Fibonacci Spiral Fidget Spinner - 3D Printed

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This spinner is inspired by Fibonacci spiral.
I've used two colors of PLA Pink and Silver.
Moving parts are great and I always wanted to try it with my spinners.
You can adjust the weight distribution and change the spin time with it.

Printed on my 3D printed Rebel 2
0.2mm layer
PLA with 205°C on glass with glue stick.

Buy my spinners at:

You can buy some of the models here:


PLA filament

Ceramic bearing

8.73mm steel balls:

Delta 3D printer:


Mahir Asef The Pro-Gamer
whats the duration of the fidget spinner
thats actually an awesome design because you can adjust the moment of inertia
woahhh... 100 % cool
: ]
Ed Almenario
nice figet
Zachary Stamp
Will this work with tusk act 4
Giovanni Julian Paez
Can I get an stl file for this
Late Plays
Make a video spinning all your spinners and lets see wich ones spins longer
can you make the one Frome​ krul which is the glaive

I am looking for someone to make me this spinner that looks exactly like it and I even pay a lot more if you actually push the buttons in a blade with pop out just like the actual item did in the movie please let me know if you need to know what it looks like just do a search on Google and type in Krull glaive
willing to pay about $75 to 100 for this one if you can have the blades pop out
Mr. J
how to print cancer
Triz The Cat Lover
Lookd like an UnderArmour?
Oliver Thiessen
which variant spinned best?
Excel Nalendra
what mechine ???
You basically turned the figet spinner into a regular figet toy as well being able to change its shape like that. Cool idea.
Eggy and Fox
Maximvs Severianvs
Wow, golden ratio fidget spinner, that's the most awesome fidget spinner I've ever. Very Mathematical!
Freeze-Dried Water
okay, that was pretty cool
Zycon kornoa
i thought it was a gucci spinner
Milky Way
great work man you've got a like & sub from me . .
that moment when you feel that you discoverd a Porfect channel 😍 . .
great video and music its perfect for this video and this work its amazing
Azhar 98
wonderful 😍
ecchi sama
did i just saw donald trump?
Já nevěděl že si čech.
i like it
ken smile
do you have a smaller version of it?
Hamish Feast
What program do you use to make your 3D prints
Imperfect Blade
pause at 0:9 lol they used Donald trump
߷ whoooooooooshhhh
mad demons
Bima Prasetya Suseno
Parker Pederson
The picture of trump while he search for the design killed me
very cool! Is this on thingiverse?
Lesten Donaldson
upload this to thingiverse
That's so COOL dude!
Dylan The Cookieez
Very unique design, I love it!
I saw that pic of Trumps hair on the web. 😂
Love it Absolutely a beauty
Aaron Derfel
This is the coolest spinner I've ever seen
Asuka Shinobi
Great gift for your algebra teacher
• -X- •
Sees it on 3D printer
-"oh damn that's huge"
Sees his finger
-"oh damn that's so tiny"
Dumbass Stfu.
Do you sell em?
Deserves wayyy more subs
When Grapes Pop
Dope :)
Nguyên Bảo
it is a masterpiece
know your meme?!
this is, art.
kirial 키리엘
Did you buy 3d printer?
if you don't mind me asking what bearings do you use
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