broke up, the songs were much better
This is reminds me of how old i am. And still listening to their songs
Angela Mihaela Fisher
hate their new shit.
Enchanted Kindgom

All That I Want, Is To Wake Up Fine..
Overpowered Montagne
I did not know that paramore sang most of these popular songs
psycho beauty1003
I think my face song from the new album is rose-coloured boy
psycho beauty1003
Donovan Douglas
I personally hated this band but after listening to "after laughter" i now like their new sound
And I'm sitting here wondering.. What the hell is her real hair color?
HJ s
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