Braun Strowman lays waste to Team Red Superstars: Raw, April 17, 2017

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The Monster Among Men terrorizes The Golden Truth and Kalisto until Big Show stands up to the juggernaut.


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Jas Gill
braun is very puer
Danetta Chafton
damn when big show pushed him he got hit like big show was some kind of ram or bull dozer
Matt J
Big Show Looks Like A Wyatt Family Member.
Yakthungba Kancha Limbu
good big show
David Morales
eso big show
Nathaniel Ragland
Braun should be fired! That brute should be fired! I swear to god!
New NoiseTV
Mr McMahon pushing Jinder Mali's career like 1.46
New NoiseTV
jx Xiong
I hate stromen
billy boo
I feel bad for the metal fence thing what goldust went through
Goaheadlondonfan Rblx
Violets are red your blood is too Roman falls off the sky from space still kicks out at 2
Goaheadlondonfan Rblx
This video is brought to you by Crappy King of burgers (Burger king)
Scores Man
I know it'll be a squash match but Kalisto has to challenge Strowman after being thrown in the trash right?
Jonah Eustace
I hate Braun
FaToom Hassan
wow this man can destroy lesnar and gets his title.
Raul Leon
why does Braun voice sounds like a cookie monster voice
Day Boy
Big show yes
drsamw pepper
kalisto vs strowmman in a dumpster match on raw,BOOK IT VI-oh wait its actually happening
Alison Smith
Braun got punished
Helder Ab
😂😂😂aee big show
Prakash Gandhile
stroman ur mental ur dog ur manky ur frod
HolyFear YT
yavaşak herif
that's finlay
Over Lord
the end was best
Well done big show 🤓
Sonja Wieser
Braun Strowman raus aus der WWE
tony bushong
and now kalisto challenges braun to a dumpster match? well back goes kalisto in the trash
Jay Nicks
I love how Big Show and Braun Strowman look so much alike. When I first saw Big Show push Braun down, it happened so fast, I didn't know that was Big Show at first, until the camera zoomed on him. At first I was like "whoa! Who was that? Braun Strowman's slightly bigger twin brother?"
Justin Flores
"WHY DON'T YOU PICK ON SOMEONE YOUR OWN SIZE, HUH?!?" Not even Big Show is Braun's size. Seriously, look at them together face to face. Big Show is the only wrestler right now in WWE who is bigger than Braun Strowman.
Jacky Chen
Braun's taking the place of Nexus, except he doesn't need six ppl to do his work
David HDGamer101
They should do a handicap 1 vs all raw roster
Thee Parris Hill
yes me
Now that's one hell of a thing big show did :)
Enzo Pacheco
Who yelled at 2:03 XD 😂😂
Simar Pardesi
1:46 (Braun/Student) , (Big Show/Test) - When you think you're ready for a test...
RFs Link
LOL he scared against the Fit Finlay(The man that use blue uniform)
Minakshi Singh
Big Braun Strowman Show
RC 7
Did anyone notice mercury I think it was in the first attack in the red and black. Old authority, or still??
Elvia Alcantara
nice job . big show you show him a lesson
Zidan Aiman
Braun loserrr
ADAM PEIRCE finally making his WWE RAW TV Debut!!!! :D
Bullet Scorpion
Will Revol
Kalisto in the trash. That was Hilarious!
Nhat Pham
thanks big show
imagine big show and braun forming a tag team lol
Cedric Bautista
i hate hraun strowman
Leikingzzz Gaming!
I miss Cena but I think he's preparing for his marriage 😞
This was hilarious, especially when he said "Roman Reigns is GARBAGE" because it's the truth lol
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