Christopher Morrison
Host looks like he's off his head.
Juan Aguirre
fucking pissed?! are you kidding me, stop trying to pc everything, that's what wrong with this generation
Ed is the hottest ginger on earth!
Ariel RedHair
love came back
Julia S
Tom Mugleston
so good!
Então Tá
That's not a swear word!
TheFinisher 55
asif pissed gets shutdown ahah
Why was the audio all distorted and echoing after he played the song? Like at 51:45 when the guy says: "Oh wow"?
Sheerio Korea
Ed is so cute omg😍😍😍💙💙
Lightning and Phoenix
He should have hung up on the two people when they were cocky at the start of the call.
Sleeppyhead Music
0:08 ohhh awkward handshake
Bekah Marie
35:20 5SOS AF
ᗩᑎᑎIE ᑎG
2016 died without you, Ed 😭!!! So good to have you back...🙋😍
➗🆕💽 Love the innuendos, Ed 😂🤣😘‼️ #BBC1️⃣ #QueenMaryII 👑🚤 passing where the Titanic sunk! #scar #est1994 #HOAX #boardriding ⚫️💰Over the #CastleOnTheHill putting #Suffolk on the 🗺#ShapeOfYou #tinydancer 💃🎵 #rihanna #fancybox #glastonbury #pies 🤤🙆 #piezone #yoga #bigbreak #fangirl #SheerioS 📲 #MadameTussauds #waxwork #wembley - Not allowed to say 'hello' #golf #engagement 💍 #snapchat ➰Punk'd #FACupFinal 🎟>>🇬🇧⚽️🏆 #bts #WeDidIt #wificode #flipphone #LiveLoungeSpecial #slamdunk 🏀 #brunomars #friendship #holiday #Fiji 🇫🇯#Queenstown 🇦🇺

🆕Singles 〰️ Different, but still awesome!!!
Haylor High
Love seeing him back! And he looks like he's lost weight too, good for him!
rosamaria Fluff
35:25 THEY PLAYED 5SOS!!! fam where u at?
Luke Blacklock
8:30 Ed- Go away.
Mark Smith
He was meant to release in September, then James Arthur dropped Say You Won't Let Go
Messi10 HD
What time did he talked about his track Rewind Repeat it with Martin Garrix ?
36:42 "looks so good standing there" HAHAHA THIS IS WHY I LOVE YOU ED
Anthony Cheng
At 4:00 who is olly? Just a random viewer/listener?
Tuka M
Ed,I live in Japan and I'd like to say I love you....please come to here.
Ed Price
hello aaron
Joseph Opoku
what???!! am Ghanaian
You know the date of him tour??Please
Mikel Shang
Yay!! Ed!!!!!
Caitlyn 123
He says it at 5:30 😊
Rosel Villanueva
Let's about ed here pretty please..what do you like best about him?
Castle on the Hill at 48:00 you're welcome :)
Gabriel Goodwin
That third guy looks like the kid from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory
Gabriel Goodwin
His guitar isn't tuned right 100% haha it's out of tune a bit
Bong Karno Soria
13:30 "The biggest country and my biggest market is the Philippines."

Holler to all my Filipino crew!
Andrea Macalalad
"It's more intense than a camping trip." Ed I hate you😂😂
Niko Tzioras
7:05 what did he say? xD I listened to it 5 times and I still didn't get it xD
Amy Lawson
As an Ed fan in Australia...thank you for this video!!!
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